Petit tirage da Ludovico Poggioli
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Fuji GW690 II - HP5+ in Studional 1+30 Contact printed on Agfa Brovia BS1 - Moersh Easylith 10+20+500


Subasio da Ludovico Poggioli
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PenFT - Zuiko 38mm - Trix in Studional

Llllllldies and gentlemen, straight from Alola! Bluuuushhhhhhh!!!

This is an original piece inspired by @dailyshinycutiefly and @occasionallyslowpoke. There two awesome people and you should check them out.

I got some inspiration for this from wrestling, specifically Blush and Apricot as a tag team. 

I hope y’all enjoy it!

Made using FL Studion


Subasio da Ludovico Poggioli
Tramite Flickr:
PenFT - Zuiko 38mm - Trix in Studional

anonymous asked:

hi! could u write a bullet point list thing (or a one shot?? whichever u want) abt dowoon w an artist s/o pls? :)

Somehow……..All I could think of was a University!AU…..And this one….Also got away from me….  ⁄(⁄✿⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

University!AU - JaeSungjinYoung K - WonpilDowoon -

University Student!Dowoon

  • studies double major of music technology n percussion
  • tries his v best in every class bless his heart
  • v shy n quiet but is the one that the rest of the class fight over to work w/ him on a group project
  • roomies w/ fellow music technology major wonpil
  • he likes to use the music studio whenever it’s free to practice
  • prof doesn’t mind bc he’s lowkey one of the faves
  • one of those students who doesn’t speak much but is trusted so much by the professors he has the keys to everywhere lmao
  • however, one of the reasons he likes to practice in the studio is bc the music studio is near the art studio
  • n he always sees you in there working on one of your art pieces
  • doesn’t kno a single thing about you tho
  • only knows that you’re really pretty, a great artist n you like to dance around in your studio to the radio when you’re waiting for something
  • also the reason he goes to the studio alone
  • if wonpil ever found out about his lil crush on you he’d never hear the end of it
  • doesn’t kno that you and wonpil are already friends
  • almost has a heart attack when he walks by one day n sees wonpil in there w/ you
  • kind of just freezes until wonpil spots him and calls out his name brightly
  • he snaps out of it to see wonpil has tugged him into your studio n now you’re smiling at him n introducing yourself
  • his ears are BRIGHT RED
  • wonpil is giggling bc he ~knows~ what’s goin on w/ dowoon
  • meanwhile you’re like (。・ ω・。)?
  • you just find him cute as he introduces himself shyly
  • wonpil asks what dowoon was doin n dowoon tells him he was gonna practice
  • then you gasp like you!!!!!!!
  • dowoon is wide eyed as he looks at you like m-me?????
  • then suddenly you’re excited and you’re holding his hands in yours
  • “you must be the one playing the drums right!!!! wahh, you’re so good!!”
  • “a-ah….y-yes….thank y-you….”
  • dowoon_cannot_process.exe
  • wonpil is on the verge of giving himself a hemorrhage w/ how hard he’s trying to keep his laughter in
  • after that, whenever you always see him on his way to practice n talk to him
  • you even exchange numbers n start going to some of his shows!!!!!!!
  • yeah DAY6 are still a band in this AU i couldn’t resist
  • you meet the rest of the band before one of shows n give wonpil n him good luck hugs
  • but right before you go to find your seat to give dowoon a lil kiss on the cheek then run away giggling
  • you can hear the boys teasing dowoon as you go
  • after the show, before you can find them, dowoon runs up to you
  • he just came off stage so he’s lookin g o o d
  • takes your hands n asks you on a date
  • now it’s you’re turn to go bright red n stutter your answer out to him
  • the more he learns about you even after you start dating the more he’s fascinated w/ you n your art
  • happily lets you draw him but his ears still go a lil pink each time you look at him for a while when you draw him
  • is also the one who gets you to step back from your work a lil when he sees you’re getting mad bc your painting/drawing/sculpting just isn’t going right
  • it may look beautiful to him but he knows that you get finicky with details n you’ll get mad at yourself if he doesn’t get you to chill out for a bit then come back to it later
  • once let you paint on him for one of your projects
  • he was a lil awkward at first but got used to it
  • would probs let you do it again if you asked him to
  • he liked seeing how concentrated you got up close when you painted on him
  • you were just tryin really hard to not stare at him
  • before this point you thought of dowoon as your squishy cute boyfriend
  • n now you’re painting on his bare upper half 
  • he is definitely not cute nor squishy at this moment in time
  • good GOD he’s so built up from playing the drums for such a long time
  • rip your image of him being tiny n smol
  • when he’s not rendering you speechless 
  • he’s your no.1 fanboy
  • most supportive human being ever
  • goes to each of your exhibits
  • also gets the others to come w/ him
  • holds your hand when you get nervous about talking to people about your artwork
  • stares @ you like you’re his sun, moon n stars when you’re not nervous anymore n you’re passionately talking about art
  • just loves how you’re so passionate about your craft n take so much pride in your work
  • doesn’t realize you stare at him the same way when he plays the drums
  • anyone can tell just by seeing how you two look at each other that you mean so so much to each other

Just added my first @matchology accepted features to my editorial calendar! Love how incredibly easy it was to find gorgeous new content for the blog - #weddingpros, this is a must if you want to get your work featured!

