So the world turned against Taylor Swift, a women who:

The world did side with these people though



what i think i would do with 1 billion $$$: pay my debts and student loans, quit my job, buy a new house and nice stuff for my family, do tons of charities, save lives, travel around the world with my family and best friends

what i would actually do with 1 billion $$$: buy one direction back

donation post!! hello!! my name is maddie, i’m 21 and a student in florida. i have been living broke w/o my mom’s assistance for 4 or 5 years now after bouncing back from two bouts of homelessness when i was a teenager!! I’ve been in and out of university for the past 3 years and have either been living paycheck to paycheck or have been using my student loans to stay afloat. i thought i was in ok shape financially but now need a few dental procedures!! this includes cavity fillings and also getting a mold made for a mouth guard, gum grafting, and a frenectomy because my gums are extremely messed up and receding and honestly i’m fearful of my own dental issues and how they will worsen if i keep ignoring them !! my insurance covers a fraction of the cost of these things but i ultimately think i’ll be paying upwards of $1200 out of pocket to fix it all. additionally, FAFSA is holding off on dispersing my financial aid because they need to verify my mother’s financial contributions (which are $0) and processing this will take weeks. i can lay out a bit of the money i need but will ultimately have $0.00 myself afterward and i’m actually terrified of falling back into poverty. my paypal is PLEASE help if you can.

i think there should be more conversations about how school isn’t for everyone. like for me i had to pay for all of my schooling with grants and student loans, and even with that assistance i still worked full time to be able to go. so you have to consider there are young people working forty hour weeks plus going to school during the hours they aren’t working which leaves very little time for studying and homework. add on top of that someone like me struggling with depression… it’s hard. i was trying to go into fields that were supposedly going to result in me being able to get high paying jobs instead of getting a degree in something that actually interested me and i was miserable. which i know i’m not alone in that…. i guess what i’m trying to say is you don’t have to be done ivy league graduate to be worthy and accomplished. you can live your life and work where you work and spend time doing things you like and not beat yourself up over not having a college degree.

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Hi, Qooky! I'm in a bit of a pickle :T This year is my senior year of High School, and I'm kinda stuck on if I should go to College or not. On one hand, I am eligible for a ton of scholarships and my grades let me go a lot of places. I could do virtually anything I wanted. But, then there are student loans. On the other hand, I really want to do this other thing I think would be awesome! But, it doesn't pay a lot. Any ideas on how to figure it out?

Hello! :D Haha I’ll try my best to be helpful as possible here ^^

If you’re a Christian (or not actually), one thing you should always remember is to pray and ask God for guidance and wisdom while trusting 100% in Him :) However, don’t get so caught up in trying to decide which is the better choice because God can use whatever situation you find yourself in. 

Also, ask your parents and see what they think. That’s how I went about it, as well as weighing in the pros and cons of either decision. In my experience, I almost literally jumped right into college after I graduated (six-day summer whoohoo :P). For me, finishing my education was my priority.

However I’m not sure I could comment about student loans since I’m not from the US and I don’t know how those work (only have a super vague idea about it). I do know people though who decided to take a gap year before entering college so they could work and earn a few bucks. It really all depends :)

If you have any more questions, feel free to send me a chat. ^w^


Ok, I need to pay off my student loans so here are my commission prices.

Additional price info:

-free simple backgrounds; complex backgrounds are +$5

-additional characters are +$5 per every two

-hourly rate is +$10 per hour

ex. a full body sketch with a simple background completed in less than an hour is … 5+25+0+ (0x10)= $30

I will draw:





-Vore/Weight Gain inflation

I will not draw:



I hate being interrupted at the reference desk.

It’s one of my Number One pet peeves. I’m not talking about the times when I’m working on a project or getting ready for a program and someone needs help, I’m talking about when I’m literally in the middle of helping a patron and someone else walks up to the desk and barges right in.

So today I was on the phone with this confused, hopeful student who thought interlibrary loan was the answer to his textbook woes (spoiler alert: this is almost never the case), when one of our regular patrons walked up and, without waiting even one microsecond, said, “Excuse me,” and tapped on the desk to get my attention.

I was in the middle of a fucking sentence. Obviously in the middle of helping someone else. Phone pressed to my ear.

He thought he was being “polite” because he said “excuse me.”


No no no no no no no.

If I am helping someone else, wait your turn. In what other context would you walk up to a service desk, jump to the front of the line, and interrupt the person who is currently being helped?

When I asked him to please wait his turn in the future, he offered to meet me outside and fight me. And then called me a “rude motherfucker” and walked away.

Oh my god I hate my job so much sometimes.

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shae my dad is really kicking me out bc i "spend too much and need to grow up" bc he saw that i ordered bath and body works but literally its a gift for him for his bday that cost me 10 dollars and like i even told him that but he doesnt even care so now i have to take out student loans so i can afford the dorms at my school which is 45 mins from my house by bus and hes making me leave tonight so i have to sleep at my friends n i feel like crying. anyway yeah sorry i just had to tell someone.

im so sorry i wish there was something i could do omg …..

Update: My classes start tomorrow so I’ll be scarce® on here

I should also be able to get a new laptop via student loans within the next week. I’m still working on that one flash project, and I’ll hopefully be able to fill requests when I have downtime from coursework and volunteering :D

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if you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: With my dog
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first thing you would do with lottery money: Pay off my student loans
fictional character you would hang out with for a day: Dan Wilds
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