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Debunking Hogwarts Rumors

There have been some rumors among the Hogwarts Student Body about the Gryffindor favorites, it’s definitely from those who don’t know them, it’s time to set the record straight.

Sirius Black is a Soft Flower Child

Sirius: The fuck you lookin’ at?

Remus is a Swot

*During Prefect Duties*

*Student out of bed*

Remus: No. Stop. Come back.

James is an Uncaring Asshole

James: Hey, hey, hey. Forget him, I’ll buy you a hundred flowers! I’ll put lace-wing flies in his potion tomorrow! I’ll send him a Howler everyday for a year!

Peter is a Lady’s Man

*girl sits down to talk with Peter*

*Peter leaves*

Lily is a Hard-Ass 

*weekly quiet time with Dorcas*

Marlene and Dorcas are “Gal Pals”

Dorcas: I love you.

Marlene: I love you too, Meadows.

236. We are not allowed to disregard the rule ‘No students out of bed at night’.

We weren’t out of bed, though. - PP

No we were not. Another example of how these professors clearly have it out for us. - SB

You were levitating your bed around Hogwart’s halls. I think that violated the rule. - RL

But we never left our beds. - JP

If the professors didn’t want us levitating our beds around Hogwarts, they should have specified it. - SB

I don’t think the professors took into consideration that we would find a loophole in this rule. - RL

Credit to @my-ships-will-never-be-sank for sending this prank idea my way! 

King Scorpion/Gryffindor!Albus AU

A collective sigh sounds through-out the castle as the emergency alarm goes off for the third time that week. Students stumble out of their beds, bleary eyed and whining, and head to the Great Hall. Small cots line the floor of the hall for the students. Scorpius is one of the first to enter, sleep deprived and bothered- students slowly file in, and he is the last to have an empty cot next to him.


We’re done>> Hongbin, you (Part 3)

Please prepare a tissue box next to you. 

Why would you guys say yes when I asked you to say no? XD why?

Part 1 | 2

The next day you decided to stay at the dorm. It was the best decision to avoid Hongbin. You were concerned about your classes and that your absence would affect your GPA.

But you couldn’t bring yourself to step out of your bed. You remembered the students’ eyes in the food court, how they looked at you with pity. You winced, pulling the blanket over your body. The memory made you feel embarrassed and ashamed.

Around your neck, there was a silver necklace. Your fingers reached to the charm hanging in it. You felt a sudden burning in your throat, the back of your eyes stung with tears. You couldn’t have imagined that you and Hongbin would end up this way.

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Trouble Part 1 (Tom Riddle)

Part Two

A/n- I’ve got to admit that I’m addicted to young!tom I’m so sorry,,, summary: you were doing prefect duties with tom and things got heated afterwards ;) let me know if you guys want a part two xx

- - -

You looked into the mirror one last time, examining your light makeup. Then you straightened your green Slytherin tie and walked out of the prefect’s bathroom. It was the first night for you being a prefect to patrol the Hogwarts corridors and hallways, checking for unusual movements and students that are out of bed. You were supposed to meet the other male prefect, but at the time, you had no idea where he was. You heard all about him, a handsome, intelligent, yet mysterious boy. Tom Riddle. You ran your fingers through the edge of your shirt, searching for him. Then you saw him leaning against the white stone wall.

“Um, Riddle?” You weren’t sure what to call him as the sound of your voice echoed.

“Right here, y/l/n.” He smiled politely. You wondered how was it possible for someone, or anyone, to look and act this perfect. He continued, “I’ll start with the first floor.” You frowned slightly, “you?”

“Is there a problem? Or do you want this floor?” He replied with the same smile on his face. You could feel your heart beating restlessly, although you weren’t sure why. He had a distinctive atmosphere around him, one that attracted you. 

“I was thinking, why don’t we patrol together since it’s the first night after all?” You said weakly.

There was a hint of surprise on his face, “oh, sure. Follow me.”

The two of you walked around in silence. You didn’t know what to say, so you just tried to follow his pace. There was a sound of someone sobbing, and you raised an eyebrow at Tom. He nodded, and you both followed the source of the sound. Then you heard it clearly, a girl sobbing. 

