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Debunking Hogwarts Rumors

There have been some rumors among the Hogwarts Student Body about the Gryffindor favorites, it’s definitely from those who don’t know them, it’s time to set the record straight.

Sirius Black is a Soft Flower Child

Sirius: The fuck you lookin’ at?

Remus is a Swot

*During Prefect Duties*

*Student out of bed*

Remus: No. Stop. Come back.

James is an Uncaring Asshole

James: Hey, hey, hey. Forget him, I’ll buy you a hundred flowers! I’ll put lace-wing flies in his potion tomorrow! I’ll send him a Howler everyday for a year!

Peter is a Lady’s Man

*girl sits down to talk with Peter*

*Peter leaves*

Lily is a Hard-Ass 

*weekly quiet time with Dorcas*

Marlene and Dorcas are “Gal Pals”

Dorcas: I love you.

Marlene: I love you too, Meadows.

Marauders + Pranks
  • First year, first day back, James, decides to prank Snivellus. He does not tell anyone, but sneaks a dungbomb into his pocket for further perusal at lunch.
  • Sirius, of course, has had the exact same idea, but his prank involves a potion to make the drinker throw up.
  • Peter, meanwhile, has no intention of getting involved in anything, but he knows that James and Sirius are up to something. He catches them both, at separate times, trying to sneak in to dinner.
  • They (at separate times) implore him to say nothing, and he is therefore reeled into this mess of a plan (About which he is quite enthusiastic now).
  • Remus notes, dryly, that James and Sirius are up to something, but says nothing.
  • Under the Slytherin table at dinner, somehow James and Sirius end up, quite literally, bumping into each other.
  • James quickly detonates the dungbomb, and Sirius slips the potion into Snape’s drink. However, they are not very slick getting out from under the Slytherin table and Lucius (”That darn prefect!” Peter mumbles worriedly, as McGonagall glares at them later in her office)
  • She is about to give them detention when Remus shows up. “But professor, they were with me, studying,” he says innocently.
  • Later, the next week they execute two successful pranks.
  • James always plans the Invasion Strategy, Sirius always adds quirks to it, Remus always plans the Escape Strategy and Peter is always the lookout.
  • Afterwards, James points out weaknesses, Peter the strengths, Sirius the threats, and Remus the advantages.
  • Once, after Christmas, when they unsuccessfully try to to dump hard-boiled eggs on the Slytherin Common room, James, Sirius and Peter are given detention.
  • Remus finishes the prank and lands detention with them. (”One for all, all for one,” he says from a muggle book.)
  • That’s when they know that they are the best of friends.
  • Second Year, during the Welcome Feast, Dumbledore’s beard starts to grow and grow and grow. Over his head, it says “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your beard.”
  • In third year, after the prank involving numerous squirrels, McGonagall bursts out “I will not have you Maraudering around in my house!”
  • Third year, on Halloween, somehow the armor is turned into a giant spider and it rattles the school.Four boys sit at the Gryffindor table, with barely constrained laughter, calmly eating pudding.
  • Fourth year, they get pranked by Lily Evans and James is a goner.
  • Fifth year, Sirius admires the way Moony looks when planning a prank. Absolutely devious, he thinks. When Remus catches him staring st his long finger, Sirius look away quickly.
  • That year, Sirius gets distracted a total of seventy-two times in sixty-three pranks because he has been looking at Moony.
  • Yet, while James hates the swoop of the stomach when lily looks particular beautiful, hates the lost control over his reaction; Sirius embraces it, loses himself in it
  • Yet, sixth year, he takes pranks too far
  • Sixth year, in the annual prank war (a tradition started from first year) the Marauders lose for the first time to Lily and Sirius (who has jumped teams after the falling out with Remus)
  • Lily realizes James Potter is quite ingenious
  • Fed up with the silent treatment, Sirius challenges Remus to a duel
  • They cannot get caught: Gryffindor is running in the negatives
  • They decide to do it at night, but in order to not get caught, they have the same solution: no students out of bed.
  • In their pyjamas and bedclothes, they levitate their beds out at 2 a.m into the Great Hall
  • In the darkness, they do not realize that James and Peter have already levitated their beds because they are up to a prank
  • When they all collide in the Great Hall, they realize that their friendship is not as fragile and they try to prank Dumbledore’s office.
  • Once they’re caught, a livid McGonagall has to let them go: “Professor, we’re not out of bed!”
  • Seventh year, James is extra careful about getting caught. He stops his pranks
  • Lily Evans scolds him. “We need them now more than ever,” she says. She realizes she has fallen for his impeccable humor.
  • After Hogwarts, when they move into a giant apartment, the Marauders and Lily play daily pranks on each other
  • After Harry is born, the pranks lessen, and once they go into hiding, there are no more pranks
  • Peter Pettirgrew thinks that he is going to be the master of the joke. The one they never suspected. But he wonders why he does not feel like laughing.
  • As James falls, he begins to think of all the weaknesses, all the flaws and why it had gone wrong.
  • Sirius berates himself for not thinking of the threats, alone in an Azkaban cell.
  • Remus, standing alone at the funeral, wonders about the advantages. Sirius knows he isn’t the spy. James and Lily died together. Voldemort vanquished. A child who would never know his Uncle Moony, but who would help them. He thinks it is enough for the coming years.
If Sirius never went to prison and became a teacher at hogwarts with Remus.

