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The cosplay glow up is so real guys omg.

Wittness my first ever cosplay, which was of Bowser.😂 The “shell” was just paper and twine and all the other accessories were duck tape. I used spray hair dye to dye my hair. Don’t even bring up my horrible makeup skills back then. 😱

My first costume looked nothing like all the cosplayers who had inspired me to try out cosplay, but I had fun making my outfit and hanging out in costume! So I continued to cosplay and eventually discovered I could incorporate my love of crochet into my costumes. And from there a fire was lit!

Now that I have a few costumes under my belt and I’ve successfully landed on a cosplay style that’s unique to me, I’m happy to revisit my starting point.💖💖💖

I’m also happy to say that I’m sitting here, typing this out in my dorm room as I prepare to begin my journey at art school. Thanks to all the support from my friends and family I’m able to pursue my passion for crochet costumes and learn even more about the fiber arts. I hope I can come out of school with even cooler costumes!

Les Mis Professor Enjolras AU

So a little while ago I came up with the idea of Enjolras being an English Professor and being one of those professors that are really passionate about what they teach, but also one of those professors that has a significant other that their class is familiar with (when I was in middle school one of the teacher’s husband use to come in and bring her something she needed every few weeks and he always wore glasses and a hat when dropping stuff off so everyone would joke that he was her “boyfriend” because of how the outfit made him look so different). This is the first part of a long long series of headcanons so just you wait. Here are the first few!

•Enjolras begins teaching college students and is one of those intensely passionate professor but is also the youngest professor.

  • He teaches English and is always trying to inspire his students to stand up for what they believe in.
  • Enjolras has all his students call him “Mr. E” or something of the sort, because being called by his last name with the prefixes “Mr” and “Professor” made him uncomfortable and reminded him of his father.
  • He’s also got quick responses to the kids who backtalk cause his boyfriend has given him plenty of practice

•His students end up meeting Grantaire early on because R constantly stops in to bring his boyfriend coffee and stuff and then makes jokes to the classes and E doesn’t approve

  • It gets to the point where every time Grantaire enters the room, the members of whatever class E is teaching stand up with finger guns and go “AYYYYYYY”. Enjolras is not a fan of this practice.

•At Halloween E and R dress in matching costumes but E’s students don’t understand the costume at all until R comes in with one of those pumpkin lattes for his bf (because Enjolras is a basic white girl) and everyone is like “ohhhh” (Idk what the costumes would be but I thought it was a cute idea so send me ideas in my inbox)

•At like the end of November Enjolras mentions at the end of his class that Grantaire is gonna have his work in an art gallery for a week and he wanted E to find out if any of the students wanted to go to the opening night

  • Almost everyone shows up and they all giggle because almost all of the art is of Enjolras (obviously)
  • Enjolras smacks Grantaire’s arm (playfully) and is like “why did you only put up the ones of me you jerk, you have plenty of paintings of landscapes” and R is like “cause my paintings of you are my best work” and all the students go “awwww" E is just like “omg I hate you so much you’re such a cruel boyfriend”

•At the end of the semester E makes cookies for everyone and gives the students that aren’t taking classes with him the next semester little poems and they have a little class party

•At the start of the new semester R gets a habit of showing up at the end of E’s morning classes with a coffee for him and a sandwich bag at lunchtime on the days he doesn’t have to work himself

  • The newer students really enjoy the idea of a cute little artist guy popping in at the end of classes to bring his boyfriend a coffee because they’re adorable

•Valentine’s Day involves an elaborate scheme

  • Grantaire gets a bunch of paper hearts and writes down every memory related to Enjolras like “going to the first Les Amis meeting and practically dying” “whining to Courf about feelings” “painting you for the first time” “getting drunk with Éponine because pining” “taking you on the tour of favorite sites for our first date” “kissing in front of the Louvre” “Courf and Ferre’s wedding” “Trip to America” “Start of your new job”
  • The students in Enjolras’s first morning class put them up all around the room and pester Grantaire like crazy because it’s cute
  • Grantaire also gets those students to all sit at their desks and hold up letters that spell out “I love you, Enjolras”
  • R also stands in the back of the room with a rose in hiding
  • Enjolras walks into his classroom that morning and almost bursts into tears
  • R steps down with the rose and gives his boyfriend a kiss and everyone applauds because they’re adorable

