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I’ve been waiting a long time for a major political party in Canada to push for free university tuition & debt relief. Glad to finally see some movement in this direction from the NDP.

Student debt, while not quite as severe as in the USA, is a serious problem for my generation. I’m almost $30,000 in debt, and that’s likely going to rise before I graduate.

Classical instrument asks!

1. What is your instrument’s full name?
2. When did you get your instrument?
3. What brand and model is it?
4. Is it a he, she, or somewhere in between?
5. What made you choose that instrument?
6. Favourite thing about your instrument?
7. Least favourite thing about your instrument?
8. What accent would your instrument have if it could talk?
9. Three adjectives to describe your instrument’s personality.
10. What classical song best describes your instrument?
11. What non classical song best describes your instrument?
12. Finish this sentence: “my instrument and I are like______”
13. Why did you name your instrument that?
14. What is your instrument’s aesthetic?
15. If your instrument could go shopping at the mall, where would it shop?
16. What musical era best suits your instrument?
17. What is the most damage that has been done to your instrument?
18. Write a letter to your instrument!
19. If your instrument was a character on “The Office”, who would they be?
20. What similarities do you and your instrument share?

Made a set of simple printables, because I was missing some things before the start of the school year. 






Have a system and stick to it!

  • Find a way that works for you in regards to school supplies and organizational methods. Some common ones include a folder for each class, a binder for each class, a notebook for each class, etc. Once you’ve found this system, and you’ve seen concrete evidence that it is effective (i.e. increased scores, less stress, etc) DO NOT CHANGE THE SYSTEM! The fact that the system is working is proof that you should continue what you’re doing!

Use a planner! Use a planner! Use a planner!

  • I can NOT stress enough the necessity to use a planner. Rely on the planner as if it is your own first born child, and your lifeblood. Planning is essential to staying on track with assignments and turning things in on time. Without them, you’re sure to not succeed.
Have a clean space

  • If your study space is not clean, then your thoughts will be as cluttered as the space is. Cleaning your study space will assist you in filtering out your schedule, and determining what needs to be done versus what will be done later. Filtering like this assists in the organizational process.

Keep your physical and mental health the main priority

  • There is absolutely, positively NO WAY to become organized if your physical and mental health are slacking. Your personal self needs to be prioritized over any assignment, ALWAYS. This is the key to success.

Normalize breaks

  • Many avid and dedicated studiers, especially within the studyblr community, work consistently with little to no breaks. I am here to discourage this as much as humanly possible. Taking breaks is essential to proper functioning and to excelling in academics. Normalize them, take them, and love them.

March overview. going up on my wall today! Follow this link for better quality to print:

Studying for exams
  • Me: ok time to get some SERIOUS *ties ninja sash around head* revision done! Those facts won't remember themselves!
  • Brain: alright,sounds cool but what about clicking that tab you have open right there?
  • Me: *-_-* the AO3 tab?
  • Brain: yea
  • Me: ...
  • Brain: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Brain: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Brain: ...
  • Me: *clicks tab and reads fanfiction for six hours*

This is literally me right now

                                            “Their Minds Are Open”

Originally designed for students, can be used with family members or friends who need that little nudge to think about things. It doesn’t cause a fundamental shift in views, simply makes the mind more able to think about new ideas and suggestions without bias. 

Yesterday there were these guys in a van in my school’s courtyard giving random students free “hot chocolate”. I refused when they gave me a cup, although my friend took a sip. Turned out it was just hot water with a little chocolate powder on top. When we asked about it, our teacher said they were the school’s sponsors.

I made myself an printable for the exam period 🤓 but I cant seem to figure out how to get pdfs up on tumblr so that I can post this in proper quality… Any super humans out there who know how I can fix it? Any help would be appreciated ❤️ Edit: Got it up and running! Here is the link:

St. Patrick’s Day in a university town is always surreal. My friend and I saw cops breaking up three different house parties at 11am while we were driving to a grad faculty event.

Types of Kids on Field Trips
  • Teacher: Everyone! I need you all in single file lines onto the buses!
  • Band Kids: [perfectly forms diagonals instead]
  • JROTC Kids: Is there... a command for that? [looking for the highest ranking cadet]
  • StuCo Kids: [aren't listening and taking squad pics in front of the bus]
  • Unaffiliated Kids: [sitting next to the window with their earbuds in]
  • Theater Kids: [screaming for no reason about something only they understand]