-Sirius sharing the Defense Against the Dark Arts position with Remus so that he can take full moons off.
-Sirius showing up to teach in skinny jeans and a leather jacket
-Sirius walking into class a half hour late and completely forgetting what class he is teaching.
“Sorry guys. I couldn’t find my hair gel this morning.”
-Sirius unintentionally being the heartthrob of the school.
-Sirius catching students out of bed after hours and showing them a secret passage from the map to get them back to their common room.
-Sirius understanding that not all Slytherins are bad people because of Regulus and seeing his brother reflected in some of the young Slytherins.
-Sirius starting food fights in the great hall and being dragged out of the room by Remus after throwing a large ball of mashed potatoes at Snape’s head.
-Sirius openly flirting with Remus in the halls and smirking at Remus getting agitated and the students cheering.
-Sirius having Harry in his class and telling the class all the stories about Harry when he was a baby and not realizing how red Harry is getting.
-Sirius seeing a spider in his and Remus’ room and refusing to go back in until Remus had DEFINITELY killed it.
“Do I have to show you the spider?”
“NO! I don’t want to see the thing you murdered!”
“You told me to kill it!”
“And you killed it! You evil man. Is there something dark inside of you?”
-Peter taking up the herbology position and being the most awkward teacher ever.
-James and Lily coming to visit and the marauders are running around the school again.
-McGonagal seeing them fly by her classroom and smiling because she knew they would never separate.
-Harry walking with Ron and Hermione and hearing them approach before taking off down the opposite end of the hallway because he knows that when they’re together, he’ll be the target of their jokes and pranks.
-Sirius seeing Harry talking to Draco in the hallway and walking up behind them and yelling “OH JUST KISS ALREADY!”
-Harry seeing Remus and Sirius talking in the hallway and walking up behind them and yelling “OH JUST KISS ALREADY!”
-Sirius and Remus having little dates in the summer out on the grounds. Just little picnics and stuff.
-during the winter, Sirius and Remus curling up next to the fire in their room, one with a book and the other with a guitar.
-Sirius having muggle records shipped to hogwarts and blaring them from his room so loud that students can be seen singing it the next day.
-the students always knowing when Sirius and Remus have been hanging out because he walks into class with a chocolate bar and a satisfied little smirk.
-Sirius and Remus and James and Lily and Peter all being happy and together and never betraying each other. Just living with Harry and falling in love and being a family.

Ravenclaw Headcanon

McGonagall will work with any student for as long as they need her to, and Ravenclaws will sometimes take advantage of that, while also being too nervous about it because she’s not their head of house. So one day she makes a point of telling the Ravenclaws that she was a hatstall and it was between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. Ever since then, the Ravenclaws sit late into the night with McGonagall, working, and smiling slightly when they hear Filch complain about students out of bed.

Woof Woof 2
  • Dumbledore: So, that's how it was.
  • McGonagall: So Sirius Black is innocent?
  • Dumbledore: Yes.
  • McGonagall: And Potter, Black and Pettigrew were all animagi while they were still at Hogwarts?
  • Dumbledore: Yes.
  • McGonagall: *remembers all the times she's been on the verge of catching a student out of bed only to find a stag trying to look casual*
  • McGonagall: *remembers the dog that seemed to turn up whenever she was trying to find Sirius Black and give him detention*
  • McGonagall: SON OF A-

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good”

Clint and Nat absolutely found all seven secret passages within a year of being friends and they would absolutely always be in trouble except the teachers can never pin them for their crimes

That amazing feeling when it's your first day teaching at a new school and

your queer kids light up when you explain your request for them to write their gender pronouns on their index card with the example “she/her, he/him, they/them, something else, whatever fits you best”

and your Muslim students/comic nerds light up when they discover that we’re reading Ms. Marvel

and your students who have various mental dis/abilities light up when you say that it’s legitimate and real to have a hard time getting to class because it can be hard to just get out of bed

and all your students laugh when you make yet another terrible dad joke.

