Studio Ghibli: the name of our movie would be “Laputa: Castle in the sky”

People who don’t speak Spanish: OH that’s amazing

People who speak Spanish: *choke on saliva* La QUE?!

On This Day In History

On January 5, 1941, Hayao Miyazaki was born. He is the creative force behind many notable masterpieces such as Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke and many, many others. Many regard him as one of the greatest animation directors in history.

Today, he turns 78 years old.

Happy Birthday to such a creative genius!

Ghibli films look the way it feels to exist in this world, like not how the world actually looks, but how it feels- and in all the good ways

the warm buttered toast of early mornings, the sheated heavy rain of grey days, the huge welling tears of grief and the electric anger that raises your whole head of hair

like, it’s not real, but it’s really Real, you feel me?