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Stop by Gagosian West 21st Street, NYC tomorrow, November 17—we will be open for 24 hours, starting at 10AM ET, to view Douglas Gordon’s “24 Hour Psycho Back and Forth and To and Fro” in its entirety.

Some of the highlighted moments of the film include: the infamous “Shower Scene,” at 8PM ET, which will play for 45 minutes, and again at 12AM ET; the mid-point, at 10PM ET, when both screens in the installation show the same scene. Don’t miss this rare opportunity! 
Image: “Douglas Gordon: back and forth and forth and back,” installation view at Gagosian West 21st Street, New York. Artwork © Studio lost but found/VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2017. “Psycho,” 1960, USA. Directed and Produced by Alfred Hitchcock. Distributed by Paramount Pictures © Universal City Studios.


Its here and its amazing!


Levi and Alex performing an acoustic version of Lost & Found near the Santa Monica pier. (via


A/N When I saw that Robbie Kay and Thomas Brodie-Sangster were in a movie together, I couldn’t get this idea out of my head so I hope it’s as good as I thought!

“Tommy!” you yelled when you saw your older brother. You accidentally knocked into another person who you briefly yelled out an apology.

You didn’t waste a second and hugged him in the middle of an airport. “Hey there, Y/N,” he chuckled, “You really missed me, didn’t you?”

Thomas caught you quickly when you fell into his arms and dramatically answered, “How could I not?

He rolled his eyes. “I’m really sorry, Y/N. I know we had plans to see more of Italy, but would it be alright if today we go to the set and tomorrow we go out?”

“That sound positively delightful,” you tried to act all mature.

“Now, come on,” Thomas teased, “You’re 12 and traveling to Italy by yourself. Stop growing up.” It was your turn to roll your eyes.

Your brother was in the new Pinocchio movie. He played a mean boy who led Pinocchio to the Land of Toys. That day, the scene was on a snowy street in front of a bakery with Thomas and the boy playing Pinocchio.

You wanted to laugh at how weird your brother looked. He playfully shoved you.

The people in charge said that you could stay if you didn’t disrupt anything so you sat quietly in a chair, watching your brother.

Filming started and the little boy with brown hair ran down the street, skidding to a stop in front of Thomas and the glass cabinet. You held in your laugh when the boy ran into the glass.

The boy smiled widely and exclaimed, “I was!” You weren’t entirely paying attention to the lines. Finally, the scene was over and Thomas came back to check on you. “Having fun?”

“You’re really good at being mean to that little boy,” You blurted out and a random lady cooed at you. It happened every 5 minutes because you looked younger than what you actually were.

Thomas laughed at that. “That little boy is your age, Y/N, though you both look like a couple years younger. Let me introduce you.” Ignoring your pleas to stop, he dragged you to the boy playing Pinocchio. “Hey, Robbie. This is my sister, Y/N,” Tommy introduced you, “She’s your age so I thought you’d like to hang out.”

Your face burned a bit, but Robbie smiled and nodded. Thomas left you alone and he stuck out his hand. “I’m Robbie Kay.”

“I’m Y/N Sangster,” you said with confidence.

“I didn’t know Thomas had a sister my age.” He looked at me, even leaning closer to examine me. “You look like you’re 9.”

“You look like you’re 8,” you stated. Robbie smiled a bit at that. You noted the accent. “Do you live in England?”

Your conversation was so random and fun that when Tommy said that it was time to head back to the hotel, both you and Robbie pouted. “Maybe you can come another day?” He suggested.

“I’m only staying for a few days and we have plans to see more of Italy,” you replied. Robbie huffed in disappointment. You both said goodbye and didn’t see each other for the whole trip.

You had such a blast in Italy with Tommy that you almost wanted to cry on the day you had to go back. “Hey,” he lifted your head, “I’ll be back really soon, ok?” You nodded. You couldn’t wait until he came back.

That changed when Thomas actually came back. He mostly teased you because Robbie kept on asking questions about you to Thomas. Your cheeks burned at that. Tommy never failed to mention the little crush you had on Robbie.

You stayed in England, doing movies and odd TV shows for almost five years, when you got a role in the United States. The part was for Once Upon A Time as Wendy Darling. You loved Peter Pan, but you loved the idea of an evil Peter Pan more.

The weather was hotter than you were really used to, but Thomas already warned you about it. You rarely saw him, but he phoned you once every so often and you’d tell him everything going on.

You almost got lost in the studios, but found yourself in some sort of conference room. A lot of people who were the constant cast were there. You were only a side character in a few episodes, but the writers required you.

The room seemed to be getting more crowded so you moved closer to the wall. There you saw a boy who looked a bit out of place as well. He seemed familiar, but you couldn’t place it.

The boy saw you looking and his eyes widened. “Y/N?” He came over. “Y/N Sangster?”

“Wait, give me a second,” You answered, looking at his face. The boy opened his mouth, but you shushed him. You wanted to figure it out. “I worked with your brother,” he gave you a clue.

All of the sudden, the boy from the Pinocchio set came to you. “Robbie Kay?” He nodded. Your cheeks burned since one of your childhood crush had actually gotten cuter. “No way. I used to be taller. What happened?”

Robbie smiled. “I grew up,” he asked, “But you look the same. What are you doing here?”

“I’m playing Wendy Darling,” you answered.

“I’m playing Peter Pan,” Robbie recalled, “I shouldn’t be surprised that you’re Wendy because, if I remember correctly, your favorite fairy tale is Peter Pan.”

“That would be correct and I think I see the connection,” you teasingly plotted, “You, after Pinocchio, wanted so badly to see me again that you assumed that I would be in some sort of Peter Pan tale. For about five years, you’ve been searching until you found this one. The rest is history.”

He feigned a shocked expression, “My master plan!” You both laughed at that. “So,” Robbie raised his arms, “What do you think? Do I still look 9?”

“No, you look 15 at most,” you stated, “Though I can’t really say anything.” You stared at him. “Your hair’s all thick now. I miss the bowl cut.”

Robbie insisted, “I think it looks better.”

“I think you’re correct,” you agreed, “I also think that filming just got so much better.”