Just a reminder. Talbots Odyssey open Beta!!

In case you missed it or forgot or whatever. you need to play this game:

via the developer’s, Studio MiniBoss site:

Finally! We have just launched our first open beta!
Feel free to download and give us your feedback. This beta version includes:

  • 5 levels, including a tutorial level.
  • Almost all sounds and graphics implemented.
  • Original soundtrack for each level.
  • Fully functional save/load features.
  • Graphic quality control for slower PCs.
  • Sound volume control for BGM and SFX.
  • Portuguese/English support.

Features that will be seen in the full version of the game:

  • Unlockable extra content, including back-story and concept art of many elements of the game.
  • At least 12 levels (including the 5 levels from the beta version).
  • More traps and puzzle mechanics.
  • Maybe more language support? (Still thinking about this one).
  • More music and graphics!
  • Ambient sound volume control.
  • Full-screen Support.

You can download the game from IndieDB:
Talbot’s Odyssey may run really slow on older PCs. If you are having problems, try to lower the quality of the game in Options.If you want to report bugs, please send an email with the subject [Talbot Bug Report] to and don’t forget to send your PC specs with it.
Thanks everyone! We hope you like it.

Look! We’re so happy to be in the ‘featured’ tab of the new OUYA console.

We spent much of yesterday printing out a custom case in Bossa orange for our console using the office 3D printer, so to have this extra OUYA reward today is awesome!

If you’d like to chat to others about DDD on the Ouya, why not head to this thread in theunofficial Ouya forums:

We’ll see you there. :)