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Are working on a dollhouse.


You know what I remember most? Riding the open road, the smell of your hair, the touch of your skin. I remember you, but those days are gone. Now, I’m a drifter, a bounty hunter, a mercenary. And for me, the broken road is all that’s left. But I’ll always remember.

REASONS TO SEE MOANA *no spoilers*

-badass heroine
-heroine is also hard working and determined
-she gets crap done son
-no love interest!! Not even implied!
-POC characters galore!!
-realistic names of characters!
-characters with all different body types!
-baby moana!! Is so cute!
-the music! It’s fantastic!
-seriously the music!!!
-depicts a beautiful culture with beautiful stories!
-the depiction of said culture is accurate due to years of research!
-it’s funny!
-Dwayne “the rock” Johnson!
-Chris Jackson and Philippa Soo have singing parts!
-Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote the music and sings!
-the HAIR animation!!
-the WATER animation!!
-heihei the chicken!
-pua the pig!
-etc etc etc

Sooo @taovol posted a shance apocalypses au were lance and shiro knew each other before it, but after meeting up later, shiro doesn’t remember who lance is and is also super cold and i drew a thing for it kek

 I just pictured lance sitting next to shiro as everyone’s eating by the fire and lance is all like “ Shiro!! I wanted to say thank you for saving my ass back there! You don’t know how great it is to see someone familiar that’s alive for once!”

and shiro just gives him this cold blank expression 

“You’re welcome. Go rest…” only for lance to look at him confused like what happened to the shiro i knew??? 


2011 seoul doll fair [dollhouse] by studio soo

A+ (High School AU!) Epilogue

category: fluff, angst

pairing: eunwoo X reader

note: LAST CHAPTER :( *sobs*

The moment you stepped foot into the bakery, the smell of freshly baked bread swarmed the room as you took a long, deep sniff. You smiled and started to browse around, picking up some pieces of bread that you have been craving for a long while now. The song in the store suddenly changed and it started to play a new one.

It was a very catchy and refreshing song, making you nod your head to the rhythm automatically. When you put your products on the counter for the cashier to buy, she immediately rung it up.

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