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Red House on a Hill

this Is the first painting I’ve done in a while, after having my mini break from the game etc which ill all tell you about once I get the chance.

How’ve like Ive always said on this blog once I take a break I come back matured and stronger than before. This is probably one of my better landscapes actually and its been said. However there could be improvements here and there of course.

Hope you like it!!

douhaveacomrade  asked:

What do you think of Mary and the Witch's Flower? Do you think Studio Ponoc will be a successor to Studio Ghibli?

I’m excited for it, but cautiously optimistic I guess?

No, I don’t think it’s Ghibli’s successor. Maybe in art and story style, but Ghibli was a once-in-a-lifetime company with once-and-a-lifetime talent. There are plenty of people who imitate Ghibli (who are super talented) and other incredible artists who were influenced by it, but I wouldn’t consider any of them successors.

As much as it pains me, I’m trying just to look forward, understanding that Ghibli is not the same as it was, and that it won’t be the same again, but also trying to embrace the bits we’re still getting, like Mary and the Witch’s Flower and Miyazaki’s new film.

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Handbell anon again: So about that space caterpillar mini-prompt...*sly look* you wouldn't happen to be referencing Tribbles, would you? 🤔😜

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they basically are tribbles, okay