If I can impart some wisdom upon those who are going off to college just based on my own experiences.

Cooking- While it’s not hard to pick up the basics of cooking from cook books (or simple online recipes), learning how to safely use knives is a must, whether that means watching videos of safe knife handling or having someone show you. Don’t use metal utensils in pans, you’ll scrape off the nonstick coating. Safe food handling and storage is also essential to learn. You never know if the particular piece of chicken you’re making is going to give you food poisoning if you mishandle. If you live off of dining hall food, that’s all well and good, but the cooks are human. Learning to recognize when food is undercooked or spoiled can be essential to you avoiding getting sick.

Laundry- Your clothes will last a lot longer if you follow the instructions on the tags. In a pinch, if you want to wash certain things together but be careful because on the wrong cycle things will shrink, colors will run, and things will stretch. Always remember to empty the lint trap before you dry your clothes to avoid dryer fires (your clothes will also dry better). Many washers and dryers will lock until the cycle is over in public laundry spaces, but you need to make sure to come get your clothes when they cycle ends. People will move them to use the machine and nobody wants stranger hands on their clothes. Washing your sheets, pillow cases, and towels weekly is a good way to avoid breaking out.

Bills- Set reminders in your phone, calendar, whatever will help you remember to pay them on time. Missing payments can result in not only being fined, but they can even impact your credit. If you can, pay them ahead of time. Keep your bill and pay statements in case there’s an issue and so you have them in your records.

Finals- For the love of God start these are early as possible, even if it just means doing a little bit whenever you have time so that you aren’t having to write a whole essay or cram overnight.  It will help you get a better grade and avoid burnout. Read through your final draft at least twice and if you can, have someone look over your work. Listen to the professor what they tell you what will be on the test. Highlight those portions in your notes and study them.

Cleaning- Everybody has different preferences for cleanliness, but if your mess will attract bugs and other pests (like food left out) or post a safety hazard (like large piles of stuff on the floor) it needs to be addressed asap. Most dorms will also require you to clean to some extent before you move out and if you leave a mess you’ll be charged. Taking the time to sweep, dust, and clean the bathroom now and then could save you a lot of time when you need to move out.

Homework- Check the syllabus whenever class ends. Your homework will be there the vast majority of the time. Just because your professor doesn’t mention homework doesn’t mean you don’t have it. Set your student email to send alerts to your phone so you know immediately when a professor emails you about extra work, cancelled classes, extra credit opportunities, etc. On the subject of extra credit, it isn’t always necessary to do, but if you’re trying to keep your gpa up or you didn’t do so well on a big assignment, it can really help your grade to make yourself do an extra credit assignment or two, especially because most professors won’t offer you many of them. 

Friends- I’m probably one of the least social people that I know, but being in a new place away from everyone that I knew caused a pretty lengthy depression spell for me. Being willing to talk to people in your classes, sign up for a club, and/or attend campus events is a great way to meet new people.

Roommates- Some people become good friends with their roommates. Others hate their roommates. As someone who has dealt with both of these scenarios, let me tell you that the best goal you can set is to simply be able to live with your roommate. That is not to say that if you have a serious issue with your roommate that you shouldn’t talk with student housing asap. What I’m talking about is the roommate who has some rude habits. You have to compromise when possible and learn to change your own behavior elsewhere in order to make your life as easy as possible. One of my roommates was messy while I’m a neat freak. The compromise was that his mess never crossed onto my side of the room or into shared spaces and that nothing that could rot was ever left out. My roommate had the table manners of a wild animal while I have SPD. Since I can’t exactly tell him not to eat, I would put on my headphone and find something to keep my attention while he was eating. I thought he had a shit personality and he thought I was a sap. We didn’t really talk with one another unless it was important. On a brighter note, my other roommate and I regularly supported one another, joked around, and watched tv together. I consider him to be a good friend of mine and I’m excited to get to know him as a person rather than as a roommate this year. Roommates are a grab bag. Learning communication skills and being willing to set boundaries and respect the boundaries of others is an absolute must.

Homework- My recommendation is to figure out how many days you have until the assignment is due and then work on it in portions. If you have to read 100 pages in three days, reading 33 pages a day is a great way to get it done. If an assignment is small, getting it done the day you get it is advisable. Larger assignments need to be started as soon as possible. Taking the time to read through your assignments before turning them in can be the different between whole letter grades. Professors love seeing revision. If you’re struggling with an assignment, you’re probably not the only one. Trading numbers or emails with people in your classes can help when your having troubles or don’t understand something.

