Thanks to everyone that ordered one of the slamdunk tees. Sizes are going fast on this and I won’t be reprinting the caped crusader color way. Get one at #studiomj #work #mikejones #trilldad (at

A detail of another piece in the @slow_culture show that ends this Friday. I illustrated this back in 2007 as a freelance gig for Mishka. It made it into the Spring ‘08 season with some hand lettered type that I also created. I’ve held on to all my originals but this is the first piece I’ve ever made available for purchase. #mikejones #studiomj #winothreat #work (at

@jodyhighroller new single on @maddecent “How to be the Man” produced by @djmustard is available now. Stoked to have the opportunity to do this artwork. #work #studiomj

#tbt the first tee I did for @maddecent back in 2007 for @diplo & switch tour. It was fun getting to revisit Krang on the new Jeffrees tee. #work #studiomj (at

“Evolver” is an old graphic I did for the Mishka Spring 2010 collection. This remains one of my favorite designs to date, not only because I love it conceptually but also for the process that went into it - I built the collage digitally from found images and merged it with an original inking of the ghastly Fab Four. #work #mikejones #studiomj #design #illustration (at

Happy holidays! I helped @maddecent bring the festivities this year with an over the top illustration of Santa, Krang & the Jeffrees Trash Rabbit delivering toys of Christmas past. Go to iTunes and pick up A Very Decent Christmas. #work #studiomj