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after years of listening to BTS and seeing photos n videos of them almost every day i kind of just now had a moment and realized that they are actual real human beings and they really exist and right now they are really doing something my mind is blown

this is how i feel when i see them in concert / irl evERYTIME its like holy shit they are REAL BREATHING PEOPLE DOING HUMAN STUFF LIKE WOW :’) its so weird imo when u just sit down and realize all thats happening in the world around you outside your own life


   This is The Cafe/Bakery Ran by Resident Clover. She enjoys Cooking,              Photography and Sewing. She Hopes she Gets to share her Delicious                           Delights with as many people as possible, Including You.


Kids in Love (Valentine’s Special)


Request: Can you do somethin’ somethin’ cute for valentines day?

Word count: 2,890

Kids in Love (Valentine’s special)

Shawn unlocked the front door to their house and made his way into the hall. He was humming a joyful melody, nodding his head along to the music in his headphones, blasting on the highest level.

She never really understood, how he could stand the noise being that abnormally loud.

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BTS reaction to having a crush on you, their new choreographer

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“You’re really pushing me to do my best, I bet it’s really exhausting teaching us-oh what a surprise, I brought more food than I usually eat, here you need to eat too!”

*totally brought it on purpose to sweep you off your feet with his cooking*

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*gives his all during practice trying to convice you he’s not as lazy as he seems* 

“You teach us so well. Let me teach you something in return.” 

*takes you with him to the studio to work on new songs*

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*asks for extra hours, just you two so he can get to know you better improve*

“Is this how you do it? Can you show me again?”

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*since he’s the lead dancer he works very closely with you*

“How do you think it will look if we include this move in the choreography?”

*smiles brightly when you praise him, because he want to impress you with his talent*

*dance-teacher-mode activated*

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*shy af*

*sneaks glances at you every so often trying to catch your attention, keeping his eyes on you in the mirror to make you look at him*

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*making jokes and meme-faces left and right, 24/7*

“Y/N-nim, look here! I have the best move out of all other hyungs!”

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*comes up with creative ideas to incorporate in the choreographies*

“Y/N-nim, do you think we can change this part a little or? Maybe it doesn’t fit, what’s your opinion?”

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*this gif will be the death of me*



|| MY FIRST POSTED SCENARIO AaHHHhhHH!! please let me know what you guys think pleaseee. ALSO, please request anything, i promise ill do it! - Liz ||

Genre: fluff~

Word count: 2.5k

[(Jjajangmyeon - Korean noodle dish with vegetables along with pork or chicken and very black sauce made from black beans) it can get quite messy because of the dark sauce so when little kids eat it they usually have the sauce all over their shirts and faces]

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You: Tae, I just made jjajangmyeon and there’s a lot left over so if you and a couple of the boys want to come over and eat it I’m inviting you

Tae: ok I’m omw :)

Once he saw his phone screen light up and realized it was you, he responded immediately.

         Taehyung and you had a thing almost. He liked you so much, and you knew this. You liked him too but you guys weren’t exactly in a relationship. It wasn’t a friend with benefits deal either, you guys weren’t like that (although Taehyung had tried quite a couple of times. Yes.. he was intoxicated to some degree each time but hey, drunk words are sober thoughts huh?) you guys knew you would never see other people right now, you each were each others.. just not labeled as it.

The rest of the boys were off doing whatever they pleased. Jungkook was probably playing video games in his room, Jin and Hoseok were watching tv in the living room, Namjoon and Yoongi were most likely in the studio, working on new pieces for the group. Jimin was probably with Jungkook trying to beat the maknae at overwatch but of course Kook would never let that happen.

The dorm’s atmosphere was a quiet pleasant one. But then it was disrupted.

  As taehyung scrambled in his room to put on a better shirt and clean socks. He always wanted to be presentable for you. Scurrying out of his room and slamming the door behind him, he dashed his way to the front door practically falling over trying to get his shoes on in timely fashion.