Burnout- It happens, especially around finals. Take naps when you need them. Try to aim for at least seven hours of sleep. Sometimes setting your homework aside for the day is necessary if you want to be productive the rest of the week. It’s very rare for someone in college to do 100% of the work assigned to them. Figuring out what the important assignments/readings are and focusing on those is a lot more realistic than doing everything on the syllabus. Having a relaxing hobby like watching tv, playing video games, or something else that completely takes your mind off of school work is essential just as knowing when it’s time to work and when it’s time to play is. Finding balance is difficult, but possible.

Health- Whenever you return to campus after a break, people tend to get sick. Starting vitamin boosts before hand can help in the long run, as does getting a flu shot if you can. If you have a mild cold, taking dayquil and going to class can help you keep up, but if you’re hacking or have a hard time getting out of bed, stay home! You’re professors expect students to have a certain amount of sick days. However, if you think you’re going to miss class, you’ll need to get in contact with your professor. Make sure to wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your eyes, mouth, nose, and face. Colleges are also notorious for offering free condoms and packets of lube. Personally, there was no freshman fifteen, but the dining hall food did spike my cholesterol. Little things like only eating bacon a few times a week can go a long way, but at the same time, making sure to eat enough is essential.

Anyone is free to add to this or correct me.

The Mods Describe Common Rooms

Ravenclaw (By Abigail) 

  • always music playing, a different member of ravenclaw chooses the music every day, varies from classical, to indie pop, to rock, to well, whatever that person wants to listen to 
  • super duper cozy, literally a billion quilts, a bunch of pillows, and beds/study zones perfectly made for each person 
  • huge windows on different walls, Ravenclaws spend so much time studying, or well not studying that sometimes it’s hard to get out, this helps, Of course though, there is a huge telescope for night time, like a huge telescope
  • there’s an enchanted dumbwaiter that can bring thing’s up from the kitchens, mostly snack foods, and things you can eat while doing other things and not make a mess 
  • depending on when you get there, if you fall asleep in the common room, the head girl or boy, or well anyone who decides to wake you up will help you back to your room 
  • one wall is literally a huge book shelf, people leave a book for every year they go to school there and leave there favorite book of the year there, theres copies of some super old books that have been there for over eighty years, the first book there was Romeo and Juliet, the pages are a little tatered at the tops and bottoms, but other than that its good as new 
  • shoes are totally not required, but theres millions of pairs of slippers in a bucket if you want them 
  • The room is enchanted to sense what the claws are feeling and flows smells that will calm them down, or make them happy 
  • plastic stars and planets are stuck to the ceiling everywhere
  • there are two walls devoted completely to art, on the area beside the wall, theres a huge raised up thing filled with paint, paint brushes, pastels, crayons, sharpies and anything else they need. They started with only one art wall, but that quickly changed when the first wall was covered in the week, every month they repaint the wall so they can start over. 

Hufflepuff (By Jinxy and Star)

