etsy find of the day |  BONUS FIND 3 | 1.11.14

18k solid gold dragon ring with emerald eyes by studio1040

whoa, super exotic. this solid gold ring is also available in 14k gold, palladium, and platinum, with your preferred gemstones for eyes. i really dig the featured emerald ones, though.

etsy find of the day |  BONUS FIND 2 | 1.11.14

3-stone rose-cut diamond ring by studio1040

i need to send this gorgeous ring to my husband as a long-term gift idea … how stunning are the three diamonds, all rose-cut and sparkling?! LOVE how the grey-green hue of the center stone plays off the yellow gold.


FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 4 | 5.29.15

varied alternative engagement ring styles by studio1040

  • sapphire and emerald three-stone engagement ring
  • white sapphire and pavè-set diamond tiara ring in rose gold

it’s easy to buck engagement ring trends with all the different designs available on etsy — and sometimes, a single shop has such a range of styles, you don’t need to look anywhere else. take studio1040: traditional solitaire and halo-set pieces abound, but you’ve also got access to unique gem combinations and settings like these gorgeous examples. love the green emerald accents on top, and the royal detailing feel of the pavè settings on bottom.

etsy find of the day |  BONUS FIND 1 | 1.11.14

morganite studs in rose gold by studio1040

my sister, katherine, opened my eyes to studio1040’s stunning jewelry – how brilliant and lovely are these studs? peaches and cream morganite stones are set in a textured rose gold bezel. PERFECT for valentine’s day!!

etsyfindoftheday | CURATION REQUEST | 2.25.14

requested by: calirogue
looking for: rose gold finds

i did an all-encompassing gilded finds curation for calirogue back in november – remember this one? so cool :) so now, she’s requested a similar curation in ROSE GOLD. swoon.

FEATURED: the incredible hexagonal morganite and rose gold ring pictured above is absolutely stunning. and the seller, studio1040, has numerous pages of lovely rosy-gold pieces for you to covet. win-win.

other rose gold finds for you to enjoy:

if you have any more parameters you’d like me to use on my rose gold hunt, calirogue, let me know :)

etsy find of the day |  BONUS FIND 4 | 1.11.14

diamond hoop earrings in rose gold by studio1040

one last studio1040 find for all you guys this evening – demure yet super-glittery diamond hoops! i used to wear hoops exclusively, but now i wear studs and dangly styles. maybe this pretty pair is what i need to get me back in the loop. ;) heh heh

etsy find of the day 3 | 6.20.13

WEDDING WEEK 2013: hint of color

champagne sapphire and diamond halo ring in rose gold by studio1040

rounding out today’s theme is a stunningly gorgeous engagement ring. i love that it’s not your typical white diamond center stone – the pale champagne sapphire looks beautiful against the surrounding teeny diamond halo setting and the rose gold metal. want … hint hint, dave.