     "Where are you going?“ Jin asked, appalled by Taetaes actions. Hoseok joined his hyungs look in amazement.


the boy was in such a hurry it seemed like he was cutting himself off from speaking


“She made jjajangmyeon”

“But you just ate an hour a-” Jin was cut off

“Hyung, I don’t care, I’m hungry again and I want-”

     "Y/n cooked?“ Jungkook peared his head around the corner from his rooms door looking back and forth between his elders on the couch and Tae at the door.

"You can’t have any there’s not enough for another person.” Taehyung stated and before anyone could talk back, he was out the door.

Man, this boy had it in for himself because of you. This caring sweet selfless Taehyung wanted you all to himself and only himself. So much so he almost snapped back at his hyungs. He wasn’t going to share any aspect of you with the rest of the boys or the world, even if it included your cooking.

   Couple minutes later, he arrived at your apartment building and let himself in (he had a spare key he made for himself hah) and as he reached your apartment, he ajusted his clothing, combed his fingers through his hair and checked his breath.. even though he was just about to eat.

                          *knock knock*

“Coming!” You said with a raised voice, just enough for Tae to hear. It was 10 o'clock at night in fact and you, being the sweet thoughtful thing you are♡, always tried your best to not disturb your neighbors.

  Opening the door to a precious grin and a tall handsome boy was always a great feeling.

“Hey.” He cooed looking down at you.

     "Hello.“ You say returning the smile.

You were absolutely beautiful in his eyes. Even though you had your hair up messily, wearing a big t shirt with comfy shorts and walking around in your fuzzy slippers, barefaced, he was in awe.

     He’s seen you so many times like this. All the movie marathons you’ve had. All the times late night adventuring and you both ended up falling asleep when you got back to your apartment. All the times he would wake up on your sofa and you’d be in a outfit just like the one you were in now, cooking breakfast for you each.

He loved it.

As he followed you into the kitchen, a question sprung from your lips and let him out of his gaze and back to reality.

"So were the other boys not hungry?” You wondered. Although you had an answer in mind. You knew how Taehyung worked.

   "Oh, uh- yeah. They were all either alseep or busy practicing.“ He looked away, scratching the back of his head.

  "Ahh I see. Well, I guess it’s just you and me tonight,” you scooped out some noodles into a bowl for him and did the same for yourself.

You sat at the stools at the kitchen counter, it felt too formal to sit at the dinner table, it was more cozy here. You both sat on one side of a corner, he was to your left, not right next to you, but not across from you either. You each took your chopsticks and mixed the noodles up, when a big chunk of sauce hit Taetaes cheek whilst another one landed on his shirt.

     You started giggling and once the surprise was gone from his face he joined you in the laughter.

   He wiped off the black bean paste from his face but went over to the sink only a few feet away from you to try and get the stain out before it could actually stain. He turned on the faucet and you sat there, head resting on hand, elbow resting on table, watching him scrub at the spot. A faint smile brushed along your face watching this etheral boy concentrating so much at his clothing. Good thing it wasn’t one of his Gucci shirts.

“Do you want me to throw it in the washer real quick?” You suggested. “Nah, I don’t have another shirt here anyway. I told you keeping my clothes here would come in handy,” he chuckled.

       Rolling your eyes playfully and answering him , “Who cares, if you wear a different shirt you will probably end up spilling your food on that one too” you joked

  “Yah!! How many times do you have to remind me I eat like a baby whos eating this for the first time. I can’t help that it’s so messy!” he sillily scrunched up his face at you, “besides… I haven’t been working out lately… so I can’t let you see me with out a shirt on. It’s not gonna happen. Nope.”

       You sighed. “I guess you’ll have to scrub at your shirt for a good 20 minutes then.”

“If you help me we can get it done in 10.”

“Wow Tae, that’s not how it works. We can’t clean a tiny spot at the same time.”

