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Made with Vine

THERE WILL BE 2 FREE COMMISSION GIVEAWAYS; ONE THROUGH INSTAGRAM AND ONE THROUGH TUMBLR. Thus, you could enter the raffle up to 2 times total, once for each of the raffles (psst I have a tiny following on insta so your chances are better there)

The free commission is a head-shot of any person, character, oc, etc of your choosing in any style of your choosing. Nothing grotesque is allowed and that’s about the only requirement :)

There are only 2 caveats to enter in the drawing for Tumblr, and all must be met:

1. You must be a follower of my blog

2. You must reblog this post (only reblogs will count and only 1 per person)

If you’re already a follower of my blog, the only thing you need to do is reblog this post. Anyone can join the raffle for a commission, and the choosing is at complete random. It will most likely end by around 12/20 /16 ish

Okay have at it, and thank you all for being such wonderful people!

Here are a few samples of my art:


smoking at midnight

Made with Vine

These are my Studio Gibli inspired villagers. This is just a quick sketch is did while at work. Please forgive my awful phone camera!

The top left is Totoro. He is a gray raccoon with a lazy personality. He wears a light green shirt with gray triangles. His hair that is styled like a leaf is the same color

The top right is Catbus. She is a light brown cat with a smug personality. She wears a white shirt with a stop sign in front

The bottom left is Mauro. She is a white wolf with a uchi personality. She wears a blue kimono with strawberries on it.

The bottom right is Okkoto. He is a gray pig with a cranky personality. He wears a white shirt with red and brown splatters.

This is the first series of these characters that I plan on doing!