I don’t know who made this adorable infographic (found it on Pinterest) but I thought it was a nice share on this dreary, gray morning on the east coast. My strategy for “waking up” is to haul myself out of bed, wash my face, and do my makeup and hair. That does the trick because I know I can’t crawl back into bed with my lipstick, eyeliner and mascara — all I can do is head out of the door. 

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whyyesiamthequeenofhell asked:

HEY!! I've been following you for a bit and LOVE your blog!! I'm studying abroad in London this semester and was wondering if you could recommend maybe some cool places to hang or eat??? We're staying near the Farringdon tube stop.... Anyway have a great day!! Thanks :)

Thanksss and yay! A fellow study abroad-er. Farringdon is a pretty good location. Close to lots of good stuff. So do you have city mapper? 
If not get the city mapper app and Happiour app (the latter tells you about food deals) Also follow Time Out London on their social media. What sorts of things are you into? Here is a general list of what I’ve found enjoyable in London.  

Alright, so food:

Nandos (if you like chicken this is the place for you. Its pretty cheap and its good)
Wasabi (great sushi on the go for cheap) 
Gourmet Burger Kitchen (Burgers as the name suggests again, not so pricy and good) 
Ed’s Diner (haven’t been here myself but my flatmates have and said they would recommend, American food)

Those are my favorite chain places that you can find all over the city. 

Now other places to eat: 

The Cereal Killer Cafe (Brick Lane) - Cereal from all over the world, American breakfast foods 
Dirty Burger (Shorditch) - Delicious burgers omg 
The Thailand (New Cross Gate)- Amazing Thai food
Speedy’s Cafe (Euston Square)-because you have to, cheap and good English breakfast and things like wraps and sandwiches and stuff 
Cafe Noir (Camden Town)- great omelets
Azzuros (Near London Bridge station) Italian food, very yummy and you get a lot of it
The Orange Buffalo (Brick Lane) - Buffalo wings
Polly’s Cafe (Hampstead) - Charming little cafe, good soup

Greenwich market- international foods
Borough market-international foods
Brick Lane Market-international foods and lots of delicious curry

There is also a farmers market/artisanal food market near the University of London union off near Euston Square Station. All of these markets are great for sweets as well. 

There is a cat cafe in Bethnal Green but you have to book in advance

Also, those little fish and chip and kebab shops that look sketch are 9 times out of 10 really good and cheap. 

Pubs I’ve been to and liked:
The Marlborough Arms (Euston Square)
The Ye Old Cheshire Cheese (Bank or Blackfriers)
The Sherlock Holmes pub (Charing Cross)
The Last Tuesday Society (Whitechapel)- this is little weird museum that also serves drinks
Jax’s Lounge (Fulham Broadway)

Fun shit: 

All of the museums of course
All the touristy stuff of course
All the parks
Anything from this List
Camden Market (Camden Town)-Everything weird, vintage, goth and hipster. This market is an experience.
Hampstead Heath (Hampsted)- its a forest in the middle of London. Its beautiful there are ponds and a manor house in it
Brick Lane Markets (Aldgate East) - awesome stuff, vintage, international
Shoreditch (Shoreditch High Street/ Old Steet)- cool bars and stuff, good night life
Koko (Mornington Crescent)- old theatre converted into a club
Tower Hamlets Cemetery (Mile End) - creepy and so beautiful
Any of the cemeteries in the city are pretty damn cool tbh
Tottenham Court Road Odeon cinema (Tottenham Court Road)- they have cheap 6GBP student tickets
Soho/Covent Garden (Leicester Square)
Charity shops all over the city, fun just to look at all the stuff
Greenwich - such a nice area 
Brixton- see above, nice park, cute children’s bookstore, nice cafes 
The Sky Garden- this is a cool thing, you book tickets and you can go to the top of the Walkie Talkie building for free and get a good view of the city
The Pillow Cinema (Shoreditch) you sit on big comfy pillows and watch a movie and bring your own blankets and stuff)
Westfields Large shopping center
Lewisham shopping center -smaller, cheaper and they have this stuff called magic corn, which is just corn but it has butter and a variety of sauces to chose from
Southbank- walking along the river is nice and there is usually a book market under the one bridge

Check out student deals everywhere, for everything, a lot of the time there is a cheaper rate or student discount if you show your ID. You can get 5GBP theatre tickets sometimes, secret food menus, discounted museum admissions lots of shit. 

Most of the time I just sort of wander around and find stuff or find out about things through my uni. Lemme know if you have any more questions :)

The Signs as Types of Learners

Aries: Linguistic learners. Opinionated and needs some help being enlightened to other ways of seeing and thinking about things; but has a passion that drives them to great lengths through reading, writing, and sharing ideas and stories.

Taurus: Procedural learners. Needs to sit down and really focus on one thing. One track minded, can’t multitask; but when focused, very systematic, task-oriented, and determined to get things done.

Gemini: Spontaneous learners. Interested in and open minded about everything and therefore spontaneously gets to know a little bit about everything. May need to narrow things down to truly get into the depths of a subject.

Cancer: Resourceful learners. Very curious and detail-oriented.  Know where to look and are able to find things on their own. Personal experience and collection of information is the best teacher.

Leo: Naturalist learners. First, seeks guidance and likes help. Tends to overthink, so may need directions to start, but are then very thoughtful in their work. Able to come up with insightful analyses on their own through connections to real life examples and situations in nature.

Virgo: Logical learners. Likes things laid out in front of them.  Need guides, formulas, outlines to make sense of subjects and then experiments and exercises to work things out and observe patterns and relationships.

Libra: Visual/spatial learners. Being artistic, appreciate visualizing concepts and situations to help make sense of the world, and then drawing, building, designing to really interact with different ideas.

Scorpio: Intrapersonal learners. Needs time alone to concentrate. Investigative by nature. Talented at exploring the depths of a subject on their own and don’t necessarily need or want help. Resourceful and good at connecting the dots. 

Sagittarius: Straightforward learners. Reliant on being told how things are and having things laid out in front of them to follow. Needs reassurance and guidance from time to time but great at systematizing things and applying rules and definitions. 

Capricorn: Interpersonal learners. Enjoys study groups and discussions, bouncing off others’ ideas and contributing to one collective effort to progress an understanding of an idea or situation.

Aquarius: Auditory learners. Great listeners and collectors of information in this way. They care and that is what drives them to put time and effort into learning how to do things the right way.

Pisces: Tactile learners. Needs to be kept busy with tasks and projects to keep them on track and to apply what they learn to truly feel like they understand it. Goal-oriented and hard working.

Students are the most valuable and least consulted education-policy experts in America. Before they graduate, they spend roughly 2,300 days contemplating their situation, considering how their schools and neighborhoods could be better—or worse. And unlike many journalists, teachers, principals, and school-board members, most couldn’t care less about politics.