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Chili Williams, born Marian Sorenson, wearing a polka-dot bikini appeared in Life magazine, 1943. Over the next few months she received more than 350,000 fan letters. She quickly became one of the soldiers favorite pin-up girls and was nicknamed ‘The Polka-Dot Girl’. / image and text source: Grapefruit Moon on eBay

When you got so many awesome things at MCM that you almost can’t get everything in one picture but you sure know what you’re gonna do with all of it. I had so much fun! Thank you to all the artists!!! @kowabungadoodles @geeniejay Pockyholic Art, @madeofplasma, @zombie-octopus, @jantarromantico @sofazzio !! If your work is in this picture and I didn’t tag you, please let me know! I had trouble locating all of the business cards