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Watch The Loud House

Since so many people want to know why they should watch The Loud House, I’ve decided to make the post. Before I begin, let me just give a brief summary of the show. The main character is an 11 year old boy named Lincoln Loud who lives in a large family (like 10 other sisters) where he’s the only boy. The whole cartoon is mainly about his family and their life. Now that I finished that, let’s begin.

The first thing I would like to mention is the representation in this show. I’m sure many minorities don’t have a chance to see people like them in their favourite shows as a child. Well, finally, there is a show! Lincoln’s best friend (Clyde) has two gay dads and they’re a biracial couple. Along with this, one of Lincoln’s sisters (Luna) is bisexual. I remember when I first watched that episode, I actually started tearing up. She is also a giant classic rock fan (in the show her favourite singer is “Mick Swagger”), so I felt an even deeper connection to the character. Along with LGBTQ+ representation, there are many POC. The show also includes many characters with a unique personality, so most people can usually relate to one or more.

Surprise! This show actually has a great plot, but, like most cartoons, you can watch it out of order and still understand what’s happening. Most episodes have a well written theme and “teach a lesson”. Some current cartoons tend to be confusing or so poorly written that most get canceled within the first few months. This show has been one of the few new Nickelodeon cartoons that have stayed running.

That is all I have for now. Please watch this show even if you think you’re “too old” for cartoons. Also, feel free to add on to my post.

My very 1st ever official piece of fanart for @theloudhouse. It will NOT be the last. I LOVE THIS SHOW! 

After I get my degree in animation at Valencia (in about one or two years from now), I hope to have saved up enough of “the cha-ching” to move to Burbank, Cali so I can get a job as a Nicktern (because Nickelodeon’s not located in Universal Orlando anymore unfortunately. If it were, all I’d have to do is drive there, as opposed to needing to buy an airplane ticket), and work my way up from there. I definitely hope to have the chance to lend a helping hand in some way to shows like The Loud House once I start working there. LONG LIVE THE LOUDS!!!!!

- Andrew


Here’s some behind the scenes stuff from today’s episode “Beeping the Binklemobile”!