studio ghibli confessions

“Even though When Marnie Was There disappointed in the lesbian representation section, it is definitely one of my most favourite Ghibli movies. With Anna Sasaki the studio gave me one of the most relatable characters in anime. I just understand her struggles so well it hurts. I rarely cry watching anime, but at the end of this movie I was hysterically sobbing.”

I hope Disney/DreamWorks/Pixar are gonna make more movies like Brave, Rise Of The Guardians, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Princess, and the Frog, Hotel Transylvania, Wreck-It Ralph, and Epic. I also hope Studio Ghibli makes more amazing movies, too(And the “Strong Female Protagonist” vibe it sends off). They give out a good message to people I think, so I really hope they make more movies like them.