studio paper


I really need to be more consistent in uploading here! 
okay so I did a style challenge because, well, I LOVE doing them they’re so much fun and its a great exercise for me because it gets me excited about drawing! 


Sometimes the best forms of Inspiration come from those you look up to! Take a moment to inspire someone~ <3

Story: Sometimes while you are away from a sheet of paper, you think of the most amazing and awesome things to draw… But when you finally have the sheet of paper in front of you, the ideas melt away and you are left with a blank sheet of paper and broken dreams… (Aka Art Block, lol)
Sometimes it is good check out other artists’ work to re-ignite that spark for creation!

This animation post was inspired by one of my favorite Flipnote artists, @k-eke! I hope you like it! 

I’m always so inspired by your work whenever you post something new! Doing a style study of some of your latest work motivated me to create this adorable little ditty! <3

It’s not as smooth as most of your work, but It helped me see places I can improve on! I felt it was a neat fusion of your art style and my animation style ;w;

SUPLEX and suffering

find them both still stuck like this half an hour later cause Silas doesn’t wanna hit the ground and Jakob refuses to give up


Mimikyu and Pyukumuku doodles!~ 

Rock, Paper, Scissors is easy when you’ve got hands, even if we normally don’t see them! xD That was my first doodle intention and then I got a bunch of random ideas… So the rest are those ideas in action..

Funny enough, the high-five is my absolute favorite of the set xD

Winnie: We’ll dance! Just make a box.

Eggs: You made me get out of my box!

Winnie: With your feet, silly!

THIS is a collab with great ‘ol @coo-fuu ! We both love the Boxtrolls, these CHEESY children especially! I drew Box-boy Eggs, Coo drew Lady Winnie here (bg is from a still frame in the film) AND IT TURNED OUT GREAT!!!

Here are the papers my nine-year-old daughter and I made in the kitchen this past weekend, finally dry. I was surprised the sheets turned out so well– I like the texture quite a bit. We didn’t add sizing, so they act like blotters when watercolor is applied, but it was a worthwhile and informative experiment.