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hi !!! can u help me stan Loona ???? I always see u reblog abt them it's just idk where to start!! how many members are there??


Okay so loona has not debuted yet, they’re set to debut in december this year.

They have this thing where each month BlockBerry Creative introduce one of the members to us, as well as release a solo song for that certain member and another song with the other introduced members. Each members have their MV shot in different countries and different animals!!!!!

So far, the introduced members are (in order):

October’s girl: Jeon Heejin
DOB: October 19, 2000
Position: Vocalist, Leader
- Scared of pigeons (this kid cried at the shooting set in Paris bc of this save her)
- Can play guitar
ViViD / ViViD (Acoustic Ver) / ViViD (Acoustic Live) / ViViD dance practice
Location: Paris | Animal: Rabbit

November’s girl: Kim Hyunjin
DOB: November 15, 2000
Position: Vocalist
- Can play piano
Around You / Around You (film ver.) / Around You (Acoustic Live)
I’ll Be There (ft. Heejin)
Location: Tokyo | Animal: Cat

December’s girl: Jo Haseul
DOB: August 18, 1997 (thats my birthday!!!!!!!)
Position: Vocalist
- Scared of pigeons
- Was in a lot of art related activities in school
- Can play guitar
Let Me In / LAYBACKSOUND’s The Starry Night (Haseul Acoustic cover)
Location: Iceland | Animal: Bird
The Carol (ft. Heejin & Hyunjin)
Location: London

January’s girl: Im Yeojin
DOB: November 11, 2002
Height: about 160cm / 4'11" (According to a fanacc)
Location: Taiwan

They have a series called LOONA TV where they upload a short (when i say short i really mean short theyre like 20 sec) video of them behind the scenes, traveling to the MV shooting locations and stuff on their Youtube channel

Honestly all of their stuff are so high quality and aesthetically pleasing, and they’re such talented sweet kids as well. 

I promise, if you check out just their solo mv’s you’ll be hooked. pls support my baby girls, anticipate their future members and debut!!!!

Bang Si Hyuk Talks About BTS And The Possibility Of Joining The US Market

BTS has risen in popularity immensely in recent times, breaking record after record with their second studio album “WINGS.” The group is the first K-pop group to make it as high as 26th on the Billboard 200 chart, not to mention their music show wins, accumulation of music video views in record time, and more.

In light of all the recent success, Big Hit Entertainment CEO Bang Si Hyuk spoke about why he thinks BTS has risen so quickly: “We strive for a combination of great performances, charismatic visuals, and creating globally trendy music that is easy for Westerners to listen to.”

He said, “Moreover, [BTS] tell their own stories through their music, something that is not often done in K-pop, and they’ve continuously been accessible to fans via global platforms like Twitter and YouTube.”

BTS’s strengths according to Bang Si Hyuk:

“A big thing BTS excels in is that all members participate in writing, composing, and producing music. Within the team, each member knows exactly what it is that he needs to do, and he does it perfectly.”

Despite all the success, and the solid foundation of teamwork, Bank Si Hyuk says BTS isn’t ready to tackle the U.S. market.

“A K-pop artist succeeding in Korea and getting noticed by the mainstream U.S. market because of the global scale of K-pop is completely different in every way from entering the U.S. market and competing with the mainstream artists there.”

Bang Si Hyuk continued, “BTS has strengths as K-pop artists, and they’ve made it to where they are now by playing to those strengths. Because of this, we will be focusing in BTS’s growth as K-pop artists in the future as well. During that process [of growth], if [BTS] surpasses that critical point and is able to not just be noticed by the U.S., but jump into that market, we would be so thankful, but I think actively preparing for the U.S. market would be biting off more than we can chew.”


I’m Fine....

Request: A series of Christmas scenarios for BTS. Here’s Yoongi pretending he’s fine so he doesn’t ruin your Christmas Eve.

Word Count: 2,019

Junk food, new pyjamas and Christmas films, that was what Christmas Eve always was to you and this year would be no exception. The only difference was who you were going to be spending it with. You weren’t spending it with your family like you had when you were a kid, you weren’t spending it alone like you had the last two years running, no, this year you were spending it with your boyfriend. Your boyfriend who you hadn’t seen enough of over the last month or so. He’d been constantly holed up in the studio working on his group’s upcoming album. But he’d promised you that morning that he’d be home in time for dinner and that you could watch Christmas films together on the sofa until you both fell asleep.

So when Yoongi made it home around dinner time like he’d promised you he would, you already had everything set up. There were plates piled high with food on the coffee table, a pile of Christmas DVDs in the middle of it all and your favourite blanket was folded up on the arm of the sofa just in case you needed it.

“Hi!” You’d chirped excitedly and leaving him to take his coat and shoes off you’d run for your room to grab the pyjamas you’d bought him. Flannel bottoms with a tartan print, a long-sleeved red shirt sporting a picture of a happy looking dog in a Santa hat. They weren’t really Yoongi’s style but you’d thought they were cute. And hey, it was Christmas, it was about time he got into the spirit of things.

