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Simlish food clutter - updated

Budgie2budgie & ohmysims have made some awesome simlish food clutter recolors for TS4 which I wanted so badly (+ a couple of other items) for my TS2 game so well here they are ^_^. The 8-3 studio objects are made into new standalone objects as I have re-sized most of them to my liking. You do not need the originals and if you already do they shouldn’t conflict.

The set includes 19 meshes + recolors

  • 8-3 simlish brunchbag
  • 8-3 simlish canned plant
  • 8-3 simlish cocoa
  • 8-3 simlish stacked cannedfood
  • 8-3 simlish syrup
  • 8-3 simlish peanutbutter
  • 8-3 simlish detergents
  • 8-3  simlish tea
  • simlish soda
  • simlish chocolatebox
  • simlish dairy carton
  • simlish box of chocolates
  • simlish flour
  • simlish foodboxes
  • simlish nutella
  • simlish pasta
  • simlish pads
  • simlish sugar
  • simlish tea

Credit: Budgie2budgie. Ohmysims, 8-3 studio. pilar, you-lust, la desire, puresims, simista, Iberika, sg5150, my sims world.

[download] updated nutella 4/4

Lust For Life (feat. The Weeknd) (Instrumental) (Snippet 01)
Lana Del Rey
Lust For Life (feat. The Weeknd) (Instrumental) (Snippet 01)

This snippet of the official instrumental of the title track off of Lana Del Rey’s latest studio album, “Lust For Life” leaked, today, August 28, 2017.

Download this snippet from our masterpost.

Another ship rises from the dust (Part 1)

Previously on the formerly called Crightmoss Crack Adventures, which has been renamed Worst Case Scenario because it’s not just about Nightmare and Cross anymore, Lust broke into the castle and was being a weirdo so Horror chucked him out a window.

Purple, I have no idea what you did, but you somehow made me ship this.

| Part Two | Part Three |

Note: Dust was being referred to as Murder Sans in previous stories, but now he’s just being called Dust. Additionally, Killer Sans has been shortened to Killer.

(If someone prefers it that Horror end up with Lust, go ahead. We can pretend this is another timeline.)

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The Homunculi and their meanings (as it pertains to the anime)

Former account: mr-sweeneys-todd
New account:
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@lanadelrey explains the reason behind her smile on the cover of fourth studio album “Lust For Life”. “ This smile, it’s a mix of sincere joy and relief “

“But nowadays, I am much more relaxed. For example, even if that smile is ironic, I have never openly smiled like in the video of Love… This smile, it’s a mix of sincere joy and relief… And, well, irony.”

A truly horrifying development

(Good job self, making another one of these at one in the morning. I’m sensing a pattern)

Previously on the Crack Adventures of Cross and Nightmare, the ship became canon, so the creator decided to start a side arc with another pairing.

And it ended up gettin really weird (whaaat??) so it’s under a cut.

Thanks to @blogthegreatrouge for inspiring me to create something for this weird ship.

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Rehearsal doodles!

So… My dad owns a small opera company and works with the chorus twice a week, which I’m in. Lately I’ve kinda been doodling during rehearsals. A lot. That first picture is from the back page of my score. (the second was from different paper I brought for irrelevant reasons)

(Click ‘view image’ for better quality on the top one.)

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“She was obsessed with the colour red, this dangerous girl with scarlet lips. Her reckless kisses written in blood upon a page I could not turn.”
Michael Faudet

Ph. D. Story
Santa Rosa, CA