From Sims 4 Studio with LOVE

The team is really excited to introduce Sims 4 Studio (Love).  With this version object meshing with Sims 4 Studio is now in beta testing and we hope you’ll CHECK IT OUT.  New in the tool is the ability to make object meshes and default replacement object meshes for the game.  As in past versions, you can edit object mesh slots, footprints, rigs, and light resources.  The front screen interface has been updated to make it easier to choose your project too.

The mesh shown in the picture below is a Sims 3—>4 conversion made using a mesh in .obj format.  If you’re new to Blender and prefer to use another editor to make your meshes that’s no problem.  Studio has pared down any finishing work in Blender to the bare minimum making object meshing accessible via .obj for anyone using any 3D editor.  The Studio team hopes you’ll join in the fun beta testing object meshing with the Love Edition!

Happy Modding :)