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Levi and Alex performing an acoustic version of Lost & Found near the Santa Monica pier. (via


Robin Through The Motions - Chapter 5: Warm Welcome

Written by Eli Spear (@eli-the-writer-guy) and Lucy Lothian (@little-miss-kitt)

Illustrated by @chill-chinchilla

Did you miss us? Not to worry, here’s another chapter! Stay tuned for Chapter 6 (release date to be determined), and more updates about the comics and Lost & Found coming soon! Our first of several planned prequel novellas, Marked, should be available for purchase on Amazon by the end of this week, so if you want to know more about these characters and where they came from, keep an eye on our blog for more info!

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Robin Through the Motions - Chapter 1: Playdate

Written by Eli Spear (@eli-the-writer-guy) and Lucy Lothian (@little-miss-kitt)

Illustrated by Eunnie (@eunnieverse)

This is the first of hopefully many comics that will focus on Robin’s life before the current timeline of our upcoming animated series, Lost & Found. More information about the series can be found on this blog (@shelrockstudios), as well as concept art of some of the characters and settings.