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Padme Outfit of the day! Day 14.

Outfit: Visiting attire.

Movie: Star Wars Revenge of the Sith.

The hug me and tell me that everything is going to be ok outfit! Trying to hide not just her Pregnancy but her worry from everyone seems to be taking a toll on our sweet Padme. Wanting nothing more them to be reminded about her and Anakin’s romantic times on Naboo but it seems that happy times have long pasted this couple. In Revenge of the Sith deleted scenes Padme meets with the console and talks about the darkness there falling under but Padme can’t seem to get through to much of anyone at this point. Padme’s outfit ranges of fabrics and colors to bring together a unique look. The side of the dress was grayer, with swirling designs done in needlework, as were the sleeves. Her hair was done in a unique style, with small buns on each side and a small loop beneath each of them. An umber, jewel-studded headband completed the outfit!

Picnic Raven

I know Enchanted Picnic is a budget release but I really like it. I love Book Club for the same reasons. The dresses are cute and represent their character. I also like the sometimes toned down look of the budgets. I think that is why this is my only Raven doll. 

My girl has some mild glue head but I’ve never treated it. It’s really mild so it doesn’t bother me much. She has black and purple hair with her signature widow’s peak. I really like the simple hair style here. secured in a studded headband. Her eyebrows are brown, her makeup purple and pink. Her eyes are also purple. I like her serene ex[ression. 

Her dress is a purple gigham print with ravens. It has a black pleather collar. I can’t figure out if the collar is supposed to lay flat or stand up. There is also a cute sheer black ruffle at the gathered waist of the dress. I didn’t really like the shoes from this set too much so she wears some of Draculaura’s black heels.

I would like to get Goldie and Cerise Enchanted Picnic also. I’m hoping to find a Cerise doll I like in enchanted picnic. I’m selling my Hat-tastic Cherise because I just don’t care for her face. The positioning of the nose is what bothers me. I feel like i might like her better with lighter lips. 

Anyway, probably not the best Raven doll in the world but the one I chose to represent her in my collection.

imveryloser-deactivated20150611  asked:

is there anyway, shape or form you can do the wedding scenario for yoongi and hobi??

Jungkook & Taehyung


To be honest, I don’t think Yoongi would mind what wedding dress you wore as long as you’ll be there when it’s time to walk down the aisle. XD He wouldn’t have much say, I think, when it comes to the design but I feel like he’d appreciate something really simple. His reason? So that your natural beauty will shine through <3

I think Grecian type dresses, with it’s flowy skirt and flimsy material plus the simple stone-studded belt and a semi-plunging neckline would have him crying at the altar. 

On the side note, Yoongi would want something easy to take off…if you know what I mean *winks* (He did hate Converse. lol)


I think Hobi and I see a pretty ball gown type dress with a fitted bodice and a heart-shaped neckline. He’s such a fun ball of energy and I think he’s the type to like princess-type dresses and he’d definitely want this for his bride <3

He might even ask his bride to wear a crown/headband studded with fine stones to match the whole look! :))


Irodohieru's homemade headbands/etc for sale?

@bebipinku have requested a handmade headband with studs and roses from me through twitter, so today I’m heading out of town to get supplies! ♪

I’m wondering though, would anyone else be interested?

Because I make all these things all the time and I was thinking of maybe setting up an online shop and sell them… But I don’t know if anyone would want to buy stuff like the headbands and shirts I make (`・ω・) should I?