So I’m in the middle of making my mini-tutorial as good as I can and it takes a month+…

And Pedro Medeiros (Studio MiniBoss) goes and makes a Patreon tutorial that just KILLS it and blows it all away. Pretty sure it was knocked out in an hour…. 

So since I felt like a copy-cat and sub-par anyway, I went back and gave it a very similar yet definitively different flavor to his visual. 

My full write up is here (and I make sure to give credit to Pedro in my final version about my infographic gif because 1) I ganked bits of the format. 2)His art is MAGICAL. and 3) F@#$ing reference your SH#^. Thankfully I was artistically far enough removed that I don’t feel TOO uncomfortable still posting it.



I drew the left one in return for the really great portrait of me on the right! <3

It’s by Amora Bettany, an indie dev part of Studio Miniboss!

I’m not the best at likenesses, but hopefully I’m getting the gist. :)