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Elle can you give me the rundown for someone who wants to live a really long life? My goal is to live 130 years upward. I’ve experimented with living foods and things like that for ten years and my eating habits are really good (raw, vegan, organic etc.), but I really feel like I’m missing something big. Would you mind offering a few suggestions outside of the range of just going vegan? Thank you so much!!

Ah you’ve taken a huge step with the living foods! This process will be much easier because of those choices you are making! Thank you for loving yourself so much! =) The idea we have here is that an individual who can restore their DHEA and calcitonin levels, lower free radicals, and live with good habits can easily live to 140 years and beyond. Studies regarding depression and aging have reported that 90% of  individuals are deficient in magnesium. Magnesium chloride is best absorbed through the skin rather than orally. Suggestion number one is to get magnesium flakes for your bath water or to find some other topical version that is reputable. Almost all depressed people are deficient in 1-7 amino acids and 86% are deficient in taurine (an extremely important amino acid). Taurine works synergistically with magnesium to maintain electrical charge on cells. Those are a few things to look into.

Something that I regularly engage in is pyramid Matrix therapy with programmed crystals. I go into a small room with copper on the lower walls and a copper pyramid above with quartz at the top of the pyramid. The copper pyramid is activated by a Tesla coil attached to the copper tubing (If you can’t do the Tesla coil thing it’s okay! Just get yourself a copper pyramid for the house and attach a crystal quartz to it). Sitting in a pyramid of this nature has a huge success rate in healing depression, cancer, neurological disorders, back pain, and hundreds of other ailments. Part of the healing process is to clear the quartz crystal by briefly passing it through a flame and then to blow on it 3 times with the perfect visualization of the healing goal in mind. Healing is never ONLY physically focused. All physical ailments have roots in the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Certain cancers arise from resistance to forgiveness (just as an example).

I mentioned DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) above because it is the most important hormone in the body and the most relevant in terms of concentration, which decreases from the age of twenty-five on. Stimulating acupuncture points that connect the kidneys with the gonads, with the thyroid, adrenals, and the pituitary through a window of sky acupuncture point will increase DHEA. There are certain circuits we can stimulate that open the Crystological heart, stimulate holographic thinking, and regenerate the physical body. Awakening these circuits can help one detach from the body while remaining alert, control water and potassium metabolism, and raise calcitonin up to several hundred percent. Calcitonin is a thyroid hormone that is a key contributor for depositing calcium in the bone. A particular circuit called “The Ring of Crystal” reduces free radicals by an average of 85% after being stimulated for only three to five days.

This leads me to the regrowth of telomeres (tips of DNA). I have made several healing elixirs which prompt and assist telomere regrowth, but the copper pyramid has by far been the most effective therapy I have ever experienced when discussing the idea of DNA repair. Pyramid therapy is something to explore all on its own- when it is combined with crystals, intention, and self-made elixirs, it is even more powerful. Telomeres are the keys to health and longevity. They usually shrink by one percent every year of life, starting at birth. People who choose bad habits such as drinking, smoking, other substance abuse, negative thinking, and bad eating habits experience shrinkage at a much faster rate. Using the pyramid therapy suggested above (with the Tesla coil) can regrow telomeres at a rate of (at least) 3% within a year. There are mats you can use while you are sleeping that do the exact same thing. I think the regrowth rate for the mats is about 2.6% per year. You can undo almost 3 years of telomere damage within a year! I highly recommend that everyone invest in a copper pyramid. You can buy pre-packaged ones online that you put together with instructions… or you can buy your own copper tubing and put it together yourself. However, if someone is on a limited budget and has to save up for a couple of months, just remember that the power of Intention* is something that is always available to everyone. Programming a quartz crystal and using your own intention (along with the obvious healthy eating and living habits) is a very powerful healer.

I would advise you to look into Norm Shealy’s work! I was able to meet him once and much of this information is what I gleaned from his many writings and research papers!