•In March, Grantaire gets a letter in the mail and instantly runs to Enjolras once he reads it

  • Unfortunately Enjolras is teaching a class and R doesn’t want to interrupt his bf so he just bounces up and down outside the door waiting for the class to finish up
  • After a while a student raises his hand and goes to Enjolras “Hey Mr.E? Grantaire has been bouncing up and down outside the classroom door for like the last 10 minutes, I think he needs to talk to you”
  • Enjolras goes out of the room to his excited boyfriend and is shown a letter, reading that Grantaire got into a serious artist program that takes place in July and could be a big boost for him
  • E and R celebrate almost all night with Courf and Ferre and E definitely regrets it the next morning when he’s teaching an 8 am class with a hangover (He promises himself that he will never do that ever again)

•In April, Enjolras and his class study the Hunchback of Notre Dame (1. Because Victor Hugo and 2. Because Enjolras would love that book tbh) and so the class goes on a field trip to Notre Dame (since it’s only about a 20 minute walk from the school)

  • Grantaire goes with them because he knows Paris better than anyone and he’s spent lots of time at Notre Dame for inspiration
  • The kids are convinced it’s because Enjolras just wants an excuse to hang out with his boyfriend
  • Grantaire thinks it is too but doesn’t mention it
  • Enjolras wanted to see his boyfriend but also loves the fact that his boyfriend knew so much and loves watching him when he goes on about the stuff so he hopes his students enjoy it

•In May, before the end of the semester the college throws a big party/fair for all the students and also to raise funds for classes

  • R sets up a little station where he draws portraits of students while E sets up a table with buttons and pins you can buy
  • A couple students come up to them and ask them to tell the story of how they met. After 7 times, Enjolras puts out a sign saying their Love Story costs 5 bucks to listen to it

•While packing up his classroom some students stick around and chat with Enjolras

  • The students get all nosy and ask about E’s summer plans
  • “Since Grantaire got accepted to his program and will be gone for most of July, we’re planning on doing a lot of fun things together in June, also because it’s a big month for us because of our anniversary and my birthday”

•Once all the students leave Enjolras finishes his packing and waits for his boyfriend to come pick him up

  • Enjolras and Grantaire take the boxes out to the car and E ends up wrapping his arms around his boyfriend who says to him “I’m so glad you took this job, you’ve been really happy since”

EDIT: Originally I used Enjolras more as a first name than last name. I’ve since changed that after finding a first name that fits him well so “Enjolras has all his students call him […] ‘Professor Enjolras’ […] because being called by his last name made him uncomfortable” has been changed to fit the storyline better.

The Preschool Teacher - Chapter Four

“Don’t mess with it, you’re going to mess it up!” Harry told his son, trying to adjust the makeshift Halloween costume he was attempting to create.

“It’s scratchy!” Jack complained.

Exasperated, Harry pulled the offending item off of his son and blubbered his lips in frustration.

“What are we goin’ to do about a costume?” Harry asked, looking at his son’s same perplexed look he knew he must also be wearing. “Autumn Festival’s tomorrow, and we’ve yet to figure out a costume.”

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Yes Sir Part 7

Yes Sir Part 7: The List

Professor John Winchester and his girl tease each other in more ways than one.

Series Masterlist   Warnings: Smutty smut smut- the usual plus role play and restraints. And lots of fluff. WC: 6972  On AO3  Gifs aren’t mine; I made the other additions. 

A/N: I got really creative with this part. Hope you like it! Thanks to the awesome followers of this story; all of your great feedback and love has made this a joy to write. 

Law and Order. Real Housewives. CNN. I sighed as I flipped through the channels on my TV. I was bored. I’d done homework for hours, was off work for the night, and all of my friends were busy studying. And for the fifth night in a row, my boyfriend was out of town at a college educator’s conference.

