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“This time round it struck me that Studio Ghibli had the world’s best studio in terms of potential. You can say that in terms of cinematography, computer graphics, sound recording, personal connections and sincerity toward the work … in every aspect really. But having said that, we’re just a group of average people with poor skills.” (- Hayao Miyazaki) (Open images in new tab!!)

06/07/17 || Bear with me for the next few days, I know I’ve been all over the place with updates and stuff but getting to the end of this exam session has really proven me. I did the first part of my Spanish exam this morning and I passed and I was so happy I nearly cried. I’ve been so stressed and tired lately that thinking of re-taking it made me panic so I’m really really really happy that I passed. I now have three days to finish studying for the second part of my journalism exam and that’s it.

This is the soukoku ritual
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bts as dads: myg

dad!bts au: kim seokjin | min yoongi | jung hoseok | kim namjoon | park jimin | kim taehyung | jeon jungkook

  • one little girl, the mini min, the light of his life, his muse, his best friend, his everything
  • min yeona, 3 years old
  • when i say yoongi’s daughter is his best friend i mean his Best Friend
  • has the pout™️
  • takes her everywhere with him honestly and it doesn’t even bother her because her dad is also her best friend and her role model and her idol and she loves spending time with him
  • she loves imitating her dad and doing literally everything he does but in her own kiddy way and it’s so adorable?? yoongi clutches his heart everytime??
  • like whenever yoongi’s drinking an american yeona has her own little cup of honey water or something or if yoongi’s playing piano, she’ll be playing on her little electric keyboard or if yoongi’s wearing a leather jacket yeona has her own little matching one and she truly is the mini min
  • speaking of which
  • i have this headcanon that yoongi loves to play dress up w his daughter or child
  • probably in the same way that tae is willing to buy and dress his children in anything and everything the gucci kids section has to offer
  • like yoongi just likes making her look stylish as shit
  • like he could be dressed in sweatpants and and old t shirt not giving a fuck to go the studio but he’s decked out mini min in a silk bomber jacket and jeans and sneakers looking fly as shit
  • they have matching oversized scarfs
  • calls herself min smartie
  • stagename: spice
  • “i wanna be just like daddy!!”
  • looooooooots of studio time together
  • like sometimes you drop her off after school and yoongi will already have layed out a little blanket on the floor with some snacks and a coloring book and games for her to play with
  • he may or may not have installed another little desk opposite his with a little sound board and computer and games and a swivel chair just her size
  • she’s not very high maintence like just being in the same room as her dad is enough time spent w him for her
  • she might just be in the background chilling but yoongi is always watching her and takes little notes on her body language as critiques on his music
  • like if she’s sitting on a chair and swinging her legs to the beat he just smiles because yay his little girl likes it
  • or if she kind of sways her head to the music or sometimes she gets up and dances and that’s the best reaction
  • because if mini min doesn’t like the track, the track gets scrapped
  • sometimes he’s more direct and asks her and i feel like she’s really honest with him people always say that kids love whatever their parents do, but if yeona doesn’t like something yeona will tell you
  • “no that’s too slow daddy, i’m bored” “no that sounds funny daddy i don’t like it” “ooh i like that one i like the drums make it louder daddy!!!” and yoongi listens to her every word (and the other producers think he’s crazy for taking production advice from a literal child but yoongi doesn’t give a single fuck, her approval means everything)
  • is constantly showing yoongi new things she’s learned when it comes to music
  • “daddy look at what i learned how to play today!!”
  • and she’s always showing yoongi “new” music and even though he’s already heard he always plays along and tells her she has better taste in music than he does
  • there’s no way you can’t tell that she’s yoongi’s daughter i mean she’s exactly like him
  • she probably takes lots of naps in the studio too but that’s not at all the reason why yoongi bought a kumamon beanbag and a bunch of fluffy pillows and blankets and put them aside nope that was for him totally
  • yeona knows when not to bother her dad but i feel like if she’s really sleepy and it’s been a particularly long day sometimes she’ll go over to yoongi’s chair while he’s mixing beats or something and just kind of sit herself on his lap and make herself comfortable
  • sometimes she tries to stay awake and yoongi teaches her about the buttons on the soundboard
  • but sometimes she just wraps her small hands around his waist as much as she can and falls asleep
  • (yoongi loves when she does that the most)
  • of course yoongi and yeona have matching headphones what else were you expecting
  • he carries her everywhere like physically carries her in his arms at all time this is his princess we’re talking about here
  • will write songs about her (will pull a beyoncé and feature her on a track)
  • the boys’ kids probably all spend a lot time with their uncles, but i feel like yoongi’s kid would be most fond of hobi and jimin
  • because uncle jimin feeds her addiction to sweets and buys her lots of character plushies and always plays with her
  • uncle jimin the cuddliest and spoils her the most (and uncle jimin has fluffy hair that he lets her braid)
  • and because uncle hobi lets her into his recording studio and they always mess around and he knows all the buttons to make her voice sound all funky
  • sometimes hobi saves the recording tho and sends them to yoongi when he’s having a hard time and just opening a file of his little girl singing one of their songs and hearing her giggle at the end of the track is all he needed to get over his writer’s block or whatever it was that was bothering him
Gaiden Arc Episode 23 Review