  • Fireplaces on every wall, all constantly stocked, stoked, and cosy, all with plenty of pot plants with flowers, succulents and a few herbs. The fireplaces have plants climbing up the sides and making a nice covering for the front.
  • Wide windows, with the sun permanently pouring in (even in winter), except at night, when the stars give off a yellow glow and it lights up the room.
  • Scented candles everywhere: caramel, chocolate, and popcorn scented to make the room smell sweet.
  • Trapdoor to the kitchens, so students don’t get caught out of bed after dark.
  • Couches have piles of fluffy blankets next to them, and tables all around the common room are covered in hot chocolate.
  • Hardwood floors, with sunflower pattern rugs dotted throughout the common room (which occasionally bloom real sunflowers!)
  • Birds always chirping in the background.
  • Lots of cats lying in the sunspots on the floor, or curled up on the couches under the blanket piles. Whenever students from other houses lose their cats, they’re always in the Hufflepuff common room.
  • Milk bowls and lots of food on the floor for the cats.
  • Students’ essays framed around the rooms if they got the highest score, so students can get inspo, and so that other students can admire the work (and feel proud of beating the Ravenclaws, because of the silly rivalry).
  • At Christmas time, one of the prefects always puts up an elf on the shelf, but it moves by itself, does all sorts of silly things, and winks at you. Students add gold tinsel to the fireplaces, and plenty of big colourful bows.
  • At Easter, bunnies roam the room, and love getting cuddles and letting students’ smush their faces. One prefect every year is assigned to do an Easter theme activity with the students, be it egg hunting, bunny face painting, painting new curtains, or truffle making, and the room adjusts and provides what the students need.
  • Big cheery curtains framing the windows (white lace, that’s been hand painted with yellow prints or flowers). They’re always drawn apart to let the light in, but can be closed as needed.
  • There’s a humongous bookshelf (because Ravenclaws aren’t the only ones who are allowed to read) where students share books. All of the covers are worn and bent, but it’s okay because everyone gets a chance to enjoy the books that others love. Some have highlighting in them, mustaches on the pictures on the front and love letters to other students in them. There’s textbooks for if you couldn’t afford one that year, muggle books about foreign countries, books in other languages, and muggle books about what they think wizards are, and students have graffiti all over them, as a protest. There’s a surprising lack of cookbooks. Because, despite common thought, Hufflepuffs aren’t always the best cooks, and the kitchens are close anyway.
  • There’s a giant hand painted portrait of Helga Hufflepuff on the far wall, which students have enchanted to host Helga, so she gives advice, welcomes new students with a song at the start of the year, and tells students to go to bed.
  • Bathrooms all have large luxurious baths, where the whole person can fit, and no need for bubble bath or scents, because it fills automatically with it when a student presses a button. Each student has customized shampoo, conditioner and products made by older potions students to keep their hair and skin healthy and glowy. Each student gets an ‘appointment’, and the older student makes up bottles that only that student can open, with constant refills.
  • Privacy curtains that students can choose to pull or not, and all have yellow flower patterns on them.
  • Warm fluffy towels, in the students’ favourite colour, with their name embroidered on it. Always warmed up, and fresh every time.
  • Students’ beds have multiple covers on it, and unlimited pillows, and teddies galore. There’s a basket at the end of the bed for dirty laundry, returned clean within 6 hours, and folded. Each student gets a nice window at the head of their bead with their favourite flowers growing there, and most students choose lavender to help them sleep at night. Curtains can only be drawn on weekends and until certain times on weekdays, so students can sleep in, but pull open at 7:30 to wake up students naturally and without alarm clocks.
  • Bedside tables for each student, and students can choose 15 knick-knacks from home to remind them of home, and each student automatically gets a moving image of their families back home.
  • No mirrors (except in bathrooms), because students will tell each other when they have their uniform askew or their hair is messy. Uniforms hung at the ends of beds so students can sleep in and not need to find their clothes.

Slytherin (By Tory)

  • Knick-knacks galore on the bookcases and mantels, each with a special story. Like that shattered crystal ball? That was smuggled out of Professor Trelawney’s class one day by a Slytherin student as a joke, but after the theft, he and others swore it could predict test answers. (It broke when some particularly stupid student tried to smuggle it under his desk for his OWLs, but thankfully a Slytherin prefect retrieved it and put it back.) That old music box? Brought in by a Muggle-born student in the 19th century and soon enchanted her classmates to the extent that they got used to hearing it play every night before they fell asleep. When she left the school, she decided to leave it behind for the younger classes as a memento, enchanting it with a Self-Repairing Charm so that it would never break no matter how many times it was played. That skull? Found buried under the tree by the lake by a Slytherin student…alas, no one knows who it belongs to, but the students have taken to calling her Salazara and treat her with utmost respect.
  • Slytherin students frequently wave to the merpeople swimming outside their windows. The merpeople don’t really understand what waving means, but sort of shake their hands back and forth in response in an attempt to be friendly.
  • Their bathrooms are classy, elegant, and off-the-hook. Each student would have access to their own special area made up of a shower/bath and a changing area with several mirrors behind a curtain. That way each student would have complete privacy getting ready before anyone else saw them – no sharing mirrors or sinks here. Each stall would also be equipped with old-fashioned fixtures that offer both fresh and salt water baths, as well as bubble baths!
  • There is a baby grand piano set up in the corner. If no one plays it, it plays itself.
  • There are all sorts of trapdoors and secret compartments hidden in each dorm, perfect for hiding personal items or even just escaping from your dormmates. Most Slytherins haven’t found them all, and if they are in use, the handle goes red hot, so as to deter any stranger who might want to disturb the person using it or their belongings.
  • WINDOW SEATS. SO MANY WINDOW SEATS. Also a few chaise longues.
  • Lots of portraits of old witches and wizards litter the walls, and they always love giving career advice.
  • The fireplace actually is part of a revolving wall. If you push a certain brick on the mantle, it spins around and reveals a secret passage that leads to the kitchens.
  • The huge grandfather clock in the main common room tolls the hour to the tune of “Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Warty Hogwarts.”
  • Because it’s very hard for owls to get down to the dungeons, they are trained to drop their mail down a chute in the Owlery that magically drops the mail down into a collection tray in the center of the Slytherin common room. A separate collection tray then spits any outgoing mail up to the next available owl, if the student doesn’t care which owl sends it.