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Dangan Ronpa April Fools Day Headcannons

(I have no idea if April Fools Day is actually a thing in Japan, but whatevs! Also it’s not April 1st here yet, but I’m already seeing pranks going around so I figure it’s fair game to put it up now. In order of who I thought of first.)

Kiyotaka Ishimaru

  • Spends the week leading up to the day telling everyone in the school that April Fools Day pranks will not be tolerated, especially those of a physical nature that cause damage or pain!
  • Becomes the main target for most of the nasty pranks as a results, tries to put on a brave face and says he’s glad it’s him and not one of his friends, but he still spends the day getting gradually more and more hurt and upset by the pranks directed at him.
  • Keeps having to change his uniform because they’re getting stained. Eventually all ten get damaged and he spends part of the evening doing laundry in his underwear and a towel just so he has something to wear.

Sayaka Maizono

  • Before the day even starts there’s fake screen shots of a new album from her band going around, talk of amazing sounding press appearances, basically fake news that her fans are getting really excited for
  • She doesn’t do any pranks herself, just spends the day apologetically denying all the fake rumours to her fans, and gets upset that she has to make them upset that she isn’t able/planning to do any of those things they were all really excited about.

Leon Kuwata

  • Starts the day thinking all the crazy pranks and fake online news that only gullible dumbasses would fall for are hilarious… until he sees how genuinely upset Sayaka is, at which point he goes online and start angrily lambasting everyone sharing the fake news about her band.
  • Still thinks physical pranks are funny though, and sets up several of the classic ones- buckets of water/jello/soft balls perched on doors, thumbtacks on chairs, some tripwires areas with softer flooring, etc. This is much to the annoyance of…

Mondo Oowada

  • Doesn’t really care about the day. He thinks people making their friends look stupid is bullshit, but realises it’s just tradition and they don’t mean anything by it. He’s spent the last week making it clear that anyone dumb enough to make him look like a fool is getting a beat down in return though, so no one tries anything that might hit him.
  • Ends up spending the day getting increasingly angry at how Kiyotaka is being treated, which ends up with him slamming Leon into a wall when one of his buckets of jello just happens to ruin Kiyotaka’s final clean uniform. It takes a combined effort from Kiyotaka, Chihiro and Makoto to stop him from punching Leon.

Aoi Asahina

  • Likes the idea of silly pranks, but wouldn’t dream of actually hurting anyone. Most of her pranks are food based, such as switching the sugar with salt, and offering people gross foods disguised as candy (caramel onions, chocolate-coated boiled sprouts, Mayonnaise filled donuts)
  • Feels bad for tricking them regardless, and offers them real candy/donuts to make up for it once they’ve fallen for it.

Sakura Oogami

  • Doesn’t really get involved in the day. It’s not something she’s familiar with, and it seems foolish to her.
  • No one dares target her either, aside from Asahina, so she doesn’t suffer at all. Even when Asahina targets her, she doesn’t realise it’s a prank and just tries to give her cooking tips until Hina confesses that it was supposed to be a joke.

Hifumi Yamada

  • Gets stupendously excited about the news of a new season of Demon Angel * Pretty Pudgy Princess, until he discovers that it’s fake and is crushed. But then he decides to get in on the fun and writes a post declaring that from this day on he’s quitting fan art and only drawing photo-realistic pictures of snakes. Spends the rest of the day bathing in the outcry from his disappointed fans before admitting that he made it up for April Fools.
  • Because of this, he spends most of the day at the computer and doesn’t get hit by many pranks, except for the ones set up by…

Chihiro Fujisaki

  • Knows not to trust anything online today, unless there are multiple sources for it. Doesn’t get hit by many pranks in real life, because A) No ones that much of an asshole to target tiny little Fujisaki and B) They figure Mondo would kill them if they did.
  • Plays a few computer based pranks: Troll-face stickers stuck on the underside of the mice in the computer labs (So they don’t work), sets the home page on every browser to Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up, gets Alter-Ego to imitate various people and insist that they’ve been trapped in the computer. Stupid stuff that even Kiyotaka manages to laugh at.

