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I can’t believe I’ve been in this precious little studio apartment for SIX years. The 12-foot window, the parquet floors, the multiple closets, the tiny little dishwasher – and just enough room for all my books & records. Home sweet home, indeed. (This is the cleanest it’s ever been, so, here’s a sexy photoshoot.) 

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Hello, do you have any inspirations for sustainable parking building? Thanks before and really love your blog!

Check out this post and this post for interesting parking garages.

Now, many will argue parking garages cannot be sustainable because its mere existence creates the opportunity for more cars to be on the road. Others claim that cars will continue to exist even without more parking garages and the fact that the designer took the strategy to make the structure as green as possible is a step forward.

That being said here are some garages that have successfully attained LEED certification:

City of Santa Monica Parking Structure #6 Behnisch Architekten + Studio Jantzen Source

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Things have been impossibly busy here in TMBGland as just last
Monday we have formally embarked on making an album of brand new songs. We are working at Pat Dillett’s new studio space which is the same magnificent studio space that was Skyline Studios in
midtown Manhattan where we recorded Flood.
Of course it brings back wonderful memories, but it also brings out fantastic sound (the big room is a magnificent wooden space,
and the Neve console was acquired from Herbie Hancock’s studio–he made Rockit on it!). We spent last Tuesday recording the full band and knocked out four tracks, which felt like a lot even for us. Working titles are Mrs. Bluebeard, An Insult to the Fact Checkers, All Time What and When the Lights Go On. When will we be done? Who knows.
Watch this space!

Painter Elaine de Kooning working on John F Kennedy painting in Manhattan studio, 1964, New York, NY. Photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt, LIFE.

In 1962 Elaine de Kooning was commissioned to paint a portrait of President John F. Kennedy to be hung in the Harry S. Truman Library in Independence, Missouri. De Kooning was one of the early participants in the Abstract Expressionist movement. She was given access to the president during his winter sojourn in Palm Beach, Florida, in late 1962 and early 1963.

“The Cobain family are having a nice day out. It’s late afternoon in a photo studio in downtown Manhattan. Daddy Cobain is careering from one end of the room to another, steering his 11 month old daughter around in her pushchair, dressed in a suit that suggests he could be auditioning for the role of Tiger in “Winnie The Pooh”. He looks ridiculous. Frances bean is gurgling uncontrollably, a big grin on her angelic face. Courtney Love-Cobain is lounging bare foot on a sofa. “where are my babies?” she demands, her arms outstretched. Kurt changes direction, pretending to be out of control and stops the pushchair just short of the sofa. He leans over his wife and kisses her. long and passionately” - The Face, 1993