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(Mizar & the Monster Academy: Twin Souls)

The first game to be put together by us here at Ace of Spades Studios is a fangame for the lovely @transcendence-au! And by us, I mean me. And by me, I mean @thesleepiestsheepy (why it won’t let me mention myself I have NO idea).

At the moment the plan is for me to do all the art, coding, music, and so on for this little fangame. I have all of the routes plotted out and all–bad ends included–so I’ve just gotta give it the good ol’ college try!

After this, I plan to simultaneously work on a pixel-art game I’ve been developing for quite some time called Penance in Perdition and a visual novel dating sim called Bloodstone and Cemeteries. I’ll decide on which one to focus on later in development based on which one hits development hell first. I’m guessing it depends on my interests at the time. I’m not really sure.

Anyway, I’d like to expand the studio a bit (mainly cause I don’t think I can do all this on my own) so if you have any sort of art or music skills, hit me up! (Especially detailed CG backgrounds and animation.)

(If you have coding skills hit me up as well. I may have most of that covered but that doesn’t mean I can’t use a little bit of help now and then. Especially with UI design. …I’m having some trouble grasping Python at the moment…)