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fancyshaormalover  asked:

If the characters would have to do a scientifical essay on any topic sciene related, what would they choose to do? I have to do this, and I need ideas :'(

Okay, as you know coming up with a proper topic or question for a scientific essay can take weeks or months so I just give some random ideas here, though I just realized some of them could also take up whole doctoral thesis…

Mikasa: On the role of mothers in the axis countries during World War 2
Reiner: Influences of media on sports studio visitors
Bertholdt: How invalidation affects minors in their emotional growth
Annie: Effects of domestication of foreign birds on local biodiversity
Eren: Moral theory of cannibalism
Jean: Eating disorders in young males
Marco: Consequences of the bee dying in the human immune system
Sasha: How industrialization can help farmers instead of marginalizing them
Connie: Fandom cluture and the fetishization of gay men in the western world
Historia: A report on local child support services and orphanages
Armin: A theoretical lookout on how marine life around nuclear areas could evolve
Ymir: Same sex couples in ‘primitive’ societies
Levi: Ace erasure in the queer community
Hanji: Similarities in the Paramecium and the Human
Erwin: Why political ideologies are never working and we failed as a socitey
Nanaba: How the wage gap affects women in gastronomic jobs
Mike: 60+ people in the skateboarding community
Moblit: The effects of alcohol on working morales



Margaret Trudeau [Margaret Joan Sinclair; 09.10.48] 

Margaret Trudeau is a Canadian author and former “First Lady”. When she was only 18 she met Pierre Elliott Trudeau, future Prime Minister of Canada, who caused the phenomenon Trudeaumania. Pierre was captivated by her flower child style and carefree personality. They married in 1971 and had three children; Justin (current Canadian Prime Minister/Liberal Party Leader), Alexandre “Sacha” and Michel. Trudeau was a frequent visitor of Studio 54 and was well acquainted with three of The Rolling Stones; Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards and Mick Jagger. Shortly after spending a weekend with the Stones in 1977, Margaret divorced Pierre. This caused a lot of controversy and vicious rumours although Margaret denies having any romantic or sexual affair with any of the Stones. 

After the divorce Margaret struggled with stress, depression and bipolar disorder–especially since Pierre won custody of their children and did not pay spousal support. She has since became a spokesperson for mental illness awareness, even publishing a book Changing My Mind

“Margaret Trudeau was twenty-two and [Pierre] Trudeau was fifty-one when they got married. It was a bit like Sinatra and Mia Farrow–the power and the flower child. And now Trudeau’s bride–and this was exactly their sixth wedding anniversary–was seen walking in our corridors in a bathrobe. So the story was that she had left him. She had, in fact, moved into the room next to Ronnie, and they were hitting it off really well, or, as Ronnie put it so nicely in memoirs, ‘We shared something special for that short time.’ She flew to New York to escape the publicity, but Mick flew to New York as well, so it was assumed they too were an item. Worse and worse. She was a groupie, that’s all she was, pure and simple. Nothing wrong with that, but you shouldn’t be a Prime Minister’s wife if you want to be a groupie” - Keith Richards, Life.

“In the eyes of the world my weekend with the Rolling Stones was the freedom trip to end all freedom trips. […] To the journalists and newspapers of the world, my escapade was yet another example of what a wicked wife I had become; flaunting my infidelities in Pierre’s face.”

This week at MoMA: Trajal Harrell performances, a major Joaquín Torres-García retrospective opens, the tech-focused Design Interactions Studio welcomes visitors, and much more.  

[Trajal Harrell. In One Step are a Thousand Animals: The Practice. 2014. Photograph © 2015 The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Photo: Julieta Cervantes]

DAY 2564

Jalsa, Mumbai                Apr 22/23,  2015               Wed/Thu  12:40 am

Birthday greetings and love to Lakshmi Venkatraman .. all the joys of life be yours .. with loads of good feelings for our state of business, and our need to pursue it ..

23rd April .. the birthday girl ..  all that matters for you to be yours in abundance ..

In a spate of excessive content on PIKU being put out from the morning, there is a moment when it comes to a halt .. promotions can only do what promotions are meant to .. eventually its the film that counts ..

 My own involvement with such, is at times an act that needs to be curbed. But when the norm of the day is in its acceptance then one has to go by majority. Box Office connotations have taken a different stance, a different reference, a different understanding .. those that are them that follow the tide, are the ones who succeed in the execution of the format. But those that do not get alienated, suffer sufficient humiliation, to humble the largest ‘sophisticated rhetorician, that has been intoxicated by the exuberance of his or her, own verbosity’ .. !! 

Getting in front of the cameras today after a short gap, was a bit subjugated and under the hammer, when compared to the other which rings in the turnstiles. Its like the early days of job seeking entrepreneurs, who keep getting rejected, yet somewhere believe that persistence shall pull them through. And they do , which is quite remarkable .. !! 

I am at work at Filmistan Studios in the suburbs … a renowned destination when Studios were the owners of all - film, artist, writers, music … everything. It is on a floor which long ago in my early years was a dubbing studio, within the Filmistan complex. It is the studio that took me a week, to get into its volumed acreage. I would travel by local train to the Studio on my daily rounds seeking opportunity for some work. From the station of where the studio ws to the gates was a short walk. But every time I came up to the imposing gate, the guard would throw me out .. !!

I changed my strategy. Train to the station of the studio, then borrowing some money to hire a cab, and then ride into the Studio, like an important visitor. The trappings of affordable recognition can do wonders .. it worked. But as I peeped into through the glass door of the dubbing studio the director who was at work there caught my eye and screamed “ Get Out’ !!

Today, they fuss and favour me with all the respect and place of pride in this very studio … on this very floor .. !!

But it is never prudent to wallow in ones glory, if glory be around. Some time after immense patience, the truth flows and comes at a time when habits and relations have been played along, to an uncomfortable end ..

No one ever wants that ..

I want though, to leave the platform for tonight ..

My love and wishes to all ..

Amitabh Bachchan


Today’s weird studio visitor: a scared caterpillar. Picked up with old business cards and put outside. It’s lucky Ricky didn’t eat it first, he’s been hunting crickets. Yum. Perks of a basement studio in the woods.


“I don’t know, I’m just crazy and creative!”  -artist/writer Aaron

Right before Superstorm Sandy, we had a fantastic drop by with a young artist and writer and his family. Aaron’s visit was arranged by his teacher Debra, a former television production executive, who was searching out New York area studios to provide a bit of inspiration. It turns out Aaron was, flatteringly, a Frederator fan and had a lot of questions. 

We spent quite a while together and I found out a bit about Aaron’s cerebral palsy and his family’s immigration. But, more importantly, I heard one of the stories he’d written, looked at some animation he’d done on his DS, and heard a little about the films he makes with his brother’s voice acting. 

After we got the boys a little Adventure Time swag we had to say goodbye. But, if we’re lucky, Aaron will be back again in the future. He’s got middle school and high school and college to finish, but maybe then we’ll still be here in the market for some new creators.

Thanks Debra for introducing us all.

Photo above (left to right): Teacher Debra, brother Aren, artist/writer Aaron, and father Petrone