studio peter ruge

‘Good Vibrations - Beyond Bauhaus’
Sustainable Design Methods – Studio Peter Ruge

In cooperation with Prof. Tsutomu Hayama, Kyoto Seika University, Kyoto, Japan


Embedded in the beauty of the natural environment a traditional three sqm large Tea House, Chashitsu, is an important social, cultural and ceremonial space where people from different social background gather to drink tea and communicate. To explore the concepts behind this interactive space and how to transfer it into contemporary architectural idea a workshop 'Good Vibrations – Beyond Bauhaus’ will be held in Dessau in cooperation with Kyoto Seika University. Using the site of the Bauhaus courtyard, students from both schools will be asked to design a modern Tea House that both reflects the implementation of nature and society as 'Good Vibrations’ and the spirit of 'Beyond Bauhaus’ that magnetically attracts visitors from around the world.

All guests are welcome to take part at the final presentation on Sunday 9th February at 3:00pm. Japanese Green Tea will be served.  Dessau Institute of Architecture, Hochschule Anhalt, Dessau, Germany, Building 08, Room 004.

Keywords: Nature (Light, Wind, Heat, Sound), Space, Bauhaus Spirit

Workshop Program:

7thof February: concept development, preliminary design
8th of February: design development
9th of February: presentation preparation (morning), final presentation (afternoon)

Production: freehand sketching and drawing, concept model

Image Source: Meimeian in Matsue, Shimane prefecture, Japan. 
Author: 663 highland, GFDL- Source: