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Today XM Studios posted two photos of their upcoming Predator collectible which was made in collaboration with Narin Studio and Golf Studio. These images (the top and the bottom one) show some of the completed paint job (by Thanayout Khamruk) on the statue which will be fucking amazing…and also very big! XM promised that they will have this statue displayed at the STGCC2017 (coming up in three weeks) I will be in Singapore for two days when the comic con hits the Marina Bay Sands Hotel so I will keep you guys posted ;)

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We’re releasing images of our Fuwakui Fruit Gummy Sea Bunnies today! They’re in final prototype phase and will be released later in 2016. They will all be based off of traditional Salt-Water Taffy flavors! These Sea Salt Water Taffy Bunnies, based off of the Sea Bunny Slug, will be released in many flavors! This current flavor is Strawberry Lemonade! We also have plans for Sour Grape and Blue Raspberry as well! These three will be together in the first batch in 2016!


1967 Alfa Romeo Tipo33 Stradale Prototipo by Grishik Reshetnikov
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AutoArt 1/18 scale model


Moncenisio Prototype, 2014, by Studio Torino/Stola. A modified Porsche Cayman with styling by Daniele Gaglione which is available as a limited edition. The name Moncenisio is derived from the alpine pass in Piemonte which connects Italy with France. The shade of blue developed for the prototype is inspired by the reflections in the lake at the summit of the pass


INKING GUIDELINES by Lead Character Designer Danny Hynes

Quite a few of you eagle-eyed Steventhusiasts have noticed that we stamp our character, prop and effect models with the disclaimer “ROUGH LINE ART - REFER TO STANDARD CLEAN UP LINE”. What exactly do those words mean?

Early in the production, Danny Hynes created these guides for our animators at Rough Draft and Sunmin studios. (Using a prototype character design of Steven himself!) They detail how exactly the rough animation should be cleaned up. Of particular note is the subtle variation of top and bottom lines to imply a light source. 

The second image is a guide to how characters and props should be inked as they get more and more distant from the camera. 


1956 in the Packard design studio: The final design for the 1957 Packard had been approved, with the Packard design on the left, and the Clipper on the right. Unfortunately, after months of soliciting investors and banks, the company just could not get any financing to put the car into production. Packard’s headquarters and factory were shut down just a few months later.

P.S. I wonder if this is what inspired the Edsel’s grill…


There will always be bad people in this world. Tasty Peach Studios regretfully will be cancelling Mechacon this year due to having our van stolen in Orlando, FL after Metrocons conclusion.

We are without a vehicle and product, and will be heading back home. We have already spoken to Mechacon and will be returning in 2017. We apologize for letting anyone down, but rest assured everyone is safe.

We are currently auctioning off many original and phase 2 prototype plush to help gain funds for product and vehicle replacement. We appreciate your continued support!

Ebay available HERE!

We didn’t get a chance to post these cuties before we left for Anime Detour & Sakuracon, but here is our newest concept art for additional bons!

We know a lot of you enjoy different types of pets. Not all of us keep a dog or cat, and some of us like a little variety!

These little cuties are our Ani-Bons, and so far we have for you the Hedgehog, Ferret, Cockatiel, Chinchilla, and Rat!

Inukii the Shiba Inu has been a fan favorite for years, and one of the very first plush Tasty Peach Studios has ever made! In 2012-2013 we finalized the prototypes. This plush is the FINALIZED prototype for Inukii! We are auctioning him off to a great new home! Tag is signed by the artist! This plush has been RETIRED since mid 2014, and no longer available!

You can bid here to bring home this adorable pup!