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A banner I made for the Samwell Student Union, they keep track of all the events in the Check Please Fandom!

(board inspired by Check Please comic 2.1- Moved In)

I’m truly baffled by people who react so negatively to news of others trying to make things easier or better. Especially when their reasoning is that THEY did it the hard way, the real way, they worked three jobs and never got any help and suffered (oh god did they suffer)

I mean, god, you’d think someone who walked fifteen miles to school uphill both ways in the snow would be the first to advocate for a bus route


AN: I wrote this in the two and a half hour break I have between my classes. I’ve literally just been sitting here, in the middle of my universities student union, typing away at a fucking smut in public.

What have I become.

ANYWAY. It’s not my best, but it’s something xD Enjoy~

Words: 1,321

Genre Smut

 Everything is a blur. You don’t remember getting home and sitting on your couch. You don’t remember what you had texted Taehyung to get him so riled up—but what you do know is that the brown haired boy is striding towards you with promise for punishment in his dark eyes.

“Tae?” you ask, flushing red when you look down to see that you’re naked from the waist up, and the only thing covering your womanhood is a pair of sheer panties that you don’t remember buying.

The door to the apartment clicks shut as Taehyung’s footfalls echo into the dimly lit apartment. He passes into the living room, his hands moving to his belt—an inch of tan skin on his stomach revealed to you as he unloops the buckle and tugs the belt free. The sight of Taehyung alone has your gut flourishing, arousal slicking your wall, and yet—

“Taehyung? What are you doing here? I–,” you begin to say, confused and embarrassed as you hug the blanket which had been next to you to your chest. Saying nothing, Taehyung rounds the coffee table, folding his belt in his hands, and your press yourself into the back of the couch. You can see the bulge beneath his fitted slacks, the outline of his cock showing perfectly against his thigh.

“Up,” his deep voice finally speaks, and a shiver racks your spine. Is he serious? The question bleeds into your mind as your wide eyes look up at him, searching his handsome face for any indication of a joke. You can’t find one.

“Up. Now,” he speaks again, fingers tightening around his belt. Swallowing, nervousness and excitement muddling in your chest, you press off the couch and stand in front of him, continuing to hug the blanket to your chest. He clicks his tongue in disapproval when he notices, and with one swift tug any coverage the blanket had provided is gone, leaving you to grapple to cover yourself, pink embarrassment sneaking onto your cheeks and down your neck.

“What a cute, shy little princess,” he chuckles, reaching forward. He grips one of your wrists and leans in, his lips connecting to yours. The contact immediately has you swooning, all of your worries momentarily forgotten as you step forward and kiss him back. Taehyung hums in approval at your submission, his teeth playfully tugging at your bottom lip, and already you’re going insane with lust. What has gotten into you?

“Good girl,” he comments nonchalantly, tongue teasing into your mouth, and it’s at that moment that you realize your arms aren’t shielding your chest anymore. Instead they’re in Taehyung’s grasp, wrapped tightly with his belt, and when you tug at the bonds, they won’t even budge.

“Tae–,” you begin, surprised at the dominance he’s suddenly exerting, but yet again Taehyung cuts you off. He leans back in and captures your lips, his tongue snaking into your mouth and his large hands moving to press against the curve of your spine. Hands tied in front of you, you’re somewhat helpless to resist him as he pulls you in, caging your body against his. Taehyung then proceeds to kiss your breath away, and you moan at his touch, gasping when his hands slide down to your hips, his fingers teasing at your panty line.

“I’m gonna fuck you so good, princess,” he growls against your lips, and you gasp at his words, any remaining sanity flying out the window. You want nothing more than for him to follow through with his heated promises.

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Not art related but some good news! You may remember this comic I made a few months back about the lack of unisex/gender neutral bathrooms and since then my university has been introducing them throughout campus buildings! I have no idea how many there are in total but there’s a handful in the Students Union (left) and now there’s one in my department building too (right) My uni has always been super LGBT+ friendly and I was actually asked to speak at an Working Equality meeting last year as an NB representative about these things so it’s great to see change happening :)

Under Construction : The Samwell Student Union

A wonderful thing has happened: the Check, Please! Fandom is getting quite large! However, that means many people have said they are missing events and groups because they aren’t following the right people to see the post. The goal of the Student Union is to centralize these things. We will also reblog the posts of events/networks, but the goal is to have permanent pages where you can easily see what is going on without scrolling forever.

What will the Samwell Student Union Have?

  • Community Calendar Shows the dates of Fic Exchanges, Big Bangs, Character/Ship Fests, Meet-Ups, Ngozi’s Con appearances, etc in one place.
  • Clubs Lists Check, Please! oriented networks that fans can join!
  • Resource Center Lists other fan resources 
  • Maybe more! Feel free to suggest things, though we are going to focus on shoring up the ideas above first.

Answers to more questions you may have below the cut.

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Berkeley Protests Cancel Professional Bigot Milo Yiannopoulos Campus Appearance
A speech by right wing, all around bigot Milo Yiannopoulos at the University of California, Berkeley Wednesday was cancelled after a large protest brok ...