Gryffindor (by Boudica) 

  • The Gryffindor common room…what can be said about this wonder of gold and scarlet?
  • That cork board in the corner is the bravery board. It plays host to a number of everyday moments of bravery
    • Volunteering in class because you’re afraid of public speaking.
    • Asking out that cute Slytherin in potions; it’s up there.
    • Every day victories that make life worth wild are praised on that board
  • The chairs in the common room are both capable of heating and icing. The house charmed them years ago. Every year the house team renews the spells. 
    • On more than one occasion, the Gryffindor Quidditch team has commandeered the chairs, their groans filling the air as the chairs soothed their aching muscles
  • There’s a set of enchanted free weights that allow you to work out without a partner. 
    • Doing a chest press only to drop it from fatigue will elevate it above your chest as long as you’re a certain body temperature.
  • That box next the fire holds an enchanted dueling mat. 
  • When removed from the box it begins expanding into a cushioned dueling deck. 
    • This allows most Gryffindor to practice dueling in a safe environment without to much harm……most of the time.
  • This is accentuated by the shoot down to the hospital wing. 
  • Madam Pomfry has enchanted the door to play achy breaky heart when it’s accessed. That way she can catch the poor darling.

Being a time traveller and falling in love with Tom Riddle.
••• Requested by Anon •••

There was a horrible ringing in your ears and you felt as if you were flying backwards, the world around you dissolving into a blur of colour as you were sent back in time.

Then you felt solid ground under your feet again, your legs buckling beneath you at the sudden stop. You stumbled and then regained your balance before taking in your surroundings. You were in the same place as you were before; an empty corridor, lined with sleeping portraits.

“Hey!” Said a voice from behind you. “No students out of bed!”

You whipped around , the chain of the time turner digging into your neck as you came face to face with the young man whom had addressed you. Opening your mouth to fake an explanation, you stopped in your tracks, struck dumb by the silver prefect badge the glinted on his chest - and by his good looks.

“I’m not a student.” You told him. “I’m here to see Professor Dumbledore. Do you know where I might find his office?”

The prefect looked you over before straightening up and lifting his chin, making himself look even more stuck up - if that was even possible. “Of course.” He told you. “May I ask for your name?”

“(Y/N) (L/N).”

“I’m Tom. Tom Riddle.”

He Think He Fly [George Weasley – Golden Trio]

[Requested] When a prank takes a wrong turn, George Weasley and Y/N L/N get stuck in a game of cat-and-mouse with some underlying sexual tension.
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What’s your Hogwarts house and Ilvermorny house? I’m a Ravenclaw and a Pukwudgie!
Swearing, Fluff

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1. “You know what they say about wand span, right?”

The plan was simple: take the dungbombs, place them in position within Filch’s grubby fortress, and get out before the bombs had a chance to go off. It was something they’d decided on doing just an hour ago, and though Y/N warned Fred and George to be careful, the two didn’t listen and were not the least bit paranoid of Ms. Norris—Filch’s annoyingly observant feline—and that was where the problem first started.

Y/N was on guard, taking a few seconds to glance in the room and watch her best friends place around the dungbombs. It was thirty minutes into the plan, and the place was nearly filled with the dungbombs; Fred had managed to somehow charm them into being timed, which was something that honestly amazed Y/N when she contemplated Fred’s lack of an attention span. And she was intrigued to know how many dungbombs they’d manage to place before they had to make an escape, but the answer came to her when she heard a hiss from down the corridor.

“Oh, shite,” she muttered to herself, catching a glimpse of Ms. Norris’s dark tail swishing past a statue. “Boys! Get out of there!”

“My sweet, is it students after curfew?” came Filch’s filthy voice, cooing to that git of a cat. Fred and George gave Y/N amused grins and finished placing the dungbombs. They ran out of the room to meet Y/N at the opposite side of the wall.

“So what’s the plan, you bloody idiots?” Y/N asked, slinking her hair to the farthest corner of the wall, trying to edge away from where Filch was slowly carrying over.

Fred shrugged. “Guess we just hide.”

George smiled and nodded. “You go one way, Fred; we’ll go the other,” he told his brother, and before Y/N had time to process such a strange request, the boy was grabbing her by the arm and shoving her forward. Filch came quickly around the opposite corner, and a shriek of outrage escaped him at seeing students out of bed.

