studio 112

Reine Natanson (c.1913-1914). Édouard Vuillard (French, 1868-1940). Distemper on canvas.

In 1909, Vuillard began renting a large studio at 112, boulevard Malesherbes, geographically close to Thadée Natanson who lived a block away on rue de Laborde, and who had earlier been painted by Vuillard. Here Natanson’s second wife, Reine, was painted by Vuillard as she reads at a window.


“Custom” bikes are fun and all, but they tend to be boring and not very challenging. 

Re-paints however, are what make me excited to paint!  If the customer is open to anything and will let me design them a paint scheme, I always pull out all the stops… For example, here is a re-painted Bianchi.  The client and I worked the scheme out over a couple of months and I have to admit, I think it came out F'ing baller!

It is my hope that by doing projects like this, I will convince more people to go for the paint schemes that they’ve always wanted.