Took the week off after tour to catch up on sleep and get back to normal life. While on the road I realized just how much my 4 track was on its last leg and now I’m back in the studio testing out a new one. It doesn’t quite sound the same and I’m wondering if part of my sound came from using such a busted ass 4 track… 🤔

  Hello everybody!! I’ve been away for a long long time from Tumblr.
Many things have happened in my life since my last login here.
I will try to inform you in few words without tiring you.
  So, in these months that I have been away, my life has changed soo much. I’ve been through the most difficult situations that I have ever lived. I don’t feel still free to talk about them. But at least I can say that now those situations have passed and even that they still hurt, I can move on free without them.
  I prefer to talk now only about good things. First of all, I finally made it and now I am an official Psychology student!!! I am very proud of myself cause it was very hard to get in!! We were almost 500 people that participated in the exams and in the end only 18 made it!! I was one of the 18 that succeeded!!! Now I live the student life for the second time in my life to the fullest! I am very happy and excited because I truly loooove psychology and what I am learning!!!
Also in the months of my absence I participated in a great project that helped me a lot to be a better photographer! I love taking photos! But till December I didn’t take it so serious. In December I took for everyday a photo of Lydia Plain for her project on Patreon! It was a great+difficult project and I enjoyed every single photo-shoot! Lydia is an amazing artist and creative!! I didn’t know how much creative I also could be with her!! It is true!! Beautiful people make you do beautiful things!! I can be very hard with me, and I criticize me like noone does, but these 31 photos are a really piece of art!! Check them out here: Go to the photos of December!! The black&white pictures and let me know what you think!!! Also, I would be more than happy if you supported Lydia Plain on her patreon page:
She deserves it!!!! :)
  I want to thank all of you that cared for me and sent me your thoughtful messages all this time!!! I really needed your thoughts!! And I felt so nice reading your words. It is true that in your most difficult time people that you don’t expect disappear from your life, and people you don’t expect are near you!! And with only a phrase “I want you to be fine” help you so much.. And they don’t even know it!! Thank you !!!! Thank you so much!!! <3
  I won’t be away from now on!! I can’t wait to come in your blogs and see what are you doing all this time!!!
  For now: I give you all a big big hug!!!
  Alma from Athens!!


I have officially finished my new “Offworld” album. To celebrate, I whipped this patch together tonight & named it “a short brain reset in between albums – hopefully it works”. //_^) #production #studio #eurorack #modular #beats #synth

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