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Cherry (Live At KROQ Weenie Roast — May 20, 2017)
Lana Del Rey
Cherry (Live At KROQ Weenie Roast — May 20, 2017)

Lana Del Rey debuted a new song titled “Cherry”, off of her upcoming studio album, “Lust For Life”, at the KROQ Weene Roast Festival, today, May 20, 2017.


S’cuse me, Frans coming through. :D

I made a tomboy-ish Frisk for Lust sans. (Her hair and make-up was done by Lusty) :p . She has a strong personality… always looking out for sans and Papy, imposing discipline, yells at them, etc. etc. XD (no, not like Undyne–too extreme). But she punches monsters in the face if they try anything funny— except for sans, her BF. (I’m ruining the concept of Underlust, am I? XD …I like fictional violence and creepy stuff.. *crawls back to Horrortale*)

Undertale -> Tobyfox
Clockwise -> me
Horrortale -> @sour-apple-studios
Lust!Sans -> @nsfwshamecave-pb
Potato Fell -> @derumaruoh​ | meme link

Simlish food clutter - updated

Budgie2budgie & ohmysims have made some awesome simlish food clutter recolors for TS4 which I wanted so badly (+ a couple of other items) for my TS2 game so well here they are ^_^. The 8-3 studio objects are made into new standalone objects as I have re-sized most of them to my liking. You do not need the originals and if you already do they shouldn’t conflict.

The set includes 19 meshes + recolors

  • 8-3 simlish brunchbag
  • 8-3 simlish canned plant
  • 8-3 simlish cocoa
  • 8-3 simlish stacked cannedfood
  • 8-3 simlish syrup
  • 8-3 simlish peanutbutter
  • 8-3 simlish detergents
  • 8-3  simlish tea
  • simlish soda
  • simlish chocolatebox
  • simlish dairy carton
  • simlish box of chocolates
  • simlish flour
  • simlish foodboxes
  • simlish nutella
  • simlish pasta
  • simlish pads
  • simlish sugar
  • simlish tea

Credit: Budgie2budgie. Ohmysims, 8-3 studio. pilar, you-lust, la desire, puresims, simista, Iberika, sg5150, my sims world.

[download] updated nutella 4/4

Lana Del Rey photographed alongside The Weeknd by Neil Krug, in New York, in 2017, for the official cover of the second single and title track of Lana Del Rey’s upcoming studio album, Lust For Life.

Cherry (Fan-Made Studio Version)
Lana Del Rey
Cherry (Fan-Made Studio Version)

Thank you to the user that submitted this fan-made studio version of “Cherry”; a song off of Lana Del Rey’s upcoming studio abum, Lust For Life!

Lana Del Rey performing a new song titled “Cherry” off of her upcoming studio album, Lust For Life, at the KROQ Weenie Roast Festival, tonight, May 20, 2017.

Another ship rises from the dust (Part 1)

Previously on the formerly called Crightmoss Crack Adventures, which has been renamed Worst Case Scenario because it’s not just about Nightmare and Cross anymore, Lust broke into the castle and was being a weirdo so Horror chucked him out a window.

Purple, I have no idea what you did, but you somehow made me ship this.

| Part Two | Part Three |

Note: Dust was being referred to as Murder Sans in previous stories, but now he’s just being called Dust. Additionally, Killer Sans has been shortened to Killer.

(If someone prefers it that Horror end up with Lust, go ahead. We can pretend this is another timeline.)

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Produced by Dean Reid, Kieron Menzies, Rick Nowels, and Lana Del Rey, and composed by Abel Tesfaye, Lana Del Rey, Max Matin, and Rick Nowels, the title track off of Lana Del Rey’s upcomg studio album, Lust For Life, has been officially released.


The Homunculi and their meanings (as it pertains to the anime)

Former account: mr-sweeneys-todd
New account:
↳  。◕‿ ◕。sweeneytadd ☆✮ ✯

Completion of Jr. Studio II and Beginnings of Senior Thesis

Hi All!

So with Junior Studio II completed, these are all of the finished watercolors and titles:

“Little Miss Lu & Vanity: The Most Interesting Girl in the World (or so she thinks)”

“Little Miss Lu & Lust: The Holy Marvel Trinity”

“Little Miss Lu & Greed: The PillowPet Hoarder”

“Little Miss Lu & Envy: The Conundrum of the College Kid”

The next big thing will be Senior Studio and my Senior Thesis which I’m very excited for. My current working title is “Art & Atlantis: A Modern Mission, An Ancient Form of Communication and a Timeless Model to Strive For”. I would like this to be a mixed glass art and installation piece in which I will build the mythological or fantasy setting in which artistic conversations take place. Essentially my project will show what I believe art is: a discussion that transcends time, distances and cultures. It will also be a mission statement for my future in art and describe why I make art. In addition, it will provide my audience with an ideal mode of communication amongst people with vast differences while simultaneously commenting on ideals themselves: do they work or not? What is their purpose and are they necessary, and I believe that they are because they give us a challenge to work toward. We may never reach perfection but in the case of artistic discussion it’s the process that matters. Atlantis comes in because Plato used it as an allegory for utopia and destruction. Atlantis was a place of advancement but fell because of its pride. I would say that this is the same reason people have such trouble conversing with others of differing views today. The victor in Plato’s story is Athens, where philosophical discussion, debate and respect for differences and true analysis of opinions reigns supreme. Though Athens is the real idol, I will still model my glass art in an Atlantean theme to remind my viewers of what can happen if we disregard ideals, throw our hands up and resort to pride, anger and self-righteousness. Basically, we cause our own demise and prevent ourselves from strengthening our thoughts through debate with others of differing opinions. 


Lana Del Rey has released the official music video for the title track of her upcoming studio album, Lust For Life!

Ted Stryker will be interviewing Lana Del Rey tonight, May 20, 2017, at the KROQ Weenie Roast, where she will also be performing. He will supposedly ask her about the release date of her upcoming studio album, Lust For Life!