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Hozuki’s Coolheadedness (鬼灯の冷徹)

Hozuki stops to hear the flowers in new poster art from Animedia Magazine (Amazon US | eBay), illustrated by character designer Jirō Omatsuri (加藤寛崇), who’s replacing the first season designer Hirotaka Katō (加藤寛崇).

Last sketch of Mexi-23 with the wolverine uniform. I think there’s plenty of room to explore more mask ear arrangements and body armor concepts but next I’ll start posting an alternate costume and story arc for her.

On a side note, the brushes and workflow of Clip studio paint are becoming second nature, like photoshop used to be, getting used to the color blending algorithms, UI window and tools…… still experimenting with brush and stroke properties as well as pen pressure.

Listening to NITW for the first time while doodling. No, no fan stuff just doodles. I haven’t drawn in sooooo long.  Work has just been too much but I need to make the time to draw every day.  Miss it. Weekend was productive, cleaned the house top to bottom, processed photos from a shoot, did a little wood burning an doodled some.  

These were just practice of angles

No idea, no references (need to use them though)

This is a challenge going around.  Draw some circles, squares and triangles and then add, eyes, nose, mouth, legs, arms and tail.  I think there was suppose to be whiskers too but can’t find the original post.