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Hi!! I always admired your art skills. If it's not too much trouble can you draw South Korea if you haven't yet? I always wanted to see him in actual studio deen style and lately I was feeling depressed so it'll make my day!

Don’t be depressed! Here you go, have some South Korea offering you a flower :’3
The idea is (obviously) based on the many many ‘offering you a flower’-chibis because they are so cute //shot
((By the way it’s transparent so you can use it if you want to ^u^))

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Are you saying his face isn't cute? He probably will have the old studio deen chicken legs too lol.

I can’t say that (to me) he looked better in the old Studio Deen style lol.

Most definitely he’ll have those legs. If America’s doll is anything to go by he might get those baby hands, too.

I didn’t even notice them until someone pointed it out to me and now I can’t un-see them. I mean, at least they’re not Yaoi hands.


Okay, if we all ignore the fact that this is just crappy drawn fanart stuff it might actually be helpful! :’3

Click on the pictures for a better view or open them in a new window.
Since I already made a tutorial on “How to draw in the Hetalia Studio Deen Style” and “How to draw bodies (in the Hetalia Studio Deen Style(?))” I thought it might be helpful if I show you the differences between the “Himaruya Style” and the “Studio Deen Style”!
I hope this is helful for you guys and I hope you can read everything ^^;

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I dont get why a lot of people think the characters looked so ugly in the first 4 seasons? I mean yeah the animation was plain, but the characters themselves were pretty cute. It gets better in beautiful world though

Probably because Studio Deen kept the same style even when Hima’s art began to improve to look more like it does now. And when people began simultaneously watching that style with Hima’s actual style they were like “????? the fudge is this crap???“

Honestly, though. I think it’s just a fandom joke to do so because of the terrible graphic design Studio Deen had with the official Anime art. The Anime was okay to me, but that art…it’s so weird. Bending limbs, no proper anatomy, failure to  take proportions into account - just a big mess. Nothing looked natural.

And in the Anime art you have no choice but to stare at the weird parts and realize how weird it really is.

Like what the heck is Chibi Romano floating? Why is his head so big? And America’s neck is broken I know that for a FACT. Spain and England have the same frickin’ face meanwhile America lost his soul wishing to be as big as England but only his head made it. And the SHADING ughhh and the ends of their clothes do this wriggly worm thing that annoys the living hell out of me. Basically all the questionable things with Hima’s old art rolled into one Anime art style

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