“Here.” You’d said when you returned to the living room, shoving the pyjamas into his arms. “Wash up and put those on. Then we’ll eat.”

Yoongi had looked at the pyjamas in his arms and then back up at you. “Sure.” He’d said, flashing you a wan looking smile and he’d headed for the bathroom.

You should have known right then that something was up you decided as you looked over at Yoongi who was now pyjama clad and curled up in the corner of the sofa, your favourite Pokemon blanket wrapped around him. You’d been expecting him to argue with you some before giving in and wearing them but he hadn’t even rolled his eyes at your choice of sleepwear.

He’d been incredibly quiet too. He’d barely said a word to you since he’d come home. He’d agreed with you that you should watch The Polar Express first and that was about it. At first you’d put it down to him being tired, he’d been working incredibly hard lately and he got quiet when he was tired but then you realised he wasn’t eating either. Tired or not Yoongi usually had an impressive appetite, that’s why you’d prepared so much food. But he’d barely touched what was in front of him. When he’d first sat down he’d helped himself to a slice of pizza but half an hour later and that was sitting half eaten on his plate and he hadn’t reached for anything else.

Unless he was just so into the film he’d forgotten about the food. You didn’t think it was very likely, but you guessed anything was possible. You picked up a cookie and held it out to him.

It took Yoongi a moment or two to notice that you were offering him dessert but when he did he shook his head. “You eat it.” He told you, pulling his blanket more tightly around him.

“Okay.” You said, but you didn’t eat it, you put it back on the table instead. You weren’t a fan of them, you’d only bought them because Yoongi liked them and now he was refusing to eat them, it was weird. The blanket thing was a little weird too. You didn’t think it was that cold. And if he was feeling cold then why wasn’t he sitting closer to you so he could share your body heat? Why had he made himself some sort of cocoon in the corner of the sofa?


“Are you feeling okay?” you asked.

“Um…” Yoongi said, looking slightly startled, “… yeah. I feel fine.”

“Are you sure?” He didn’t sound sure.

“I’m sure.” He confirmed.

He was keeping his answers short you noticed. He’d said enough though for you to realise his voice sounded hoarse. Add that to his lack of appetite and his need to keep warm and it didn’t take a genius to work out that he wasn’t feeling fine at all. And you were about to tell him so.

But before you could he sneezed so loudly and so violently that the sofa shook. “Yeah…” you said slowly, “… you sound fine.”

“Allergies.” He immediately argued.

“What allergies?” Sometimes he got a little sneezy in the summer but it definitely wasn’t summer.

Yoongi thought about it for a second before settling on “Dust.”

“Dust?” you echoed. You frowned in annoyance and shoved his thigh with your foot. “I spent all of this morning cleaning.”

“Ow.” Yoongi groaned, a little over-dramatically in your opinion. You hadn’t kicked him that hard. And then he sneezed again.

You shook your head. “If you’re feeling ill you can just say so.” You told him. “Keeping it to yourself isn’t going to help.”

“I told you, I’m fine.” Yoongi protested, clearly disgruntled, his forehead wrinkling and his eyes narrowing. You might have believed him if he didn’t follow it up by trying to clear his throat only for it to bring on a mini coughing fit. When he finally got his breath back he looked over and caught your raised eyebrows. “Something got stuck in my throat.” He explained.

Yeah, phlegm from his cold probably you thought with a sigh. You shuffled across the couch to sit next to him and raised your hand to his forehead.

Yoongi’s frown deepened and he flapped half-heartedly at your raised hand trying to get you to stop but when you batted him away he quickly gave up, letting you push his hair back from his forehead. “You’re all clammy.” You informed him. Now you were sitting closer to him you could see that there was faint sheen to his skin. The room was warm but it really wasn’t warm enough to have him sweating.

“So I’m sweaty and gross.” Yoongi grumbled, pushing your hand away. “Thanks for letting me know. It’s the pyjamas, they’re making me cook. Now can we just get back to the film?”

If his pyjamas were making him feel too hot that begged the question, why was he wrapped in a blanket? But you didn’t argue. It was the most he’d said to you since he’d come home and from how scratchy his voice sounded you knew his throat must be killing him, you could let him off just this once. So you didn’t say anything, instead you put one hand on his shoulder and slid the other down the back of his neck and under the collar of his pyjama top.

“Hey!” He protested, squirming as you tried to gage his temperature.

His back felt like a furnace you decided, taking your hand back. So, fever could be added to his list of symptoms. “Why can’t you just admit that you feel like crap?” you asked him, exasperation starting to show in your voice. Why was he pretending to be fine when he obviously felt horrible?

Yoongi just looked at you for a second, a slight frown on his face and you thought for a moment that he was going to break and admit he was ill but then his expression cleared and he shook his head. “I’m fine.” He told you again. “We’re going to eat and watch films and fall asleep together, just like we planned.”

