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This or That - Walt Disney Studios or Studio Ghibli - for petcanadian

Eazy E Memory #6

Julio G said that one year on his birthday that Eazy took him and his daughter to Arcadia Mall. He didn’t want Eazy knowing it was his birthday, so he told him that he was gonna go to the mall and buy his daughter some stuff. Eazy decided that since he was around the corner from where Julio was that he wanted to tag along with them. When they finally made it to the mall, Julio’s daughter wanted to go into a Disney store. While Julio was buying something at the cash register, Eazy and his daughter were walking around; Eazy ended up spending $600 on his daughter. Then when they went back to the studio, he spent at least an hour coloring with her on the floor.


went art supply shopping at Michaels and when I was at the cashier, the cashier told me, “you got a lot of copics” so I said yea and I told her that I was planning on using it for my art project. (the copics were on sale for $5.59 and they were 20% off if you got 3 or more. if it wasn’t on sale, it would’ve cost me $88.)