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Into the Air Cast: Please don’t TDLR this and take a moment to read. I sprained my right ankle f*ck my life really?!?! I just was starting to feel better and getting back into shape NGFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
Story is: I was running late to Zumba at night and I was walking just about to enter the parking lot and some douche in his red car decides to whip around the corner. My reaction to him coming in my midstep I land on a super uneven part of the crosswalk turning on the lateral side of my foot and nearly fell. The guy stops right in front of me but doesnt ask if Im ok and just kept going like the asshole that he was. I didnt think too much of it because I thought I caught myself in time so I participated in Zumba but the right side of my foot was hurting real bad by the time it was over. Long story short once I got back to my dorm it was hurting a lot went to the hospital learned in was sprained. great…just great. If it’s something you don’t want to get, it’s a sprain…these things will seriously mess you up later if they don’t heal right. I am just thankful I wasn’t hit.

I took these pictures the day after the indecent so I can show the school how dangerous this crack is and I am working on getting a lawyer as well for my case.

Now I have a lot of medical bills from the hospital, the orthopedist, and the physical therapist that I need to at least help my mom try to pay off even if you don’t want a print anything helps. I’m just giving prints as a token of my thanks. The first 10 people who donate $20 or more will get to choose any one of my 11x17 prints and I will ship it to you free of charge. The first 5 people who donate $10 dollars can choose an 8.5x11 print. The first 5 people who donate $5 dollars will get a  Harley…Quinn mini 4.5x6

The watermark will not be on the print (obviously)

Please email me at to tell me what print you want and I will also disclose my paypal information there. It helps me keep track of who wants what.

Also if you see stuff like this at your school or facility tell a higher up and prevent accidents like this from happening. I am trying to reach 10,000 notes to show my school president that cracks like this are not alright Please reblog and share >u< I would greatly appreciate it

These new medical bills really put a damper on my cosplay and artwork supplies progress and I am not used to asking for help especially like this but please reblog for a fellow artist and cosplayer.Even if I can surpass this goal and hit $1000 that would be a blessing but I made it small because I’ve never done this before in my life and it’s a scary feeling to ask others for money. I thank you for your time.

Thank you for reading