Celestia Ludenberg

  • She thinks the whole thing is petty, but she’s bet several of the tougher students that she can scare the life out of them at some point during the day, so she sets up various jump-scare type pranks, with help from coerced victims  volunteers. Stuff like cardboard cutouts of insects placed inside lamp shades, creepy manequins floating around in quiet classrooms, students in scary costumes jumping out unexpectedly. 
  • She wins all her bets, and spends the day making sure she doesn’t go anywhere/try anything she hasn’t just watched someone else go/try first, making her immune to most other pranks.

Makoto Naegi

  • Tries to do a few of the sillier classic pranks, but his bad luck means he ends up victim of the prank he was just attempting to play. 
  • Examples: Tries to swap salt and sugar, but fails to notice Hina’s already done it, so it’s just himself with salt in his morning coffee. Goes to set up a bucket of plastic balls over the homeroom classroom door and gets hit by Leon’s first bucket of water instead.
  • In the end he just gives up and decides to help…

Kyoko Kirigiri

  • She’s not interested in pulling pranks (Except the odd bit of teasing aimed at Makoto), and she manages to spot most of them before they hit her, especially as she’s being extra cautious today.
  • She’s still a detective though, and spends most of the day with Makoto collecting evidence to determine who set up most of them, which she then passes to Kiyotaka at the end of the day.

Yasuhiro Hagakure

  • Decides he’s going to prank everyone by just spouting nonsense instead of giving real predictions. Ironically his nonsense is 100% accurate, and he spends the next few weeks trying to replicate the effect, but without any luck.
  • Previously tried to predict what pranks were going to get played on him, so he dodges a few things, but still gets hit by a ton of stuff. (He’s also the only person other than Makoto with salt in his morning drink)

Byakuya Togami 

  • Doesn’t set up any pranks, obviously he’s far too refined for that petty nonsense! He has approved a few false news articles about ‘upcoming’ physically impossible/ridiculous Togami brand products, because apparently that sort of thing results in good viral marketing (he’s consulted Fujisaki on this though, and vetoed a coupld of ideas on the programmer’s advice)
  • Does get hit by a few of the practical jokes as well, but the jokes of them once Kirigiri gives him evidence he needs to send them the dry-cleaning bill for his fancy suits… Assuming they’ve not already had the life scared out of them by…

Toko Fukawa/Genocider Syo

  • Toko tries to spend the day hiding in her room, but gets dragged out by Kiyotaka who insists she still has to go to class and that his warnings will have prevented any wronging today.
  • About ten minutes after that she’s hit with a burst of black pepper from some pranks, making her sneeze and spend several hours as Genocider, whose idea of a good April Fools Day prank is to jump out at people screaming “You’re so fucking cute I’m gonna kill ya!” and then, once they’ve wet themselves, burst out laughing and tell them not to worry, they’re too ugly for her to kill.

Mukuro Ikusaba

  • At Junko’s suggestion, dresses up as and acts like her sister. The pair pretend Junko’s been cloned until everyone’s seen through it and Junko gets bored of the prank.
  • Spends the rest of the day being incredibly cautious not to get hit by pranks, because she doesn’t dare ruin the clothes or wig Junko lent her. Her soldier training makes her successful at this.

Junko Enoshima

  • Once she’s done pretending to be a clone, starts pulling off really crazy pranks, like breaking into the boys lockers while they’re in gym and replacing their trousers with skirts, hacking the school announcent system and having Monokuma do a broadcast, fills the headmaster’s office with balloons and finally spends the evening finding people who have fallen asleep and painting their faces with crazy makeup, then taking pictures.
  • Despite the craziness of her pranks, she’s the only one Kyoko can’t find any evidence against, so she gets off scot-free.
About a Girl [3]

Originally posted by jinkooks

The disappointment

You had been working for Mr. Kim for nearly two months now, and things had gone pretty smoothly. You and Jangmi had bonded rather quickly. It made the job much easier. The one thing that didn’t make it easier was Mr. Kims absence. Jangmi would often ask about him, but you were never really sure how to answer. Most of the time you’d change the subject.

Jangmi squirmed as you pinned the last flower onto her dress for her school play tomorrow night. “Jangmi, you need to stay still. You don’t want me to accidentally prick you, do you?”

