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Do I have a fun story for you kids~

I’m currently (Fall 2016) studying across the pond in London at Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, under the direction of Michael Pavelka. He set up an absolutely incredible opportunity, working with acclaimed milliner Sean Barrett (Alice in Wonderland, Downtown Abbey, many many more). One of the films this ball of sunshine worked on was Crimson Peak. Of course I want to cosplay Lucille, but I didn’t have much of a clue as per how to make that hat. So what better to do than to ask the man himself?

Well, he said he had a “much more beautiful” hat designed, so of course I leaned in and said, “tell me more, friend~”. Well, he said he had designed a more feminine face for the hat, an elegant death mask of sorts, lending to the movie’s other themes. Layers of beautiful lace and tulle, over a woman’s face rather than the Deku Tree-like face in the film, trimmed with leaves just gracing the features, like an overgrown grave. He also mentioned they had planned to acquire some taxidermied Death’s Head Hawkmoths and include them in the design.

I did it. I made Sean’s version of the hat from a lovely sketch he did right in my sketchbook! I looked into the Hawkmoths, but they’re somewhat pricey for me, and I wasn’t sure how I felt about a deceased insect on my head, so I decided to forgo it, and made one out of pieces here and there, mainly feathers! The translucent leaves were a gift from Sean as well, and I feel absolutely honored to have worked with him, even for such a short time. He’s actually digging through some old files to see if he can find any more of the original design work from Kate Hawley!

once on halloween in high school i decided that i would give myself a treat and “forget” my gym uniform and therefore lose participation credit for the day because you cant participate without the uniform. and the teacher was like, “if you’re in costume you don’t lose credit today because halloween,” and was listing off students who were visibly in costume who would get basically free credit, and she said my name much to my surprise and i realized that. she had never seen me in my regular clothes more than once or twice a couple months previously. she thought i was in costume. she had no idea i was just super fuckin goth.

“I am a proud Lumbee and Waccamaw Siouan Native American, and I am participating in Culture Not a Costume, in hopes of educating the Pack about cultural appropriation. My culture is NOT your costume!”  

I’m very proud of myself today, okay? Hear me out. 

I’m a Teacher of English as Second/Foreign Language. I’m currently working at a Language Institute, and every Halloween we host a party for the younger students. They wear costumes, we play games, eat candies, the whole enchilada. This year, however, I’m teaching teenagers. The thing is, we’ve given up asking them to take part in the party because well, they’re teenagers, and they feel they’re over the whole dress-up and playing games thing, they find it silly or something. I know…

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But since they still have to come to class while the party is going on, I prepared a special lesson for one of my classes. I told them they could bring food and drinks and we would watch a video. So I brought Hush, and I made a video watching worksheet to analyze the plot, themes, and characters. Anyway, at first they weren’t very into it. But as we continued watching, they were hooked. 

Btw, this was me watching them as they watched the episode…

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…especially as we got to this part…

(and yes, they were fucking scared, two of the girls jumped on their seats… the same happened when the Gentlemen get to the dorms and the student opens the door to find them there…)

Anyway, since we don’t watch the whole thing through (we watch a few scenes, then stop, talk about what happened, they write down notes, then continue watching), we had to stop just when the episode was about to finish. And this happened:

ME: Okay, guys, we’ll finish watching the episode next class. 

STUDENT 1: I want to watch it.

STUDENT 2: Me, too.

ME: You mean you want to finish watching the episode? You liked it? (I was already excited at this!)

STUDENT 1: No, I mean I want to watch the whole show. 

STUDENT 2: So do I!

STUDENT 3: You said it’s on Netflix, right?

ME: Yes, it’s on Netflix! 

STUDENT 1: Have you watched the whole show?

ME: Yes, I have watched the whole show over a dozen times. It’s my favorite show. (I really had to keep the fangirl in me in check at this point…)

STUDENT 3: When school’s over, I’m going to watch it!

STUDENT 2: Yes, I’m going to watch it over the summer!


Sometimes I remember that Geekenders will be including Rattmann into the new Portal musical and I just

What do they mean by this? How will he appear? Will he appear for long? Will he have any lines? What are they going to show him doing?? As a costume/makeup student WHAT WILL HIS COSTUME AND GENERAL CHARACTER DESIGN LOOK LIKE???

I cannot wait until January for answers I need them Now.

Just had a thought that I really needed to share with you guys:

We all have seen little Izuku wearing an All Might-onesie, and pictured Bakugou also wearing one.

But how about:

All Might wearing Onesies of his students’ hero costumes once they have become pros.

(Also, Aizawa in matching sleeping bags.)

New project in school, “Undercover”.
Hmm, worked around 2.5h on this I guess so am still in the early stage. It’s a sheep in a lion costume.

I have many different thoughts behind this. Among them this quote:
“It is better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life”



Superhero Princess
Steampunk Princess
High School Princess
Stylised-Punk Princess
Halloween Princess
Gothique Princess


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But I do have an announcement on my activity here that will take place within the next few weeks. Stuff for my high school’s spring play is starting up and I’m apart of the stage crew and such, so I will be busy with that, but on top of that I’m going to be one of two major hands in the costume department and my job starts sooner than the other crew members because of the time we need to put into them. So around the beginning of march, do be expecting to see a little less of me, but remember, I always find free time where I shouldn’t so you’ll still see me a decent amount. ))