   Regardless of what you just said, you got up from your seat and grabbed the towel from his hand before reaching underneath his shirt to bring the stain closer to your other hand. You start caressing the fabric with the cloth, hoping the stain will come out with the right finesse. Now he’s the one observing you. You didn’t know he was, you were the one concentrated, but with you standing so close to him and him looking down at you (you were quite a bit smaller than him) all he could think to do was watch you intently. Even little moments like this were breath taking and he cherished them. After a minute or two of being under his gaze, you finally felt his eyes on you and you suddenly looked up. As this has happened before, meeting eyes that is, he would always turn away quickly, but not this time. This time he stared back into your eyes. You could feel the piercing yet loving feelings behind it but all you could do was freeze when he stared at you like that. The intense staring contest seeming to drag out for what felt like forever. All you could think about, if you could think at all, was about the look in his eyes and how they seemed to stare into you. You felt speechless.

      “Why don’t you sit on the counter” he interrupted

“Huh-” you said, having your attention being brought back to the moment

    “Sit on the counter. You can reach the stain better but you don’t have to keep standing.”

You put down the rag and place your arms at the edge ready to hoist yourself up when his hands met your hips before you could realize and he lifted you up onto the countertop.

   Great. Now your heart was racing and you could feel your cheeks burning. You were definitely blushing alright. Rather hard by now probably.

He didn’t bring attention to it but there was no doubting he saw it.

   Grabbing the rag and quickly looking down towards the floor working on the stain again, you tried to calm yourself. You could feel his eyes still on you with that same intense feeling. Fuck he really knew how to tease you. Wether he was teasing you on purpose or not was always a toss up with Mr. Kim Taehyung. He was a wild card so you never quite knew if he was doing it subconsciously or not.

      He didn’t even know if he was doing it subconsciously or not, he was just doing it. He couldn’t make up his mind wether it was purposeful or not. He just continued his stare.

Time felt so slow. It’d only been 20 seconds since you got on the counter but it felt like 5 minutes. But you liked living in the moment, even if the moment was making you awkwardly nervous.

    A couple seconds later he reached both of his hands and placed them on yours, pushing them down signaling you to stop and look up. He didn’t let go, he kept them huddled in his own hands.

You gathered your breath quickly and once you looked into his eyes again, they changed. They were soft again and he had a faint smile on his face. You honestly were kinda astonished at how quickly that look made you calm down and relax. Seemed like at the snap of a finger your composure changed immediately.

“You ok?” He questioned.

“Yeah, I’m good,” you let out a deep breath and gave him a warm smile, that smile gave him butterflies in his stomach. It felt like hot cocoa on a snowy day. It made his stress and worries he didn’t even know he had melt away. He loved you for that. Yes. He loved you. He knew that before, but he never really truly focused on the statement. It never fully clicked in his mind to the point where he was so aware he was in love. Until this moment.

  As your legs dangled off the counter, he took a step closer in between them to your torso and both of you could feel the emotional warmth radiating from both of your bodies. Your souls even.

You both figured that’s what love felt like. And indeed it was. It was kind of funny to both of you. You guys still weren’t in a relationship. There wasn’t even a good explanation why. You both knew your feelings for one another. You both knew you had a thing. You both knew you belonged to one another. You were his and he was yours. You each never ever thought about being someone else’s and it was a known yet unsaid thing. It was crazy, yet it was the best thing anyone could ask for.

He reached under your chin just ever so slightly and lifted it up in his direction. “You are so perfect.” You closed your eyes and laughed through your nose in response to that remark.

   "What, its true.“ He leaned in just a tiny bit closer to you. Tossing the rag out of his hands into the sink he clasped his hands around the small of your back low enough so they were basically resting on the counter. Safety and comfort were the only words your mind could fathom with his arms around you. He tilted his head to the side, not changing his loving expression and looked back at you.  It’s like you were talking with your eyes. You didn’t quite know the lines but you each knew it was about your love. He broke the silence.

"You are gonna be a great wife. And a great mom. You can already cook and you know how to clean our kids’ clothes when they spill their food on themselves too.”

“..our….kids?” You became alert. “Mhhmm. Our kids.” He responded. “Huh, our kids…” you thought out loud.