“No,” she muttered. “I just wanna see the dress!”

You gave her a warm smile. “Be patient, I’m almost finished.” You put the final stitch in, feeling relieved that you had finally finished. You sat back to admire your handy work. “Alright, we’re all done.”

Jangmi jumped down from the stool that she had been standing on, running to the full length mirror. She squealed in excitement at her reflection. She twirled in her dress. “Miss Y/LN, it’s perfect!” She rushed back to you, wrapping her arms around your waist. “Thank you so much.”

You gave her a pat on her head, “Anytime. Now, why don’t you go change into your pjs while I clean up. Alright?”

Jangmi skipped off to the bathroom as you cleaned up the mess that you had  made. Various pieces of cloth had been scattered across the room, it was your job to gather it all up. “Looks like a hurricane came through here,” a deep voice spoke.

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This is my self-insert BNHA OC!! lmao Based on that very intricate assessment of what Quirk I will have in the bnha universe:

  • First name: Renge (means Lotus)
  • Last name: Dokuhana (poisonous flower) (I’m really creative aren’t I)
  • Class: 1-H (because I want her to be with Mei and Chi)
  • Likes: Video games, cats.
  • As a support student, her skill is towards costume design.

And in true self-insert spirit, she’s a little shit

It’s about the thrill of it, really. That’s the reason Canned Pork tried out for the annual Halloween shadowcast in the first place. It’s not that Canned Pork is particularly talented; they don’t have a singer’s voice, a dancer’s grace, or an actor’s nuance. What they’ve got is their guts, their sense of humor, a knack for entertaining others, and a willingness to get weird. For Rocky Horror, that’s enough.

It’s the thrill of it that motivates Canned Pork to keep pouring energy out at rehearsals even when their classes are exhausting them; it’s the thrill of it that electrifies them on Halloween evening when the rest of campus is out pre-gaming and they’re perfecting their glitter eyeshadow in the dressing room. It’s the thrill that shelters them from stage fright when they glance out from the wings and see the audience crowding the seats, drunk and riotous and glittering in their costumes and their lingerie. It’s the thrill that moves them through every dance- still uncoordinated, still ungraceful, but with such wildness and such energy that they can feel the house burning down. It’s the thrill that still buoys them up as they walk across campus after curtains, size 11.5 feet aching in size 11 platform heels stuffed with salt packets, applause still echoing in their ears.

The night is chilly, especially considering Canned Pork is still in just a corset and fishnets, but the air’s cold bite is refreshing after all the sweating onstage. Despite the late hour- when is it, even? They must have lost track of time in the excitement of the show- campus is still teeming with life and laughter, students in costume flitting about like so many brilliant moths. Canned Pork collects more than a few high fives from fans of their performance, and when a voice from about three feet above their left ear says “you were fantastic in the show tonight!” they don’t remember the old superstition about not saying “thanks!” until the word has already left their painted lips.

The night is chilly. Campus is still teeming with life and laughter. Canned Pork slowly looks up at whoever complimented them, then quickly looks away. The path back to the dorms seems impossibly long now, and suddenly it seems that not everything flitting about is actually wearing a costume.

Canned Pork is not particularly talented, nor, they realize, are they particularly smart. They do not have a singer’s voice, a dancer’s grace, or an actor’s nuance. They’ve got the steel in their corset, the salt in their shoes, their guts, their sense of humor, their knack for entertaining others, and their willingness to get weird.

They’re going to have to pray that will be enough.


(A note from the writer: at my school, there’s a clause in the student constitution that states a student group MUST put on a shadowcast performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show every year on the weekend of Halloween. I don’t know who demanded it or why, but I’ve been in that performance two years running now. It’s always a fun time, and the bright lights keep us from seeing anyone (or anything) in the audience too closely.)


naviness  asked:

#55 with Jungkook!

Prompt request: “Whoa.”

Genre: Fluff

Summary: You are volunteering for your school’s city-wide dance competition when you meet Jungkook for the first time.

