Undeniably one of the most marvellous and magical films of all time. I’m honestly so blown away. I’m so glad it made history the year it got released. Not only it is the highest grossing film in Japanese History but it is also the first Japanese animated film to win the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. Indeed a universally acclaimed film thanks to its brilliant director, Hayao Miyazaki, a cultural paragon, an iconic figure and one of the founders of Studio Ghibli. Also thanks to Walt Disney Studios for making it accessible to Anglophones which in turn catapulted the film to great heights and making history.

Spirited Away possesses an extremely gripping and unique plot which keeps you intrigued and excited from beginning to end like an adventure. Unpredictable as it is filled with many pleasant surprises and plot twists. Entertaining dialogue and very interesting and lovely characters. Aesthetically pleasing animation. The moral lessons, wisdom, and themes from this movie are indeed universal such as love, adolescence, care for nature, appreciation, selflessness and so many more. I reckon all of the important and core values of life can be learned from this movie! Honestly, one of the most significant films you must see in your lifetime. Spirited Away is Perfection and Flawless. Definitely a masterpiece by the wonderful Studio Ghibli.

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