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The Artist’s Studio. James Clark (English, 1858-1943). Oil on canvas. Laing Art Gallery.

The painter as well as his model appear to be on a short break. The painter’s palette and brushes have not been cleaned and are ready for the artist to start again. The model, draped in a red covering that bring ones eyes to her, rests while viewing a figurine.

Located in the high desert of California, explores art making in extraterrestrial conditions

Constructed from standard lumber dimensions inward to minimize waste, this 8 foot cube reimagines usage by defining separate spaces for storage and sleeping. Built on a 5-acre plot outside of Joshua Tree, this building acts as the bedroom in a collection of satellite structures across the property. It is the first major build of an up and coming art community: @marstation  

Design/Build: Andrew DeVecchio / @aedwardd

Photo: Jen Zakur / @jenzed


Artist Cein Watson / @cein_ is building (solo!) a collection of off-grid buildings as large-scale sculpture on 22-acres in an unnamed valley in Southwestern Vermont

The treehouse / drawing studio was built over the course of a year. Finished with a shiplap exterior. The ladder, set in 400 lbs of concrete, acts as a support. Extra supports were added as 70 mph winds often gust through the valley.

The Library (in-progress) is inspired by a drawing series based on Bruno Taut’s “Alpine Architecture” — with many crystalline angles that double as storage. To be installed is a large window facing the valley, and sided in maple, milled on-site with an Alaskan mill.

Watson builds custom furniture / @thisriddle_ and displays for museums, galleries and artists in New York and New England.

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Hayao Miyazaki reveals name of next film.

World-renowned legend, Hayao Miyazaki, has renamed his last film as ‘Kimitachi wa Dou Ikiru ka,’ which translates to ‘How do you live?’. The film is speculated to be finished by 2021, as opposed to the original 2020 release.