And that was it you realised. He knew how much you’d been looking forward to this evening, he didn’t want to ruin that for you by admitting he was ill. It was sort of sweet. But it was also sort of stupid. You shook your head. “You’re an idiot.” You informed him.

“You’re an idiot.” He groused, curling in on himself all the more.

His lame comeback only confirmed to you that he must truly be feeling terrible. “Yoongi…” you pleaded, wishing he’d just see sense, “… if you really aren’t feeling well you can say so. I don’t mind if you want to go to bed and sleep it off. We can always do this another day.”

“No we can’t.” he argued. “It won’t be Christmas Eve again for another year.”

Okay, so he had a point there. You’d gone on and on about this being a Christmas Eve tradition for you. But as important as that was to you it wasn’t more important to you than your boyfriend’s health. And then you realised something. He hadn’t added an ‘I’m fine’ this time. Maybe that was his way of finally admitting he felt ill. “If I know you’re feeling bad then I won’t be able to enjoy myself, will I?” You reasoned. “Just go to bed. You’ll feel better after some sleep.”

“I don’t want to go to bed.” He argued. Assuming he was going to try convince you he felt fine again you opened your mouth to protest but Yoongi surprised you and kept talking. “That means moving and moving hurts.”

“Oh.” you said, brow furrowing in concern. “Where does it hurt?”

“Everywhere.” Yoongi told you sounding thoroughly miserable. “I could ignore it when I was working but now I’m home… I don’t know… I’m just aching all over.”

“So you’re feeling achy and cold?” you asked him, eyes going back to the pokemon blanket around his shoulders.

He nodded. “I can’t stop shivering.”

Mind made up you shuffled back to your end of the couch.

“Good idea.” Yoongi told you. “You don’t want to catch my germs.”

You fought the urge to roll your eyes. For someone so smart he could be really stupid sometimes. You grabbed a cushion from the armchair beside you and placed it on your lap. “Lie down.” You ordered.

“And make you ill too?” Yoongi shook his head. “No. I’ll stay over here.”

“You’ve already coughed all over me.” You reminded him. “If I was going to catch anything I’d have caught it already.”

“I’d rather not risk it.” Yoongi insisted.

“Lie down.” You said again as you pulled him towards you. Yes he could be stubborn but so could you.

And Yoongi gave in, letting you pull him down onto the cushion. He really must be feeling ill you thought as you pulled the pokemon blanket up so it was covering him more fully. Arguments with Yoongi could last days and this one had lasted all of thirty seconds. You combed your fingers through his hair. Considering the amount of times he’d dyed it, it always surprised you how soft it was.

With each brush of your fingers through his hair you could see Yoongi’s eyelids getting heavier. He was trying to force them to stay open, you could tell, but he wasn’t having much luck. It was kind of adorable.  

As you contemplated how endearing he was when he got sleepy your fingers slowed to a stop. Yoongi, unimpressed, frowned and nudged at your hand with his head. He was acting like a cat that wanted to be petted you thought unable to help smiling, for someone who claimed he hated acting cute he was pretty good at it. With a slight shake of your head at his behaviour you began massaging his scalp with your fingertips.

With a satisfied sigh Yoongi relaxed, his eyes drifting closed.

Looking after your sick boyfriend wasn’t how you’d planned to spend your Christmas Eve but it could have been worse you decided. He might be full of the cold and falling asleep less than an hour into the first film you’d put on but at least you were together. And he was letting you look after him. Yoongi being as stubborn as he was that was something you appreciated too.

Hands Off - Pt. 2

Pt. 2 of Hands Off

Pt 1.

Genre: Smut

You all thanked the guys and the staff as you left the set. Everyone was buzzing with energy and excitement, especially you.

You sat in the car and wondered how you could further use Jaebum’s jealousy to your advantage.

When you pulled back up to the studio your group asked if you wanted to get a drink to celebrate.

“Ah, I really can’t. We will celebrate soon, though!” you said anxiously as you began to walk back to the dorms. There was no way you were going to miss Jaebum taking all of his rage out on you.

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Multi Fandom Groupcaht

A great opportunity to make some new internet friends!
Just send me a message with your
•Which 2 platforms work best for you (iMessage, WhatsApp, GroupMe, or Kik)
•At least 3 or more of the fandoms you are in

Requirements : 
MUST Be in at least 3 or more of these fandoms
MUST be between ages 15-20 years old
*The platform for the groupchat will be determined based on how many people join it’ll most likely be iMessage, whatsapp, groupme, or kik*

TV Shows and Movies:
•Teen Wolf        •Supernatural     •Stranger Things   •American Horror Story
•Marvel     •Studio Ghibli Films    •Disney    •X-Men Series

•One Direction    •5 Seconds of Summer   •Little Mix
•Ed Sheeran   •Shawn Mendes     •Troye Sivan
•Panic!    •Twenty One Pilots

•Tom Holland    •Connor Franta    •Dan and Phil
•The Mortal Instruments Series  •Anything dystopian or Sci-Fi