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To the Students
  1. To the students who work really hard on that one assignment, only to have the dog actually eat it or your roommate to spill their tea on your computer, the students who give all they have and shit happens. It isn’t your fault. You deserve an A+ I’m proud of you.

  2. To the students who could not do their assignments because they could not recover from emotional sufferings. The students who’s major accomplishment of the day was getting out of bed. You deserve an A+ I’m proud of you.

Night Life

Hermione x Reader

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Request by @icesoccerer: Your works are great and I do have a request. Could you possibly write Hermione x Female Reader? From Hermione POV? The plot is all up to you :) Thanks :)

Night Life

Warning: I think some swearing?

Hermione’s Point Of View.

I wasn’t suposed to be out of bed, I knew that. Students caught wandering the halls late at night were practically guareenteed a detention if Filch were to find you. Before everything that had happened I would of been to worried of getting a bad reputation I would have stayed in bed for the whole evening but tonight I felt the need to move, see the castle in the dim light of the moon. I hoped that it would take away the memories of today.

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I know everyone else always laughs when McGonagall is all, “Four students out of bed at once, I’ve never heard of such a thing” because the Marauders were a thing…but I laugh because if Minerva McGonagall expects me to believe that she never snuck out of bed in the middle of the night she has another thing coming…


we had a celebration evening at school today for my sixth form and i won a trophy for academic excellence and i didn’t cry once !!!!

I CHOOSE DARE// Draco imagine

It was the night before the next quidditch game: slytherin vs hufflepuff. Sense the slytherin team got a new keeper it’s been a tradition to have the house hang out the night before.
It was 11pm and most students went to bed. The rest sat around in a circle playing truth or dare: you being on of them.
“(Y/n) truth or dare?” Blaise smiled at you.
You thought for a second, “dare!” You smile back at him.
“Oh arnt you confident… Okay, kiss Draco.”
You’re heart leaped.
“That’s not fair to Draco.” You say trying to hide the pink in your cheeks.
“It’s okay.” Draco smiles next to you.
You both lean in slowly, eyes closed.
His soft lips graze across yours- but he stops
“I’ve been waiting a long time for this” he says softly so only you can hear before pressing his lips onto yours bringing one hand up to your check. Kissing back you could feel him smiling.
After a second you both pull away “hey (y/a), I dare you to go out with me.” He whispers softly.
“Ok.” You say softly back.

anonymous asked:

Hey! I just read the one about James and Remus making fun of you and I laughed so much! Could you do something where you stay in Remus' dorm and when you wake up all the boys find you and they are like SHOOK. I feel like it'd be really funny, thanks!

Haha omg, that’d be so funny especially now that I just literally woke up! 😂😂 sorry if this is a bit late.



(Y/n) have stayed up late, waiting for Remus to return from his prefect duties. It was his turn to patrol around Hogwarts to look for any students out of bed and bring them to Professor McGonagall but luckily, he did not find anyone from his own house. It was almost midnight when he returned and (Y/n) was still wide awake in the common room, chatting Lily.

“So you use those bicycle things to go around town?” (Y/n) asked. She was curious about the muggles and how they manage to do everything without magic. It intrigued her so much and so she would ask Lily all sorts of questions and Lily was patient enough to accommodate her.

“Precisely! But I prefer walking. I like looking at the shops and when you’re riding a bike, you can’t quite look around besides the road.”

The girls chuckled and watched the door open as Remus entered. (Y/n) was the first to stand up and greet Remus with a tender kiss on his cheek. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled back to kiss her nose. The two have been dating for quite some time now and no one else was as surprised as the Marauders after they found out. He was the first out of all four of them which gave them every opportunity to tease him.

“Hello, love.”

“How did it go, sweetie?” She smiled, her hands brushing his hair away from his eyes affectionately.

“No one from Gryffindor. Just some Ravenclaws staying up late again in the library.”

“Have you found where the boys went?”

“No sign of them. Prongs must’ve brought his Invisibility cloak.”

“Well, we have the room all to ourselves now, don’t we?” (Y/n) smirked and was fiddling with his neck tie when Lily cleared her throat to catch their attention.