Ms. Norris meowed loudly, and Mr. Filch cooed at her. “We’ll get those blasted brats!” Fred had already hidden behind a nearby curtain, and he was waiting with bated breath and a held-in snigger as he eavesdropped on Filch shuffling down the hall like a dwarf weighted with chains. And just as Filch was about to pass his office and run after the two fleeing students, a foul odor seeped into the corridor—and a steady steam looking a bit like vomit filtered its way past the door of Filch’s fortress. “What in the name of Merlin—” The office door burst open before Filch had a chance to contemplate the mysterious anomaly, and dungbomb after dungbomb began to explode, turning the corridor into a sewage system. “Students out of bed, students out of bed.”

Fred cursed to himself quietly, knowing that the old man had finally lost his damned mind.

Meanwhile, George and Y/N ran quickly down the corridor, only one of the teenagers laughing at the predicament they were currently in. It happened all the time—Filch catching them in the middle of a prank. They never really feared what would happen when caught, but Y/N was always quick to think the worst, and that was something George both loved and hated about her. What was the good in a little fun when everything only evoked your worries?

Filch’s angry crowing came into hearing range, and the two shared a panicked look. Without a thought put into a better plan, Y/N gripped George hard by the ear and dragged him to a nearby broom closet. The door snapped shut and Y/N placed a palm over George’s mouth to keep him from saying anything.

They stayed in that position for minutes, but stiffened the moment they heard Filch go running past their door. George gripped Y/N’s hand softly, and though the two were great pranksters that reveled in being caught, Filch… wasn’t the one they’d like for the job. Even being in his office could make someone wish to leave the premises of Hogwarts and never return. And so, knowing Y/N had a deep repulsion for Filch, he held her hand and kept her close, giving not a chance for himself to rethink his choice for reassurance. And he held her like so until they heard the telltale sign of silence entering the hallway.

Y/N sagged against the left side of the closet, letting out a loud breath of relief. “Thank Merlin,” she muttered. And then, she turned stiff and tense—like a board, but with slow tremors of realization traveling down and across her skin. She gave George a strange, strange look. “Oh, my God.”

George raised an eyebrow. “What’s the face for?” The darkness was obscure to a tee, but certainly couldn’t blot out the way that Y/N reddened. A bemused smile crossed George’s freckled face.

Y/N’s flush intensified, and she bit her lip—hard. “Well… um…” She went quiet.

Suddenly, it struck George just the predicament they were in. A tight space, bodies flush together, an embarrassed companion, hands intertwined… He dimpled. “So… Y/N…” he began, giving her a dashing smirk meant to kill. “You know what they say about wand span, right?” He fished out his wand and held it up for inspection. “I’d say this is about ten… eleven.. maybe even twelve inches. Interested yet?”

Y/N looked absolutely speechless, staring at him with wide, unseeing eyes—almost like a ghost. She looked away from him with that same Gryffindor-red blush coating her cheeks.

George leaned closer, feeling more and more daring as Y/N continued to behave awkwardly bemused. “Oh, you should be.” His voice was hoarse, and this didn’t feel like a regular moment with his best friend—no, this was entirely different.

Y/N closed her eyes at the feeling of him drawing closer, and before she could restrain herself, she reached forward and grabbed him by his tie. “Why don’t you shut up about wand span and actually show me,” she whispered hoarsely.

He didn’t need to be told twice.

Opposites Attract

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(Fred x Ravenclaw reader)

Requested by: @my-unique-mind

Hi! Can you write a Fred Weasley x Ravenclaw!Reader imagine? The reader is a bookworm, and is often found in the library. She and Fred are almost complete opposites. Fred is intrigued by the “different” girl you can say and they start hanging out. Introducing each other to their life, with things the other would never do. Ends with a cute passionate kiss? 

A/N: this one’s a little longer than usual, but it was so fun to write and I hope you like it xx

I sat at one of the tables in the library, reading The Tales of Beedle the Bard for the hundredth time. It was a late Friday night, so there weren’t many people. I loved spending my free time at the library. It was definitely my favorite place at Hogwarts.

After a while, I felt someone eyes watching me, and I looked around to find a red-headed Gryffindor boy leaning on one of the nearby bookshelves. As soon as I looked up and caught his eye, he winked at me, then slowly turned a corner and disappeared. 

I frowned. That was strange. Was that a Weasley boy?

I was so distracted by what had just happened, that the words on the page weren’t even making full sentences anymore.

Not being able to read anymore, I picked up my book and headed out of the library towards the common room.