Word count: 1.6k

Why you decided to volunteer for your school board’s annual dance competition, you didn’t know. Why you were elected to lead the committee, you really didn’t know. All you were intending to do was design a few posters. Instead, you found yourself devoting hours every day to organizing this damn event.

Today, on the day of the competition, you were finalizing everything. Since you attended an art school, there was a classic theatre that seated around three hundred people. You currently stood in centre stage as you monitored the last sound check.

“Hey, Y/N,” Namjoon, the president of the Stage Crew, called from the crowd. You couldn’t see him because the stage lights were too bright. “Try to relax. My team’s got you!”

You sighed, sticking your hands into your pockets. “I’m trying, but this is the day of the event and I really need everything to go smoothly,” you answered.

A teacher beckoned you to the side, alerting you of the arrival of the first school. You nodded and rushed to greet them. Darting through the hallways (the floors had been cleaned and waxed, as per your request), you arrived at the front of the school just in time to see the students exit the bus.

You pushed through the entrance with your best smile plastered on your face. At this point, it probably looked more like a grimace.

“Hello! I’m Y/N,” you greeted. “Welcome to YG School of the Arts.”

“Hi, Y/N,” the teacher responded. He was a large, friendly looking Asian man. “Nice to meet you. We’re representing BigHit Collegiate.”

“If you can follow me, I’ll show you to the changerooms,” you said with a smile, starting to turn towards the school.

“Actually,” a voice interrupted. You turned, seeing a smirking, tall boy looking back at me. He had pale skin and a muscular build. “We’re all dressed and ready to go.”

He motioned towards himself and the rest of the crew. Finally, you took in the fact they were all wearing ridiculous costumes. Each member was dressed in all-white military uniforms–little hats, squeaky clean dress shoes, and everything else. You wanted to be embarrassed for not noticing, but you were more embarrassed for them having to wear that.

“Oh, so you are,” you replied easily.

Another student hit the good-looking, sassy boy in the back of the head.

“Jungkook!” the shorter, also muscular student hissed. “Don’t be rude! This is why we never get to go to events like these!”

The teacher sighed and rubbed his hand over his face. “Please, Y/N, just lead the way.”

After you had escorted the BigHit representatives to the waiting area, the other schools began to arrive. Guests also began to file into the theatre, and as the event progressed smoothly, you felt a weight fall off your shoulders.

You handed out brochures with the greeting committee, and once Namjoon signalled you that the show was starting, you slipped into the theatre.

The MC of the event was an outgoing student named Seungkwan, who was a junior and a year younger than you. He commenced the competition with a series of jokes that had the entire audience, including you, in tears.

The event was divided by genre, although there were only contemporary and hip-hop being performed. Each school was able to perform a five-minute set in each category.

Since YG was the home school, our representatives presented first. As always, your classmates slayed the hip-hop category. Your friend, Lisa, was the head choreographer and she never failed to impress.

You barely watched the other schools. Their performances were nothing special. But you weren’t really one to judge, since your expertise was in Fine Arts, not dance.

Finally, the last school to perform, BigHit, appeared on stage. This was only their second year performing, but they had quickly established a name for themselves.

The BigHit boys caught the attention of the entire audience as they began their segment with a powerful marching sequence. The boy at leading the crew caught your attention. His face was downturned and his cap obscured his features, but you could the still see muscular legs he possessed. You were fairly certain this was the boy that had sassed you earlier, Jungkook.

As the track transitioned from a marching band track to a hip-hop one, the dancers on stage threw their hats into the crowd. Another boy switched places with Jungkook, and you struggled to locate the dancer as he fell back into the mass of other dancers.

You had to admit, their dance was leagues above everyone else’s. They included nuances (like a machine gun of bodies, what was that?) that the other schools couldn’t dream of attempting.

You watched, rapt, as the track transitioned to a rock song and Jungkook took centre stage. His movements were so sharp and powerful, and the expression he wore was charismatic. The BigHit dancers finished the performance, standing completely still as Jungkook cooly regarded the audience.

He was looking in your general direction, the sweat dripping down his neck illuminated by the stage lights. The bright lights highlighted the sharpness of his jaw and the muscular chords of his neck. As the lights dimmed, he caught your eye and smirked.

