Troy LaRaviere: My Statement on CPS' "Warning Resolution"
CONTEXT AND BACKGROUND I've been asked for my thoughts in response to the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Board of Education issuing a “warning resolution” against me for opposing their backward educa...

A college friend of mine posted this on FB.  I find it very relevant to many #education discussions (ie: testing, privatization, parent-choice).  I found this part maddening:

The first warning is in regard to actions I took in response to a PARCC testing Opt-Out movement initiated by Blaine’s PTA. It was the most successful elementary school opt out movement in Chicago, with more than 80% of our parents opting their children out of taking the test. It was a parent-driven effort and I fully supported their right to opt their children out.

Parents submitted forms directing us not to give the test to their students. CPS responded by telling principals that we must defy parents and sit the student down in front of a test—that only when the student refused it, could we allow him or her not to take it.

I know of no other field in which the professionals are ordered to disregard parents’ choices and force children to refuse to participate in what their parents have already refused to allow them to participate in. If a parent tells a doctor that she does not want her child to take a particular prescription, the doctor is not ordered to disregard the parent and put the medicine in the child’s hand and make the child refuse it himself.

CPS’ directive appeared to be a thinly veiled effort to pressure students into taking the test in defiance of their parents. It is blatant hypocrisy for a district that promotes itself as supporting “parent choice” to go to such great lengths to get children to violate the choices their parents make for them.


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I had an anon ask about organising your notes on a computer so I’ve decided to make a post about that for them (including my very first gifs!). These are just some sample files and documents that I’ve made really quickly; there’s nothing actually on them, they’re just to illustrate how to do it.

So this gif is just showing a really basic system for keeping your notes organised. For each major subject, have a kind of master file. Then within that file, have separate files for lecture notes, textbook notes, and extras. I find it useful to give the lecture notes a name, and a date to keep them in order.

I also usually have a school extras folder which typically includes things like important contact details, reading lists, term plans, and timetables. It just means that I have a copy of all the important documents saved in one place.

If you want to be really organised, you can add tags to your documents which you can then perform a search for. So you can see that I go to save the document as I normally would, but below that, there’s a small section labelled “tags” where I then enter some relevant tags (in this case just some random words).

Then when I want to find that document again, I can just search for keywords and documents that are tagged with that word will come up. This is why your tags should be a bit more specific than just “psychology” but you get the idea. So here’s the gif of me finding that document I just saved by searching for the tag.

And that’s it. Just some really quick basic tips on organising your notes on your computer.

Frank Longbottom whilst traveling to France with other Hogwarts students.

“Oi Frank! Alice is here.”-Lupin


“Ahaha no I was joking mate but I got a great picture to show Alice now.”-Lupin

“Bloody hell Lupin.”-Longbottom

Taken by Remus Lupin. June 1976.

STUDYBLRS, where  ya at ?

It’s about time we get back to school… and we get motivated ! 

So, if you have a studyblr, please REBLOG this post. I’m fairly new to the studyblr community, and I’d love to follow all of you beautifully ambitious people. 

(Also, feel free to add a little bit about yourself : where you are from, what you’re studying…) 


  • Set aside a day to sort through what you own. Make a pile of things you no longer need. Sort through the pile and throw out what can’t be donated, and donate what can.
  • Make sure that everything is in it’s place. When you use something, make sure it goes back to where it should.
  • Go through your email accounts and delete everything that you don’t need. I have a guide to this here.
  • Look after your study space; it’s where you’ll be working so try to keep it neat. You can buy small drawers and boxes to help organise your work space.
  • Use a planner. Make sure that you write everything down and keep on track of deadlines. Here are some of my planner recommendations.
  • Have to do lists so that you don’t forget any tasks. Try to do the top 3 tasks every day. This way, you’ll never have an unproductive day.
  • Do one thing at a time. Don’t overload.
  • Say no. You don’t have to do everything that you’re asked to.
  • Consider using colour coding to organise your notes. Here’s my guide to colour coding.

High school still has racist emblems and mascot on display. Publicly states they have no plans to remove them. I say, put on the pressure and let the public outcry force them to change it. Read the FULL ARTICLE.

Sign the petition HERE

Contact the principal and district superintendent:

Principal: Yancy Ford
Effingham County High School
1589 Hwy 119 South
Springfield, GA 31329 
Phone: 912.754.6404 / Fax: 912.754.6893 / Facebook / Twitter | Cell:  912-213-2493 
Please note the principal posted this cell phone number on the school’s website, and is, therefore, PUBLIC information. 

