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Hi! I wanted to do a intro but I couldn’t find how so here I am, finally I know how :)


  • NAME: My name is María José but I prefer  “María”
  • AGE: I’m 22 years old
  • COUNTRY: México (You should come I consider it is one of the most beautiful ones in the world… Sorry I just like being mexican.)
  • BOOKS: I love reading novels but I accept any new kind of books that you suggest. My favorite author is “Isabel Allende” and my favorite book is “gone with the wind”. Also I’m planning to write a little comment of the books I had read in the part of my blog that says “my reading”


Well recently I payed more attention to tumblr and I found posts about studying and it was funny because ussually when I found them I was studying and it made me feel more inspired to continue sudying so I guess that’s why one day I made this blog that doesn’t have a lot of time (maybe a few months)

Also I would like to point out that I’m at medical school and one of my future goal is to be a good doctor maybe a neurologist or a infectologist, I’m not sure.

So, please If you read this give me a like a reblog and a follow or a message I would like to know you and willing to be open to new suggestions to my blog (currently I’m trying to change my theme but I can’t find any, any help will be welcome :D)

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New studio is go! Huge thanks to Bon Volks studio in Margate, my new home from home. Now to draw some comic books. #comics #comicbooks #art #rufusdayglo #petermilligan #domregan #counterfeitgirl #judgedredd #bladerunner #scifi #tankgirl #2000ad #studio #margate #bonvolks #welovemargate #wlm

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My allergies are bothering me but I cant get up and blow my nose because sweetP is cuddled on me and I cant leave??? I’m trapped by cuddles. Today was a nice day. I wish it was longer. But it was good.

I slept okay last night. I got up at 9 and showered, washed my hair and stuff. I decided I would clean my apartment tomorrow morning so I just laid around while my hair dried. Eventually I made an omelet. It came out perfect and I was in a very good mood.

My plan for the day was to deinstall my sculpture and paint my bike and do anything else in the studio that sparked inspiration. I left here and walked to my studio.

Deinstalling took about an hour. It was very messy because I had all that plaster on the floor. But it went fine overall. I didn’t break anything and I didn’t hurt myself.

It was really quiet in the building so I set up some paper to try out some more music box painting. But I think I need to get some new ones because they are getting really overwound or gummed up and aren’t working as well anymore. But I did get a full video. Until my camera died. I hadn’t charged the batteries in a while I guess. So I plugged them in and went to my next thing project.

I wanted to make sure my chain was on correct, since I had taken it apart yesterday, so I rode it around the hallways for a minutes. Everything seemed fine so I packed up my bag and headed to main campus.

It really was beautiful today. Just perfect weather and a lovely fall day.

I got to the school and worked on painting my bike. I did another 2 coats of color and a coat of clear. I was there for about a half hour so I could get the layers good and then moved my bike off to the side and headed out.

I took the bus down to the craft store and found some awesome diorama trees on sale and the gold lace tape I wanted. I got the last pack of that as well so that was exciting. I also picked up a new pair of fleece tights, a hair clip (to replace the one I broke yesterday), and a bag of candy for Halloween. I missed the bus so I had to wait for a bit but I had a book with me so it was all good. Plus like I said it was beautiful out.

When I got back to the school my bike was dry enough to ride back to my studio. When I got there I worked on adding the pretty lacey tape I got. But the first roll didn’t separate as much as I was planning so its not lacy all over? But I’m still so pleased. It looks so beautiful. Once I was done I made Jacob come in and look and he said it was beautiful. Sam said it looks like a garden snake. But I think it looks so feminine and Celtic and I love it. I’m so excited.

Once I finished up with that I headed home. I made myself a really good salad. I watched some tv. I read for a bit. I just tried to chill. I worked on my thesis. Setting up my outline and typing up quotes from my scans. I worked on that for a few hours and then headed back out. Just for a few minutes to get kitty litter and cream cheese and a lemon.

I came home and baked some raspberry cream cheese pastries. I fixed up my nail polish again. Because I keep chipping it. But its fine. sweetP is pissing me off a bit today. He’s been just constantly in my face and my allergies are bothering me and I just need to type but he keeps stepping on my keyboard and I am just annoyed with him. Whatever. I know he just wants attention.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to clean and go to ballet and then go to my studio. I’m also hoping to spend a few hours in the library writing. My first draft of my thesis is due in 3 weeks. So I really need to just get started writing. I’m thinking I’ll start with the artists I’m writing about. Tomorrow I will get at least 2 of those done I hope.

Now I’m going to try to deal with this stupid head ache I got and get some rest. I hope you all have a good night and have good dreams.