      It didn’t take you by surprise as much as it should’ve when he said that. You technically weren’t even dating. Let alone had either of you even said a word about having a future together. Big or small. Not even talking about your mutual feelings out loud. Not that you needed to though.

      As you pondered the thought quickly in your mind you felt Taehyungs fingers back under your chin, bringing your gazes together once more. He leisurely leaned down until his lips were centimeters from yours. He only stopped for a second, long enough for you to feel his breath brush on your lips and register the situation. You didn’t move, not like you were frozen but as in you weren’t running away from it. He pressed his lips ever so slowly against yours. After a couple seconds passed he puckered and actually initiated the kiss. It was so peaceful, so serene. You were such a serene tranquil person to start with but you never knew this amount of peace could be felt in this world. You fell into his lips and returned the action. The kiss was so simple. Neither of you moved your lips. No one tried to deepen the kiss. It was like you were trapped in time, but neither of you wanted to escape it. No one moved and it felt like the entire earth was still. Everyone who lived was stuck in this everlasting moment with you. It was magical. It was perfect.

   Finally, he slowly and steadily backed his face away and looked at you. Your lives intertwined at that moment and all became gentle. Your shared existence left your minds in a placid place. He smiled at you and you smiled at him. All was perfect. His eye smile made your heart skip a beat. He rubbed your back softly with his thumb and you two stayed like that for however long, you both unable to grasp time in this moment. You wrapped your legs around his waist and gently pulled his body closer to yours so there couldn’t be any way to break you apart. In life, in mind, pyshically and mentally. The air was still but a welcoming still, no sound but the ticking of the clock could be heard. Blissful. Blissful.

Stretching your neck up to his face you waved your hand for him to lean down. “Guess what” you breathed in his ear. He shifted his head “hmm?” He hummed.

  “I love you” you whispered.

He kissed your nose in response and placed his forehead against yours.

    “I love you too.”

Notes and Paintings.

Type: Fluff?

Summary: A small note on your desk at work leads to a series of unforeseen events. 

Member: Top

Another story based on a request from the lovely @puchre :D

It started one day with a note in a folder placed on your desk. “I hope you are feeling better today? Please write an answer on this note.” You had been absent from work the day before due to a cold, but nothing more serious than that. Oh well, you thought, it was nice that someone was wondering how you were feeling. “Did you see who dropped this off?” you asked one of your co-workers.

“I don’t know, someone from the music department I think?” he shrugged. You worked in the accounting department of YG, and you had been so lucky as to meet with a lot of people from the different departments. You didn’t find it that odd that one of your friends would drop you a note to check up on you. It was actually kind of sweet. After scribbling down an answer, saying that you were fine, and thanks for asking, you put the note back in the folder. Not knowing where the folder belonged, you just left it on your desk until your work-day was over.

When you arrived the next morning, the folder was gone. The following week the folder came and went with questions and answers between you and its owner. It was all just random casual things. Then one day your curiosity got the best of you, and you sent your own question, attached to the question of the day, which was “snow, or rain?”

Your answer read: “Snow. Will you tell me who you are?” you were excited for the next day when you may get the answer, which of your friends had been keeping you entertained at work lately?