You swore, in that moment, your heart stopped. You could do nothing but gape back at him before the stage turned completely dark and Jungkook disappeared. Your could feel your heart beating quickly in your chest, and your mind went blank.

“Woah,” you breathed.

The judges deliberated in between the transition from the hip-hop groups to the contemporary ones. You made your way backstage to give the remaining performers a rundown of the events.

Once backstage, you were met by a smaller group of students dressed in less flashy costumes. Most were barefoot in loose, neutral coloured clothing. Most of them didn’t look nervous and regarded you disinterestedly.

A little awkwardly, you cleared your throat and instructed them through the rest of the night’s proceedings. Everyone acknowledged you halfheartedly, opting to practice their dances in the limited space.

Sighing, you turned around to return back to the audience to regroup with your fellow committee members. As you began to walk forwards, you bumped into a hard, unmoving body.

“Oh, sorry!” you exclaimed, stepping back.

It was Jungkook. Dressed in all black. His shirt was loose and slipped past his collarbones, revealing a muscular chest, still slick with sweat from his previous performance. Your mouth went dry as you looked at the glowing boy in front of you.

He cleared his throat and your gaze snapped to his, a fiery blush dusting your cheeks.

“Hey, I’m Jungkook,” he said with a small smile. His front teeth protruded slightly, and his cute bunny smile made his presence a little less intimidating. Just a little. “You’re Y/N, right?”

“Yeah, that’s me,” you replied. An awkward giggle bubbled up, and you couldn’t stop it from escaping. “Um–your performance was really good. I haven’t seen anything like that before.”

“Thanks,” he grinned, his smile larger and more genuine than before. “Hoseok, the one who led the hip-hop part of the track, choreographed it. He’s the best out of all of us.”

“It was really impressive,” you agreed. You fidgeted with your hands and averted your eyes before saying, “You were, uh, really good, too! Very powerful, and stuff.”

Jungkooked laughed, tilting his head back a little bit. “Thank you, Y/N,” he said, his voice lowering. “Watch this performance, too.”

You agreed and rushed out of there, your face on fire.

After the competition was over, the adrenaline that had kept you going throughout the event had vanished. You were left, completely drained, bidding farewell to the schools that had attended.

BigHit had won first place in both categories, which was unheard of until now. You did watch their second performance, and Jungkook was as smooth as he was strong. Their contemporary piece was sensual, to say the least. The relentless bedroom eyes Jungkook gave the crowd certainly added to that.

Just as you were saying goodbye to your friends from SM Academy, the resonating whoops and hollers from the victors sounded from behind you. The boys rushed past you, trophies clutched in Hoseok’s arms, as they raced into their bus.

Suddenly, an arm snaked around your waist. You jumped in surprise, but the strong arm kept you firmly in place. You looked up and were met by Jungkook’s heavy gaze.

“Hey, Y/N,” Jungkook said. His grip around you loosened slightly, but his arm didn’t move. “So, what did you think of our contemporary?”

“It was too sexy,” you blurted out without thinking. “I couldn’t watch properly.”

Jungkook laughed, his bunny smile brightening his face. You couldn’t help but smile back at him.

“Well, at least you’re watching me now,” he smirked, his eyes alight with mischief. He leaned in closer, until your noses almost brushed. His gaze lowered to your lips. You held your breath. “I’ll see you later, Y/N.”

As Jungkook pulled back (you couldn’t help feeling a bit disappointed), his hand brushed–and lingered–against your ass. You squeaked and jumped back.

“Yes! Later,” you hissed, pushing him towards his bus. “Goodbye, Jungkook.”

He waved at you as he boarded the school bus, eyes full of mirth. You watched as the bus drove away and the distance between you and Jungkook grew. You wondered if you and Jungkook would ever meet again.


At home later that night, you were putting your clothes in the laundry hamper when a slip of paper fell out of one of the back pocket of your jeans. Curious, you picked up the folded paper and opened it.

Inside, in hurried, scrawled handwriting, was a phone number accompanied by a drawing of a bunny.

- Girl in Luv

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