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idk what this is or why i drew it

I also made these things

which is arguably a lot cooler than that dumb comic lmao (see my previous post for more context I guess lmao)

RWBY June Art Challenge Day 25: In someone else’s style.

I decided to try a Ghibli film style. I looked at Kiki’s Delivery Service, My Neighbour Totoro, The Secret World of Arrietty, and Howl’s Moving Castle for reference.

I used some of Tama Kid’s tutorial on fake screenshots when I was working.


this whole album is on a crazy level

((So I just watched Kiki’s Delivery Service and I got some UsUk vibes and wanted to draw some England and America as Tombo and Kiki but I gave up and just did normal England.))

So, normally I put a little joke here, but I’d actually like to explain what I’m doing here for once.

I’m working to remake Lab Report, improve it internally and externally. The biggest changes are gonna be more levels, and a level editor, but until then I’m doing the little stuff.

Firstly, I once heard/read that when making Mario 64, they designed Mario’s movement and basic behavior before anything else, then built around that. I’m trying to do the same here, perfecting JNFR in terms of playability before I start making mechanics and levels. She has a bit more slide to her movement now, she bounces more when she jumps/lands, and there’s the new crouch ability.

There are some small sprite changes, too. Before, when JNFR picked up a block, it would draw the block layered between JNFR and her hand, which worked, and allowed for multiple block types. But I got to thinking, and truth be told I couldn’t think of a real reason not to just make the block part of the default sprite. In other words, JNFR can only hold one type of block, but the animation looks better. I was also able to add jumping and falling sprites with the block as a result. In the future I might change this, but for now it’s staying

Lastly, the death animation has changed. Before, each level had a physics simulation running to handle the gibs when you explode. I thought this was kinda unnecessary for such a small effect, though, and also made making gibs harder, so I changed them so they passed through stuff. To compensate, I added a fire trail effect that was supposed to be smoke but I much prefer the fire.

More to come in the future!