“Um, so I take it, I should go now?”

Remus blushed embarrassingly, “O-Oh…Evans. You’re still up.”

“Oh, don’t worry about me! I’m off to bed! I’m sooo sleepy. See?” She gave a very fake yawn and stretched before she stood up from the couch and made her way to the stairs.

“Good night, Lupin! Good night, (Y/n)! I’ll see you two in the morning.”

“Good night, silly Lily.” (Y/n) teased as her friend disappeared. She turned back her attention to her boyfriend who was now balancing a tiny piece of chocolate between his teeth. She giggled and pulled him by his tie, kissing his lips lightly while he tried to push the chocolate into her mouth. She bit it and allowed the sugary sweet taste to melt deliciously in her mouth.

“Do you like it?” Remus said.

“I do! Where’d you get it?”

“That’s a secret.” He smirked and kissed the top of her head, his hand taking hers as he led her to his room. He stopped in front of their door and turned to face her.

“This is it. The birthplace of our greatness.”

(Y/n) rolled her eyes but still kept a smile. Remus opened the door to reveal a cozy bedroom with four beds, all neatly kept. She was not expecting to find it so clean especially knowing how troublesome they were. She was more than surprised.

“I never knew those boys could keep a clean room.”

Remus chuckled and made his way towards his bed, fixing the pillows and blankets for (Y/n). “Lay down with me, please? I promise I’ll take you back to your dorm.”

(Y/n) could not deny his request. She adored him and seeing him give her those pleading look in his eyes could not restrain her so she nodded and began to remove her socks and shoes. She crawled up to his bed and sat down while he untied her messy bun. He began to gently brush her hair as it cascaded down to her back, his fingers delicately combing it.

It was her favorite thing about him. He always treated her so kindly, making sure she was well taken care of. He would often ask her if she ate a good meal or if she’s feeling any ache in her body and although sometimes it annoyed her, it was his special way of showing how much he loves her.

They soon fell fast asleep on his bed with his arm around her, snoring lightly while her head rested on his chest.


“Shh! Don’t wake them up.”

“Wormtail, close the door very slowly.”

“Prongs! You stepped on my foot!”


Remus stirred in his bed and buried his nose in (Y/n)’s neck who was now awoken by the loud whispers coming from the boys. She kept her eyes closed but when she felt them surround the bed, she opened her eyes to find them with smirks and grins on their faces. She nudged Remus and immediately, he sat up and covered (Y/n) with a blanket.

“Honestly, boys, do you mind?”

“Not at all, Moony,” James said, crossing his arms.

“Oh, Moony! What is this?” Sirius exclaimed, picking up (Y/n)’s belongings. “You made her remove her shoe! The audacity!”

Peter laughed and handed him her socks, the two now completely blushing.

“And this! Even her socks, Moony! This leaves nothing to the imagination!”

“Look at our lil’ pup, all grown up,” James began to wipe the non existent tears coming down from his eyes.

“I don’t suppose you two have anything better to do,” Remus said, keeping (Y/n) close to him.

“Nope. We just got back so we need to sleep. Good morning, by the way.”

The boys closed the curtains to give the two some privacy and went back to their to their beds. Remus turned to (Y/n) and softly mumbled.

“I’m sorry about that. It’s alright if you don’t want to come into this room again.”

“Its alright. I shouldn’t have overstayed.”

“What? No! It’s fine, really! I-I enjoyed your stay even though you took all the blankets.”

“I did not!”

“Yes, you did.”

“Did not!”

“Mm, no.”

“I didn't–”

“Can you two bloody shut up?!” Sirius shouted from his bed, making the two hide under the blankets and laugh.

“I love you so much, (Y/n).” He said after a while.

“I love you too, Remus.” She giggled before giving him a quick peck.

Hope you liked it!



Today so far

well i got out of bed at 9am, after only sleeping four hours.

drove out past the airport to pick up my friend who had been snow stuck there last night

went to school for my mock interview (which i killed by the way!)

and now i’m home on the couch about to fall asleep but i can’t because i have class in an hour and i have no idea what to expect

i’m tired

so tired

i’ve tried everything