Photography: @GreatWoodlandPhotography | Floral: @BlackLotusDesign | Calligraphy: @MadebyMeer | Wedding Cake: @SweetEmmaLou | Makeup: @StudioNative | Tableware: @CherishedRentals | Bridal Salon: @ElleBridalBoutique | Headpiece: @TheMintery

kur ti flet
perdor zanore
e bashktingellore
e kur hesht
perdor heshtore
heshtore te madhe shtypit
heshtore te vogel shtypit
Se ka heshtje te pergjithshme
e te perveçme, heshtje qe fillon me te madhe
heshtje qytetesh, lulesh, kafshesh
Ka heshtje sasie
Ti hesht ne veten e pare
ne veten e dyte
te trete
e nja kater veta tjera
ti hesht njejes
Permbi za qe leshon bilbili
heshtja jote m'shungullon
Duhet te kete nji fakultet
qe studion Heshtjen Shqipe
gramatiken e heshtjes
sintaksen e saj
se mungesa e kesaj shkolle
krijon padituni moj zemer
e pastaj thone se u ba kohe e gjate
qe nuk flasim bashke

If you really think about it, I think Scrooge McDuck is basically the only honest and richest businessman in the animated world. Everyone else in the animated world basically are dishonest or did some very illegal things to get where they are now.

I shall run down the list.

1. Flintheart Glomgold (Ducktales) - Where do I begin here? Well, Whenever there’s some sort of contest for treasure or a business related event against Scrooge, Flintheart basically cheats his way for it. And he’s tried to kill Scrooge a few times too.

2. Montana Max (Tiny Toon Adventures) - This little brat kicked his own parents out of the family business in a hostile takeover and does whatever it takes to get his way. Plus he loves to cheat in anything ever especially against the honest Buster Bunny.

3. Charles Montgomery Burns (the Simpsons) - Is this one very obvious since Burns once stole oil that was found in the town’s elementary school and supplied terrorists with nuclear technology?  Plus he supplied the Germans with shells in WWII but his worked dammit! Or course he was fighting alongside America at the time so that does say alot about the man.

4. Mom of MomCorp (Futurama) - This evil monopoly tyrant once controlled the world’s robots in a rebelling to become ruler of Earth. And brainwashed the entire city to buy her newest model of phone through a a Twitter contest between a feud between two friends. Not to mention that she preforms illegal experiments on humans in her free time. Do I need to say more?

5.  Mr. Eugene Krabs (Spongebob Squarepants) - This fellow here will do anything to make a dollar. Krabs may seem like an honest business person at first but he once enslaved millions of jellyfish for his own restaurant. Also, Krabs loves going through people’s trash and selling it back to them for a price. And did I mention he grave robbed a grave to sell what he thought was a million dollar hat? Not to mention that he doesn’t follow union labor laws at his own restaurant.

6. Thaddeus Plotz (Animaniacs) - This fictional CEO of the Warner Brothers Studios would do anything to gain money to the studio. He once did not held his end of the bargain to the Warners when they were on their best behavior when a bunch of foreign investors came to the studion with a million dollar check and wanted to meet everybody who worked at the studio. And he fired his own father.

7. Eddy (Ed Edd N’ Eddy) - Eddy is the king of scammers. He’ll do anything to make a quick buck so he can full his jawbreaker addiction. Of course, Eddy has caused pain to the Cul-de-sac which usually ends up in pain for him and his two lackeys.

So I watched the episode of Voltron a couple weeks ago, (and I am hooked) but i noticed that the animation and character designs looked very familiar. So I did some research and discovered that the animation team behind this golorious piece of work is Studio Mir which is in South Korea. This same studion was behind the production of both The Legend of Korra 

and Last Airbender.

Näin muute viime viikol unta, jossa @neekkis oli saanu oman uutislähetyksen ylen kanavalle ja se sai ite päättää et mitä uutisii se kertoo niis lähetyksis mut sit se piti heti ekan lähetyksen jälkee siirtää tilapäisesti radion puolelle ku jotku valkoset, suomalaiset heteromiehet oli vetäny herneen nenää niist uutisist ja käyny laittaas sen studion remonttii