studio update 1

Here's what we've been up to - all the goss from the studio!

Hi guys!!! Hope you’re all good! We want to let you know how we’re getting along with Parade Album 2 - so we’re gonna take it in turns to tell you about a different bit of the creative process and let you in on a few studio secrets…

BIANCA on who we’re working with

We’ve been really busy working with lots of different writers and producers. It’s been awesome having total control over the music we write and being part of the whole creative process. We’ve been so lucky to be working with such amazing people. We’ve made some awesome music with Tim Powell, Fred Ball, Rymez, Jamal Hadaway, Jester, Da Beatfreakz, Ed Drewett, Stefan Abingdon, Vela and MNEK, and we have sessions lined up with many more genius producers and writers like Julie Thompson, Karl Gordon and Martin Sjolie! It’s definitely such an exciting time for us, and we can’t wait to share it with you! xx

JESS on personality and musical style

So we’ve been experimenting loads in the studio and we’re really starting to craft our sound. It’s great to see it coming together and I’m loving that ya can tell each of our individual personalities on the songs! It’s so refreshing writing and knowing each song is filled with our own thoughts and emotions. Our individual music tastes are becoming really useful - there’s nothing wrong with a hint of drum'n'bass/reggae/hip-hop to brighten up a pop tune!! :) Looking forward to all of you hearing it. Not long to wait now - thanks for being so patient! Xxx

LAUREN on piles (of songs!) and how we choose the right tunes

It’s easy to get caught up in a song when you’re in the studio, and working long hours on something creative can be enough for you to lose perspective. Until Thursday last week we had been living in a bubble with our new songs, and it was a huge relief to burst it! We sat our team down to play them everything we’ve written and recorded over the last few months. It was a great chance to see how our music fits in with the real world, and start to think of what would sound best on the radio and on stage.

We made three piles of CDs:

  • YES - these are the songs that still give us those studio shivers!
  • MAYBE - these songs have something special but need a little more work.
  • NO - we’ve already outgrown these ones.

In order to progress successfully, we need more songs in ALL of these categories, and eventually a whole album’s worth of YES songs! It’s an interesting, fun and LIBERATING process. We’re so excited about our new sound, and cannot wait for you all to hear the music. We’ll keep you updated! Promise! x

SIAN on our musical influences

We’ve been listening to a lot of different music and digging deep into our iTunes libraries for inspiration for our new material. As you know, we are all into totally different genres and we’ve incorporated elements from these various influences into our new music. It can vary from rock to RnB, opera to drum'n'bass. It’s making for a really unique sound! Of course we are also looking at massive pop songs and artists from recent years to assist us in finding the right sound. We can’t give too much away but Gwen Stefani, M.I.A., Lily Allen, and the Spice Girls have all been massive inspirations for this album, and the Parade sound is bigger and better than ever. Can’t wait for you to hear it!!!! Xx

EMILY on Parade TV and what’s in store for Parade

So as we’re in the studio so much we know you’re missing Parade TV and our mailer - they’re both coming back, don’t worry!! We’re just in the studio 24/7, living and breathing music. We’ve got some Parade TV stuff on the way to you very soon, and of course itshows us being quiet and calm as usual…HAHAHA, AS IF!!! Thanks for being SO loyal - we’re so excited for you to see what we’ve been up to and hear all our new material!! X


We got all the drums tracks recorded in a single friday night.  We tried something a little different to keep the feel as close as possible to playing live.  What ended up happening was Jake ran his guitar through an app on his iPad that acted as an amp simulator.  From there, the sound was piped over to some headphones Ty was wearing.  The result was Jake playing and mouthing the words on the other side of the room while Ty was the only one able to actually hear the full effect.  Kind of a ridiculous scene, thought we might share. 


the way Kevin, Geoffrey, and austin dances in the beginning makes me laugh… funny guys…