studio ghibli reference


Studio Ghibli References in Other Movies and Tv Shows HD

List of other media: Steven universe, gravity falls, bee and puppycat, we bare bears, bob’s burgers,  south park, the powerpuff girls, kare kano, toy story 3, drawn together, american dad, the amazing world of gumball, good luck girl, angel beats, the simpsons

slytherin aesthetic

late nights at the cinema
James dean
dead flowers is a vase
the smell of sharpies
the smell of honey
collecting pins
green tea
black and white films
organised clutter
string instruments
old poetry/especially walt whitman
the 1975
Amy winehouse
arctic monkeys
black coffee
shelves full of books
cracking bones
kanken bags
tiny hidden tattoos
the sound of rain
studio ghibli
giving great advice
references to their favourite books and films
too many pillows
john green books
house plants
paint stained desk
keeping the things they love most wholeheartedly to themselves
record players
so many vinyls
not assuming anyone’s pronouns
being nice

Animation Exercise #7: Weather This!

By popular demand, Animation Exercises is back!!! I am excited for your interest in this event, and it will be amazing to see what you will create! 

Every now and then, animation has to be done in the background or in the foreground that deals with weather and special effects. Water, Fire, Wind, Rock, so on and so on. 

For this exercise, let’s see you animate a special effects action. It can be raining, snowing, lava erupting from a volcano, even a flag or a cape blowing in the wind. What will not be permitted this time is a character being animated. Characters are great, and we will return to characters, we do want to see how you would animate special effects. 

Now I will say this: Explosions are fine, but please, do not animate something (like a church, organization, politician or a controversial figure, etc.) being blown up. I will not accept or showcase your animation if you do. If you have any questions on that, feel free to ask, and I answer to help you out. Let’s try to make it non political/controversial as possible please. 

You like to see a wonderful example of special effects animation, you can reference Studio Ghibli, Avatar: The Last Airbender, or even Animator Cookiefication! You can also check this blog’s special effects tag to see some other great examples of special effects animation for inspiration and reference (some will have characters animated along with the special effects animation). 

Well, enjoy the challenge, and looking forward to seeing your works soon! 


Disclaimer: We do ask that you keep the animation age appropriate and not vulgar. No hate speech, religion bashing, or anything sexual. We do not want to decline a submission due to an animation that showcases the things we request not to have. Thank you in advance.


What This Exercise Will Help You With: All 12 Principles of Animation

Due Date: August 3.


To submit, please inform us that you have completed using our Ask Page.

For information about rules and submitting, please visit the Guidelines Page.


Can’t pick an image for my mobile cover photo. What do you think?

These can also be used for background images.

I don’t own any of the images.

Featuring scenes from:

Garden of Words

My Neighbor Totoro

Princess Mononoke

5 Centimeters per Second

The Wind Rises


How many Ghibli movie references can you find in this clip?