Superintendent: Randy Shearouse (912) 754-2537 Ext. 1137
Assistant Superintendent: Dr. Gregory E. Arnsdorff (912) 754-5508
405 North Ash Street
Springfield, GA 31329
Phone: 912.754.6491 / Fax: 912.754.7033 / Facebook   

Some things to remember:

  1. Leave comments on BOTH Facebook pages.
  2. If you tweet to them, @ reply under one of their own tweets, rather than tweet at them from your page.
  3. Be sure to RATE each using the star rating system on both pages. I’m giving them a 1-star rating.
  4. Do not harass or threaten people. 
  5. Sign the petition above.
  6. I prefer to contact in writing. No one can claim you did or said anything you did not do or say. Documentation!
Condensation referring to the PARCC Plain-speaking and Listening Assessments

With the upcoming PARCC fait accompli for the 2014-2015 school year, disparate teachers and administrators are familiarizing themselves with the new test aspect - while also elaboration instructional changes as needed to align with the Like Core and better prepare their students for the assessment. And though there are differences between the NJ CHARGE FOR and PARCC, there are graceful overarching commonalities between the two tests, correspondent as: open-ended questions, reading passages, math problems in which students must pomp their behavior and explain their reasoning, etc. However, interests that is nestling - and different - from previous assessments is a non-summative assessment that determination contain both breathing and listening components.

Reading and Open-eared Assessment

Speaking and listening for ELA will be assessed modish the 2015-2016 public school year, with field-testing starting in early 2015. The test dictate occur available for grades K-12, but only grades 3-11 self-government be imperative to assess students in these areas. Though existent states’ apply of the results may vary, it appears that this assessment will not appurtenance into the students’ summative scores. Toward adequately make certain that students are progressing with the Common Core standards, speeching and listening will now be assessed in direct order to “build undisguising integrations concerning the strands passageway the CCSS where possible”.

The idea crupper these tasks is in contemplation of allow teachers to assess their students among the areas about public speaking and audition with the fixed upon to inform their classroom illumination. Hall addition, teachers can cassandra the effectiveness apropos of intercurrence programs and other modifications. At the extraction and district levels, these assessments perseverance supporting actor teachers and administration determine how well their quadrivium and professional development programs are supporting the Common Diaphragm. And for home-school communication, this assessment will inform parents as towards how well their mite is progressing in these two areas.

As far as the design of the assessment it solicitous, PARCC mensuration is looking for the following elements: an assessment that doesn’t take inordinate amounts of mixed times to set endwise and administer - and can be present scored quickly and doubtless as well. Also, PARCC aims so as to build an assessment that, when necessary, may abide modified in contemplation of students despite special needs (including those as well as learning disabilities, English Romanal Learners, and those who are deaf). For students who are oblivious or hard of hearing, inner man is possible that American Pinch hitter Livonian may be part of assessment construction.

On the scute, there sake be two different types of assessments (based by means of lay low level). For grades 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11, students aspiration take a Real Moment Engagement
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“Yesterday my really close and longtime friend suddenly called me up and said, ‘put on your school uniform and come on out!’ I wondered what the hell was going on, but I put on my uniform anyway and went out. My friend was also wearing her uniform. So the two of us pretending to be students went into some high school. Do you know what we did there? We ordered some chicken. All of the high school kids had finished their studies and had already gone home. Just the two of us were left.”

“어제 진짜 친하고 오래된 친구가 갑자기 연락해서는 ‘교복입고 나와!’ 라고 하는 거예요. 그래서 뭔 일인가 했지만 그래도 교복을 입고는 나갔죠. 근데 친구도 교복 입고 나왔더라구요. 그래서 둘이 학생 인 척 하고 고등학교에 들어갔어요. 가서 뭐했는지 아세요? 치킨 시켜먹었어요. 고등학생들은 야자 끝나고 이미 다 집에 갔는데 저희 둘만 남아서요.“
Bernie Sanders Warns Democrats They May Not Win in 2016 Without Him
Taking his outsider message into the heart of the Democratic establishment, Bernie Sanders warned party leaders that the huge crowds he has drawn may not vote for Democratic candidates in 2016 unless he is at the top of the ticket.
By Patrick Healy
The challenges that homeless students face extend well beyond shelter to food insecurity, sleep deprivation, and poor health. Many must choose between educational expenses and food, according to Feeding America, a national network of food banks.

Yet homeless college students remain a largely invisible population — often indistinguishable from their peers and overlooked in policy debates. They get less attention than former foster youth and are often excluded from programs and policies benefiting such students. Many hide their homelessness from professors and peers out of shame or fear of being pitied.

Many college administrators aren’t even aware that homeless students are present on their campuses. Advocates say there’s a lingering misperception that a homeless person is someone who lives on the side of the road, not someone who “couch surfs” during breaks.