At first, I was going to do the whole entire arc, but Tumblr was acting up and I just really loved episode 23 out of the whole entire Gaiden episodes so I’ll just talk about that.

Sakura holding her own with a guy who has dozens of Sharingans??? Okay, haters need to stop. Sakura isn’t useless and this episode definitely proved that. I think the family picture wasn’t included because they put so much into the fight scenes, which is expected, Boruto, although watched by tons of females is still at the end of the day, a Shounen anime

I also loved it when she said, “I won’t let you go after my husband and my daughter anymore!”  Yes, Sakura this is how you protect your family, just yes this is so precious.

And Sarada is so overprotective of her family, that fact really distinguishes her personality, she’s so mature to know the value of family at such a young age so much better than the other Next Gen kids, some people who dislike Sarada call her arrogant, which she was in Chapter 700 back when she was younger, but she’s no longer that way. Not to mention they also got mad at her for crying because she thought that her mother was  Karin. Which is actually pretty reasonable to cry over.

But can we just appreciate how overprotective she is over her own parents, you’d expect it to be the other way around, but no, and that’s amazing:

And how Sasuke managed to remain calm the whole time, but got pissed when his wife had those knives got lodged in Sakura’s arm and then how Sarada stopped him by screaming, it made me remember that time with the curse mark and when Sakura stopped him from killing that guy.

I also hate how people got mad at the fact that Sasuke didn’t kiss her or anything, this is Sasuke’s way of teasing Sakura, just because ya’ll don’t understand it, don’t try to twist it and ruin it for others, Sakura isn’t still that Sasuke fangirl she was at twelve years old, she prioritized Sarada over Sasuke. Which people still got pissed about after complaining about how she’s too obsessed with Sasuke? Jesus Christ, you can never satisfy this half of the fandom

Anyway, she looks so beautiful in this frame and in her dress:


But I really loved the last part, when Sarada tells Boruto she wants to become Hokage and Boruto gets mad, this could be for multiple reasons, and being a hardcore BoruSara shipper of course I’m thinking about all the cute ones.

And tears were already welling up in my eyes, but when I saw the ending credits I couldn’t hold it in anymore this was literally the best thing they could’ve done, sure Perriot Studio messes up sometimes, but they have their good moments.


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Bad Dream

So, I was initially making a new thing for the Crightmoss Crack Adventures that was going to be about a different pairing again… but you know, my favorite crack ship hasn’t been around lately, so I made a little something for it instead.

As usual, warning for relative out-of-character-ness.

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