Kris Wu Global Fanclub Official Weibo Update 160930

#KrisWu# November 6, 2016, our Young Master @Mr_凡先生’s 26th birthday is fast approaching. The fanclub will like to collect all of the world’s Meigenis’ blessings into a birthday video, using your lens to record what you want to say to him. 

You can choose the most unique landmarks, you can use your warmest words, but please do not edit the video and ideally have it be a minute long or less. After screening and selecting, they will appear on that special day.

Send the video to: fanfanbirthday@qq.com

Deadline of submission: October 20, 2016


Those moments you see in a ray of light and feel the urge to immortalize. by Jordi Calvera
Via Flickr:
Self-portrait series. Day 15

30/09/16 || I can’t believe today is the last day of Semptember, it’s crazy how time flies, I know I say this every single month but it always amazes me. September is one of my favourite months in the year and I’m quite sad it’s over, probably also because this means my holidays are over and my uni routine starts again this Monday.

Anyway, this morning I organized my planner a little bit better, wrote down some appointments and stuff that I need to do.

I also started studying my theology notes, I can’t believe I’m already back into studying. I had to do around 10 pages and a couple of pages of the materials that the professor gave us.