Elliot Hannon at Slate

A speech by right wing, all around bigot Milo Yiannopoulos at the University of California, Berkeley Wednesday was cancelled after a large protest broke out on campus. Some protesters broke windows, appeared to throw rocks at police, and lit firecrackers that resulted in a fire in Sproul Plaza near the student union.

The university cancelled the talk by the Breitbart professional provocateur who has carved out a niche among the racist, misogynist right. Yiannopoulos’ general world view and noxious behavior was enough to get him banned from Twitter, buuuuut since there’s a market for mind-bending racism in America these days, he also managed to net a $250,000 book deal from Simon & Schuster. Yiannopoulos’ college talks are usually the subject of outrage and protests. At a recent, similar talk at the Univ. of Washington a man was shot in the melee surround Yiannopoulos’ appearance.

On the Berkeley campus, police appeared to engage with some of the hundreds of protesters armed with homemade shields and ordered the protesters to disperse.

anonymous asked:

Oh dear. Now I understand why I've taken the 30 minute walk between the student union and the dorms with a chill in my spine and a glowstick in hand, wielded like a wand and spun on its string like a shield. It was nearing midnight and pitch black, and in my other hand I held my switchblade like a sword. It all makes sense.

Into The Night With Glowstick And Switchblade: A Memoir


SSU Student Union (ft. Melanie and Graham in the distance)


UCLA Students held a rally today in response to the racist party Sigma Phi Epsilon and Alpha Phi had October 6 2015. Dear White People was not just a movie but something that happens in many campuses. students are in Solidarity with Afrikan Student Union and Afrikan descendant students. With Halloween coming around it is important to stand up against culture appropriation and cultural violence. 

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It’s amazing how people on tumblr specifically want to act like white supremacy has no power outside of Stormfront, outside of the internet when they’re probably the same people who gave Matthew Heimbach a platform.

This dude use to have a tumblr and you had people like c*mm*****k*lls buddying up with him outside of the whitehouse and dating him and his then girlfriend downplaying his racism cause “he’s such a great guy!” among other people.

A year later he’s organizing a racist ass White Student Union that was suppose to patrol the campus for “safety” reasons and people like anti-sjs and the like were still defending him, citing freedom of speech.

A year after that him and his buddies are talking about how the slaves had it good and black people should be grateful and then maybe a few people started calling it what it is.

Now you got him in a NYT feature talking about white nationalism and it’s suppose to be apart of the “let’s hear the other side” narrative and it’s like how about you stop being so damn obtuse because this is what it gets us.
Unions Representing A Million Teachers Are Standing Up For This Transgender Student
They told the Supreme Court in a brief Thursday, “Educators are, above all, advocates and protectors of their students.”
By Dominic Holden

This is great news.

The brief makes a strong argument for why trans inclusion is vital for trans students and how it generally benefits school communities. That’s especially important coming from this wide ranging group of educators. But honestly I think the case for why trans students deserve these rights and protections is pretty strong. The bigger question is whether that protection can and should come through Title IX. That’s a harder argument (and the reason why this case is sitting before the Supreme Court). And what I think may be the most important part of this brief in making that determination is this section:

Should the Court conclude that transgender discrimination is prohibited sex discrimination under Title IX, the teacher’s duty is clear: address and report the harassment. But if the Court were to adopt the view of a minority of the lower courts—that Title IX may prohibit some but not all forms of discrimination against transgender students—then teachers are left in the lurch. What are their duties to transgender students and when are they triggered? Must teachers parse the harasser’s motivation to determine whether the harassment is motivated by sex stereotypes or transgender animus? This is complicated by Petitioner’s assertion that non-discrimination against transgender students “would perpetuate discrimination in a different form” against other students. If that were true, how would educators prevent and remedy sex stereotyping discrimination or harassment against transgender students while avoiding discrimination against others?

Making the case for clarity might just be significant nudge for a few (*cough* Kennedy *cough*) justices. And like with the Obergefell same-sex marriage ruling I’m hopeful that concerns raised over harm to students will win out over the case for letting this continue to play itself out across the country at the national, state, and local level. We’ll see how the Supreme Court views this soon. Hearing start on the 28th.

Thanks to the educators and school staff represented by the National Education Association; the American Federation of Teachers; the National Association of Secondary School Principals; the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees; Service Employees International Union; and the School Social Work Association of America.


My workstation plus a WIP for the Durango Botanical Society!  I’m moving my desk out of the bedroom and into the studio/laundry room right now, so I’m kind of poaching space at the student Union to work for now.  This also shows a bit of my color process- I have to keep working in circles or I forget what I’m doing.

It’s Christmas Eve! The 24th and 25th of December are the two days where we usually know we’ll probably be busy with family gatherings and social functions. We figured this phrase might be of use to most people! Hopefully everyone can learn something new from the infographic.

‘Edhokhoon breekhaa! 'Edho breekho!


we had student union presidentials i was on one of the campaign’s branding team working on the design and i also made some drawings, 

our candidate won which im super happy about! bc he is also an international student and his campaign was really good and i hope he brings many good things