sometimes you have to fight for the things that are worth fighting for.

a print i made celebrating (most of) the wonderful heroines from studio ghibli (+nausicaa) films. i love them all so much for everything they’ve taught me and helped me get through over the years and i wanted to do something to put that down on paper. you’ll be able to get this this weekend at san japan, artist alley table b209!

Studio Ghibli drinking game

- There’s a cat or cat-like animal (1x per cat per scene)
- Someone mentions spirits
- The food looks AMAZING
- “Ah! The rain has stopped!” (Finish drink)
- Environmentalism
- Someone summarizes the moral of the film (Finish drink)
- Giant tears
- Youth is fleeting/adulthood is the worst
- Flying scene (2 drinks)

NOTE: if you’re watching The Cat Returns, I don’t want you to actually die so replace rule #1 with “The Cat King speaks”