Out of the blue and into the green


I have several friends here who have varying levels of interaction with plants and their needs and ecosystems, so I figured I’d put this out there as a sort of discussion thing and see where it goes (actually, I don’t know many people on Tumblr, but I’m cross posting this a couple of other places).

Today I’m working on a character bio for a plant species who has over centuries of evolution and modification has developed a survival mechanism that allows it to communicate and interact with humans. It walks, talks, and is not rooted to the ground - somewhat epiphytic. It is less a plant and more of an organization of plant, fungal, and microbial systems into functioning organs that allow it to speak and move - a walking ecosystem.

The basis for this was a need to make a character less magical (an inanimate scarecrow come to life is so Wizard of Oz, and lots of things once thought magical are now explained by science), and more scientifically possible. I also really, really, really loved Swamp Thing (comics, not movies), and “Secret Life Of Plants." 

Anyway, today I will be exploring plant consciousness. Goin’ into the Green. I am on my Google search right now, and this evening I have a ton of yardwork, so there will be some hands on study and note-taking before writing. I’m putting this out there to find out if anyone has read or studied this topic, and if they can give me some direction.

Thanks in advance for your help,