“Custom” bikes are fun and all, but they tend to be boring and not very challenging. 

Re-paints however, are what make me excited to paint!  If the customer is open to anything and will let me design them a paint scheme, I always pull out all the stops… For example, here is a re-painted Bianchi.  The client and I worked the scheme out over a couple of months and I have to admit, I think it came out F'ing baller!

It is my hope that by doing projects like this, I will convince more people to go for the paint schemes that they’ve always wanted.


A recent bike I painted… It’s an integrated seat tube frame from Tonic Fabrication…

Tony a.k.a. Tonic Fabrication makes all of his own parts by hand.  Not just a few parts like most “custom bikes” - but quite literally all of them.  Did someone say hand made integrated head set?!?!

A couple other things to note…. the bend in the chain stays to match the angle of the spokes… “Y” or yoke seat stays…. fully integrated head set… integrated and polished stainless seat tube… the excellent proportioning relationship of the entire tube set… I mean I could go on for days….

More to come very soon from Tonic….

A great picture of my teammates during the Cascadia Qualifying tournament.  

Also happens to be a great picture showing the design work on team kits and bikes.  Studio 112 picked the color ways, designed the jerseys, coordinated the bikes and executed everything in house.  My teammates provided a perfect focus group and we are all really happy with the way things came out.

You can catch us in action this July 6/7/8 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as we battle it out for the National Championships!  Stay tuned for a link to the live, HD, web-cast of  the entire event…

Click pic for theme song!

Tonic Fabrication with a super sick gangster money green “Supernaut”…

I own one of these bikes and can’t speak highly enough of the frame set.  The construction quality is absolutely through the roof AND Tonic Fab Tony makes every part on this bike with his own hands… like every single part…

United We Stand!

Well, it’s been a long time coming and finally it’s here.   Portland United is please to announce their partnerships for the 2012 Hardcourt Bike Polo season.

Eighth Inch, Portland Design Works, Kenda Tires, Metrofiets Cargo Bikes, Dragon Fly Studio and Studio 112 all stand united with Portland’s finest.  You can expect to see more from us as the bike polo competition season is just about to begin

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My identity assignment, The Bracelet, is seen in the pictures with what its seen with on purpose. All are items that I've been using to work with my art. And i choose those because art is now apart of my identity and it (currently) seems to be all that i have time for. 

I did a bracelet because they are seen, but they don't particularly stand out. They just kind of blend in with things and aren't very noticeable, and that's how i like to think i am, that's how i want to be. Im not a fan of attention, but i do get noticed sometimes just like the bracelet. I used all the same materials because i thought of it as simple, and im a simple girl. I like what i like, i don't ask for much, i try to keep things at their most basic level. But im also complex at the same time, which is why i braided the bracelet so many times. I took 3 small braids, made them into one big braid, did that 2 more times, and made it into the bracelet. So its simple, but its complex or complicated at the same time. The pink is there for one of the braids because although im very logic and “tough” on the outside, i am still a girl and a little soft and warmhearted on the inside.