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I can’t believe I’ve been in this precious little studio apartment for SIX years. The 12-foot window, the parquet floors, the multiple closets, the tiny little dishwasher – and just enough room for all my books & records. Home sweet home, indeed. (This is the cleanest it’s ever been, so, here’s a sexy photoshoot.) 

“The Cobain family are having a nice day out. It’s late afternoon in a photo studio in downtown Manhattan. Daddy Cobain is careering from one end of the room to another, steering his 11 month old daughter around in her pushchair, dressed in a suit that suggests he could be auditioning for the role of Tiger in “Winnie The Pooh”. He looks ridiculous. Frances bean is gurgling uncontrollably, a big grin on her angelic face. Courtney Love-Cobain is lounging bare foot on a sofa. “where are my babies?” she demands, her arms outstretched. Kurt changes direction, pretending to be out of control and stops the pushchair just short of the sofa. He leans over his wife and kisses her. long and passionately” - The Face, 1993

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Mcspirk... dancer au? Bones as a grumpy older choreographer who is SUPER nitpicky about the performance pieces and not at all happy to have a young ballet school dropout kirk, on his company?

  • So they’re all different types of dancers, right. Like Bones would be probably more of a contemporary dancer? But he knows pretty much everything that’s not street/hip hop etc. They have Jaylah for that. (I know nothing about dancing forgive me in advance). And he owns this studio in Manhattan with a few different rooms. Spock is co-owner, mostly in charge of administration, but he teaches these old-fashioned type of dances like Charleston etc. that initially doesn’t seem like his thing at all, but he aces it. 
  • And Spock tells Bones he hires someone new to lead the ballet classes whilst Uhura is on maternity leave. Bones is initially just like how bad could it be because it’s only temporarily and there are plenty of professional dancers in Manhattan. Instead, Spock hires this quirky guy, who doesn’t follow the traditional rules of ballet and encourages the students even when they are doing it wrong. And Bones finds out when he’s reading Jim’s resume that he never even completed school. “Why is he hired?” Bones asks, towering over Spock as the other sits on the floor to stretch his arms and his legs for an upcoming class. “He’s good,” Spock points out. “His class feels comfortable around him. You could learn a thing or two from that.” Bones grits his teeth at that answer, and just makes sure to give his own pupils hell. 
  • Bones has to leave for a few days to give lectures in a university and when he returns Spock and Jim are just siting together closely, eating their lunch together and Spock is even laughing at something Jim says and that’s just bizarre. Maybe Bones is a little jealous.
  • And his ratings go up because Jim is so well liked for some reason, but he doesn’t stick to the rules. Bones teaches him a new performance but Jim likes to give his own swing to it and Bones grits his teeth. “That’s not how it goes,” he just says, watching Jim effortlessly stand on his toes and twirl around. Jim rests his hands on Bones’ shoulders, and Bones tries not to look flustered. “Relax, Bones. It’ll be fine. Dancing is about letting go a little bit, remember? I think you’re just a little tensed.” “I just like my performance pieces to be done well. So do it well.” Bones replies. 
  • Spock taking Bones out to an actual play, because it’s been a while. And they dress up nice in suits and have a fancy dinner first, and Spock listens to Bones talking obsessively about their newest recruit. “Sounds like you’re pulling pigtails, kind of,” Spock says, and Bones snorts. “Don’t be ridiculous.”
  • Spock actually takes Bones to one of Jim’s dance performances. Initially, Bones is like are you kidding me Spock, but Jim is actually really good. And he doesn’t stick to the rules and he doesn’t perform the way Bones - or many others - would expect him to do, but it’s somehow even more beautiful that way. Bones won’t admit it, but he’s definitely a little emotional afterwards. “How bad was that?” Spock asks afterwards, and Bones only answers: “Terrible.” But Spock smiles because he knows it’s not true. 
  • So Bones warms up to Jim a little bit, and Jim teaches him “how to break rules beautifully” because apparently that’s an art form and Jim is currently a master in it, so so he says himself. His own students notice Bones warming up a little too, and they’re more chatty, just slightly less intimidated, and maybe even twice as appreciative as they were before. 
  • So when Uhura comes back and Jim’s contract is coming to an end, Bones walks up to him on his last day. “What are you going to do after this?” he asks, and Jim shrugs. “I guess, maybe back to school.” He replies, swinging his bag over his shoulder. “I love teaching, but you guys were pretty much the only ones hiring me despite being under-qualified.” “You’re not underqualified,” Bones says, clearing his throat and glancing in Spock’s direction as he approaches them, too. “Listen, kid, I’m sorry I was an ass to you for most of your stay here.” Bones says, and Jim smiles, patting Bones’ shoulder. “Don’t worry about it, old man.” “What did you just call me, you little s-” “What Leonard is trying to tell you,” Spock interrupts, “is that we would like to offer you a permanent position here with us.” Jim looks shocked, eyeing Bones carefully to make sure if this is a joke or not. “Are you sure?” Jim asks. “I guess,” Bones replies. And when Jim jumps into their arms, arms swinging around both their shoulders as he hugs them close, Bones realizes that, yes, he’s very sure. 

During the winter of 1954-55 and intermittently, Monroe sought refuge at the Greene’s family home,
‘Those years were the happiest of her life because she had the safe, family environment,’ ( Joshua Greene told )
There were no drugs or negativity fuelling Monroe’s insecurities and Milton worked hard to ensure the star was all right, he added.
Besides enjoying her role as house-guest, Monroe sought to become a more serious actress enrolling at Lee Strasburg’s Actors Studio in Manhattan.
And Milton Greene helped Monroe seize more control over her career and image from her film studio, 20th Century Fox. In 1956, they founded their own company Marilyn Monroe Productions

Scorpion/Quintis & Quintis wedding & “parking lot” talk 

private tumblr convo with another scorpion fan… on Jan 19th, 2017

Topic: my tags: #”parking lot” #”this is relevant” for ep 3x13 Quintis end scene post (”let’s not get married in a parking lot”)

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