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On this day in music history: April 26, 1961 - “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King is released. Written by Benjamin Earl Nelson, Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, it is the sixth solo single for the R&B and pop vocal legend. In spite of recording several classics as the lead singer of The Drifters including the classics “There Goes My Baby”, “This Magic Moment” and “Save The Last Dance For Me”, a contractual dispute with manager George Treadwell drives Ben E. King out of the group in mid 1960. Continuing to work with the songwriting and production team of Leiber and Stoller, King begins recording on his own. After his initial solo releases “Brace Yourself” and “A Help-Each-Other Romance” (duet with LaVern Baker) fail to make an impression on the charts. On October 27, 1960, King is recording at Atlantic Studios in New York City, working on the song “Spanish Harlem” (#10 Pop, #15 R&B) which becomes his first major solo hit. With time still left in the session, Leiber and Stoller ask King if he has any more songs. The singer plays them an unfinished song he had originally intended to record with The Drifters. Inspired by the song “Stand By Me Father”, written by Sam Cooke during his days as lead singer of The Soul Stirrers, Leiber and Stoller re-work the initial melody and Ben and Jerry write the lyrics. Calling the musicians back, the song now titled “Stand By Me” is quickly recorded. Before the session concludes, all involved know that they have created something special. Released in the Spring of 1961, “Stand By Me” makes its impact felt immediately. An instant classic, it quickly rises up the R&B and pop singles charts, spending four weeks at #1 on the Billboard R&B singles chart beginning on May 29, 1961, and peaking at #4 on the Hot 100 on June 12, 1961. Following its release, “Stand By Me” is covered numerous times over the years, including versions by John Lennon, Spyder Turner, Mickey Gilley and Maurice White. Ben E. King’s original recording has a long life after its initial run on the charts. In 1986, director Rob Reiner uses the song as the theme to his film “Stand By Me”, based on the Stephen King short story “The Body”. Featured prominently on the oldies dominated soundtrack, Atlantic Records reissues the song as a single. Driven by the popularity of the film, “Stand By Me” re-enters the Billboard Hot 100, and returns to the top ten, peaking at #9 in December of 1986, over twenty five years after it had originally charted. The song becomes a smash in the UK a second time, thanks to its inclusion in the film, and being featured in a popular commercial for Levi’s jeans, sending the single to #1. In 1998, “Stand By Me” is inducted into the Grammy Hall Of Fame, in 2012 receives the Towering Song Award by the Songwriters Hall Of Fame, and in 2015, King’s original recording is selected for inclusion into the National Recording Registry by The Library Of Congress, just five weeks before the singer’s passing.

Since Armani White’s last release, the well-received “Picture Perfect”, the Philly native has been practically living in the studio working on new music. Today we are proud to present the first new track from those sessions titled “Secret Handshake”. For a description I’ll let Armani take it from here…   “Secret Handshake boasts an illustrious lifestyle while still battling with my insecurities as an artist in one mood swing. The song kicks off with a high energy recollection of successions and scandals spread across synth pads, live guitars and viola strings. KilConfirmed rolls a smooth bass solo across the hook that segues into a more sensitive second verse.”
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Forever | 3: Regret

Summary: You and Sebastian Stan became best friends years ago, on the set of the first Captain America movie, and you couldn’t be happier that you had found someone just as witty and caring as you - but will feelings wiggle their way in and get in between your friendship and happiness?

Word Count: 1080

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: (Throughout) Language

Characters (in order of appearance): Reader, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Paul Bettany

A/N: I started writing this in 2015, and it was v popular on wattpad so I thought, why not make it accessible to my pals on tumblr? pls bare with me as I post the next 10 chapters, and please, as always, let me know what you think!! I love hearing from y’all :)

Forever | 2

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Precognition (Pt. II)

Tyler Joseph Series

Part I

Summary: Tyler Joseph, a man with a phenomenal life anyone could ever wish for, has been frequently dreaming of an unfamiliar twelve year old girl. A pigment of his imagination, that unintentionally sabotages his ability to tell the difference between fantasy and reality.

Words: 1,808

Warnings: Bipolar behaviour, suicidal thoughts, suicide attempt

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“Honey, you‘ll have to talk about it sooner or later!“ Jenna calls desperately after her daughter.

Ignoring her mother, the girl storms up the stairs and locks herself inside her room, leaving the parents with their own torment. As soon as the door slams shut, the tears that have been welled up behind her eyelids, slip down her cheeks without resistance. She begins to cry as if her brain is being shredded in millions pieces from the inside. Emotional pain is flowing out of her every pore. Her violent shaking cause her to hit the ground and from her eyes comes a thicker flow of tears, than she had cried for her whole life. Leaning her back against the door, she could hear the sound of heart aching sobs, coming from the woman who gave birth to her thirteen years ago, and the soothing words escaping her father‘s mouth as an attempt to comfort his wife, but the interlaced agony could be ignored.  

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