Attached studio in St. Konrad (property of Lydia Roppolt)
Oberwang, Oberösterreich, Austria; 1967

Eva Mang, Karl Mang
(photographs by Lucca Chmel)

see map | about the architects 1, 2

via “Informes de la Construcción: Volume 21, 209" (1969)


A beat with A. Linn.

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29/08/16 || I’ve done a little bit of revision today, I’m feeling ok, quite tired and nervous but I guess it’s quite normal since my exam is just in three days. I can’t wait to be free. Also I was thinking of planning some posts, like masterposts or routines or something for the next month when I’m probably not gonna study, so if there’s anything you want to see just let me know 💕

Snow Villiers - Final Fantasy XIII
“ Snow’s reaching the limit break! ”

As you may have already read on internet from my brother Elffi there were some complications with the next week’s convention in Perù and there are big chances that I won’t be able to attend the event. Tomorrow I will write what’s going on and what I’ve going through these days, so stay tuned and share!

That’s what I call reaching the limit break!
Love! <3

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