studio 112

Reine Natanson (c.1913-1914). Édouard Vuillard (French, 1868-1940). Distemper on canvas.

In 1909, Vuillard began renting a large studio at 112, boulevard Malesherbes, geographically close to Thadée Natanson who lived a block away on rue de Laborde, and who had earlier been painted by Vuillard. Here Natanson’s second wife, Reine, was painted by Vuillard as she reads at a window.


“Custom” bikes are fun and all, but they tend to be boring and not very challenging. 

Re-paints however, are what make me excited to paint!  If the customer is open to anything and will let me design them a paint scheme, I always pull out all the stops… For example, here is a re-painted Bianchi.  The client and I worked the scheme out over a couple of months and I have to admit, I think it came out F'ing baller!

It is my hope that by doing projects like this, I will convince more people to go for the paint schemes that they’ve always wanted.


Here are few more detail pics from the amazing dual pull brake lever that Podium made for me.  Did I mention that I play polo and this is for my polo bike? 

Features include but are not limited to…

-barrel adjusted front and rear brakes

-ability to detach one brake a.k.a I can run a larger gear in the back, move my wheel in the drops, detach my rear brake and still have a functioning front

-super simple modification of an easily purchasable brake lever.  If the lever breaks, I can buy an new one at virtually any shop and swap over the custom made hardware

-SICK two color fade!

Thanks Podium!!!!!!!!!