On Saturday morning, I made my way to library, as per usual, to study for various subjects. 

I headed towards my usual table near the center of the library, but today, it was already occupied by someone else.

He looked up as I approached the table with a stack of books in hand.

I recognized him immediately as the Gryffindor beater. Fred? I think that was him. Although, it could very well be George…

“Is it alright for me to sit here?” he asked me.

“Um, yeah, sure, no problem,” I replied, still a bit confused.

He smiled, making his brown eyes shine, which I totally got lost in for a moment.

I sat myself next to him, dropping my books onto the table.

Although I usually liked to read alone, I found that I didn’t actually mind having him sit by my side.

“I’m Fred, by the way.”


“Well, that sure is a beautiful name.”

As much as I tried to hide it, I felt my cheeks turn warm, and when he smiled, they only blushed harder.

“What are you reading?”

“Just some stuff that Professor Snape made us read for homework. We have to write an essay on non verbal spells. It wasn’t even his class and he gave us homework,” I complained lightly.

He laughed. 

“I have a better idea.”


“Come with me, Y/N. Leave your books, we can come back.”

And with that he smiled so widely that I found myself unable to do anything but take his hand and wonder about the adventures that were about to take place.

It felt strange. Walking out of the library after having entered so soon ago. Strange, but good.

“Where are we going, Fred?” I laughed as I was led down the tapestry corridor.

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South Hadley’s first fire brigade was actually Mount Holyoke’s, formed by students of the college in 1895. It was arranged by the school’s Athletic Association, and headed by the Association’s captain. Girls were chosen “not because of muscle, but because of mind,” as the captain believed calmness was more important than strength in fire fighting. Members of the brigade were popular (even idolized).

In 1909 the gymnasium (now Blanchard) basement caught fire, and the students were quickly on the scene. The college watchman had been in the basement trying to stop the blaze. The students got him safely out of the building and put out the fire. Since there were no other people in the building, the life-saving students instead evacuated the gym equipment so it wouldn’t be damaged. Once the fire was out, the students didn’t linger but went straight back to bed for class in the morning.

A reporter for The New York Herald in 1911 asked the students if they wanted to petition for “a regular fire department of men,” to which the lieutenant replied “we would have the fire out before the men rubbed the sleep out of their eyes. A man’s fire department indeed! Men are all right, of course, when they just come to call or when they are needed to carry out the Prom programme. Then sometimes it is nice to have one take you to Amherst to a football game, but as for their being a necessity or more capable of fighting fires, the idea is ludicrous.”

The students would also help fight fires in the town. On one occasion the local school building caught fire and the Mount Holyoke fire brigade was the first to arrive. They immediately started removing furniture and wetting the flames with buckets and a hose. They had largely saved the building by the time another local department arrived.

As a reporter from the New York Journal wrote in 1895: “They could, doubtless, run a railroad if they wished; to operate a gold mine would probably not be beyond their abilities. No opportunities have arisen for such enterprises, to be sure, but young women who are capable of organizing a fire brigade, and in addition are capable of actually fighting fire after they have organized it, would scarcely stop at anything.”

Newspaper photos of the fire brigade :: Mount Holyoke Archives and Special Collections :: circa mid 1920s

A Chronic Love

A Chronic Love

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Reader x Yoongi

Fluff-ish, Implications of Smut, Maybe a Second of Angst

Words: 6,544

Request: Could I request a scenario where Yoongi and the reader hate eachother, but one day in college they’re paired up for a group project, and then when they go to Yoongi’s house something happens? I’d prefer a lot of fluff and if you want you can do smut at the end or something. Thank you !! I never get over cliche fanfictions <3

High school was hell. Everywhere you went, you couldn’t escape your nuisance of a neighbor Min Yoongi. It was bad enough that every night, that should have been silent, was filled with the rap music that floated from his open window into your tightly shut window, but your time at school was also disturbed by his treacherous presence.

Everyday was the same. You woke up to some classical music coming from Yoongi’s house, which was arguably the best part of your day, and began to make your way to school. At school, without fail, you would be in the middle of second period when Yoongi would laze his way through the unlocked classroom door and take a seat right behind you, reminding you of the day when you were in third grade when Yoongi cut a chunk of your hair off. It was safe to say every time he sat behind you, you felt a shiver go down your back.

Somehow, probably by the counselor, she never liked you, you had nearly every class with Mr. I Don’t Care himself. The majority of your life was spent with the bane of your existence, so naturally when you were accepted into your dream college, very far from home, you were excited to finally leave this part of your life behind you. Unfortunately, dreams rarely come true.

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