My last suggestion is to up your intake of Vitamin C until you are taking 10,000 mg per day… along with MSM. Taking 10,000 mg of Vitamin C per day is what the average person needs just to detoxify the body and maintain satisfactory functioning levels. If you eat McDonald’s every day though and take the Vitamin C, all of the C-energy is going to go towards attempting to neutralize the toxins you have put into your body. Don’t expect to see radical results if you are engaging in this type of self-harm. If you take this supplement with healthy foods and regular exercise, you will experience accelerated healing of the body tissues, increased energy, and more. I’m paraphrasing and reforming a quote from Conversations with God when I say this… but, “When you ‘C’ things correctly, your body can create rather than react.” ;)

Best wishes my love! Make your entire life an act of self-care. Self-care is not eating processed sugars to comfort yourself emotionally… it is the Conscious choices you make every day that enhance your physical life force so that you may become a vessel of Living Light! Fill your own cup with beautiful things and then give to others so that the energy does not become stagnant. Stay in balance. Examine your beliefs and your intentions for everything. There are hundreds of therapies that you may synchronistically attract to yourself. For now, these are my “starter kit” suggestions! <3

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Somebody asked if Genji would be Flemeth and

I dont know shit about Morrigan’s sister Yavana except that she exists so here u go 

the art of skipping class.

listen. i don’t recommend skipping class. ever. i barely ever do it. i hadn’t even done it before college. but i get it. sometimes, desperate times call for desperate measures. here are some things you should think about before you skip, as well as some tips if you decided to rebel.

first things first : why do you want to skip class ? ask yourself this. find a decent answer. 

  • are you sick ? if so, are you so sick that you can’t get out of bed ? are you so sick you know you won’t be able to concentrate ? in those cases, stay home. otherwise, go to school. 
  • are you unable to get out of bed due to your blankets being too comfortable ? dude. go. this is not a good excuse.
  • are you behind on your homework ? do you have an essay to write ? an exam to study for ? i personally think that it’s a good reason. it’s almost always my excuse for skipping a class.
  • is the class boring ? NOT good enough. but can you get all the material from the power points or the textbook ? good enough. 

so you decided to skip class ? here’s what you should do. 

  • ask somebody for their notes. it’s simple. a friend, a stranger, who cares. finding notes is essential !
  • if the teacher provides power points, make sure you use it. i recommend recopying (by hand or on the computer) the slides and using it as a base. if you know the teacher reads the power points and doesn’t really add any info, that should pretty much be enough. 
  • make sure you do the assigned reading VERY seriously and use your reading notes to add onto your power point notes.
  • if there is additional reading, do it. even if you never do it. it’ll help, i promise. 
  • in the extreme cases where you can’t get someone’s notes, don’t have access to a power point/any other support and don’t have any readings, there are a few things you can do. if you know what that specific class was about, find some ressources online. if there is nothing on the subject well good luck friend !

the art of skipping class, simplified. 

  • don’t skip class if there is an exam/assignment the following week.
  • don’t skip class if you are graded on participation, even if it’s only 1% ! every percent counts !!
  • don’t skip class just because your friends are skipping. you are your own person. be responsable.
  • don’t skip class to piss your parents off.
  • do skip class if you truly feel terrible. don’t force yourself too much.
  • do skip class if you’re very familiar with the topic. in college, you will often learn the same things in different classes. if you already know the subject, skip. 
  • choose your battles : don’t skip just because the teacher is boring but do skip if the teacher reads his power points. don’t skip classes with no visual/textual support but do skip the ones where the teacher provides summaries of the lecture.
  • try not to skip two lectures in a row and even more importantly, don’t skip more than 25% of the lectures. your grades WILL suffer. 

Before the universe was created, the Infinity Stones existed as a singular force. Four Cosmic Entities created the stones: Death. Eternity, Entropy, and Infinity. Each of the stones possesses unique capabilities that have been enhanced and altered by various alien civilizations through the millennia. 

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