How to start!
  • Make some coffee/ tea / snack.
  • Instead of spending hours procrastinating on your phone, watch a motivational video while you eat.
  • Tidy your study space, get rid of dishes, mugs and anything that isn´t study related. Leave your glass of water.
  • Go wash your face with cold water.
  • Check time.
  • Turn off your phone and computer. If your study material is there, turn the wifi off.
  • Study.
  • Take a short break. (Go to the toilet, refill your glass, stretch, open a window, listen to music, talk to someone, call your mom, etc)
  • Follow this sequence four times.
  • Take a long break. (Get another snack, watch a motivational video, go on a short walk, read a book, do some yoga, take a shower, go outside, doodle, post something on tumblr, take a nap or whatever you´d like to do. DO NOT WATCH A TV SHOW YOU ARE NOT GOING TO STOP AND YOU KNOW IT PUNK. Also, make it so that your break doesn´t last longer that 25 minutes, don´t waste precious time)
  • Go back, keep studying.

Marathon! Change your life!

How often do you say to yourself, “I’ll Start on Monday!“and still put off for later? Are you ready to challenge yourself and turn your life upside down, starting with small steps? Are you ready to be the best version of yourself? Ready to learn to go to your goal, to go to the end? Then participate! I suggest we start on Monday! //symbolic// Only this time, no excuses!

let’s Call it ‘Change your life’. Goal: Get a bunch of good habits.

What do you need for this? You need to print that wonderful sign in the photos, or draw yourself. It needs to be done today, because tomorrow we start. Next, you need to determine what habits you want to put in your life rhythm. Put them in the tracker. Thank u @emmastudies for this Monthly Habit Tracker!🍉 And you need motivation and persistence!

How do you keep motivated?

I thought about that too. We will motivate each other! Every day you can summarize on your blog using the hashtag #marathonwithstudypeachs . So all participants will be easier to find each other’s posts, and thus receive a portion of motivation and boldly go to the end!

And now let’s talk about those habits that should be in each tracker.

🌟 Wake up at 7:00 am!

🌟 Drink 2 glasses of water in the morning and drink plenty of water during the day.

🌟 Morning yoga. Exercises can be found online or replaced with normal charging.

🌟Read 30-35 pages of the book every day.Choose the book you got today)

🌟 Move 20 minutes per day. you can run, walk with friends, jump, swim, but not sit!

🌟 Hug at least one person a day!this is also important. Hugs will cheer you up)

🌟 Plan your day from the evening! Every night you will make a plan for the next day. This habit will help you become more organized.

🌟 Do not use the device during operation! You’d be surprised how much time you’ll have and how much productivity you’ll have.

🌟Take 15 minutes to develop yourself! you can watch thematic videos on YouTube or read self-development books, find useful sites and learn something new.

🌟 Read 1 random Wikipedia article every day!as a result, you will fit 31 articles in your head. And, if it becomes a habit, you will get knowledge from different areas and further, which will make you a versatile person.

🌟 Spend 30-40 minutes in a foreign language! have you been wanting to learn English or German, Chinese or Italian for A long time? Start now! Get closer to the dream every day.

🌟 Go to bed at 11:00 pm!you need 8 hours for a good rest.

Well, are you in? Will you challenge yourself?! I hope so.

make a reblog to have more participants! Together we can!

Studying is not a burden.

Say it with me 

We are privileged to study.

I see people cribbing and crying about not wanting to study but all those of you who say that do you realise how special and privileged we are?

We all must make complete use of our resources and the gift our parents have given to us which is education. Millions around the world would rather want to study than do anything else. We can be tired of studying but we must never not want to study. Don’t study for your parents or for your teachers study for yourself and those who aren’t able to.

Study and give back the opportunity you received to others.

Study to absorb knowledge 

Study to change the world 

Just study 

3 Websites/Apps that every student needs.

Today’s post is all about websites that I use in my daily school routine for essays or generally for homework that might make your life a lot easier too.Let’s get on into it.

• Photomath: Photomath is actually an app where you can take a photo of a math equation and it can solve it for you BUT unlike some other apps that give straight up the answer it gives you the details of the solving procedure.I know that some of you might think that this is actually not good and I know that we’re supposed to do all the homework by ourselves but I sometimes use it when I’m just not in the mood to do Maths but still need to get all my school work done for the next day.

• Hemingway: So this a site that I’ve been really using lately when it comes to double-checking and correcting essays.I really like Word don’t get me wrong but after I finish a big essay I always make mistakes (e.x. some words might not be correctly written or might not “fit”) so I copy and paste the whole article or whatever it is there and it highlights the mistakes or anything that is not correctly done in my work.

• IXL: This is a website for maths practice problems that I told you in my previous post.There’s not much to explain, it provides you with all kinds of exercises for whatever you need and at least for me it has done wonders.

I wanna give a s/o to all the students out there where everything was working against them to do well in school but they persevered anyway.

The students who didn’t have parents that did well in school and so they couldn’t receive proper guidance. The students who went to shitty public schools that didn’t prepare them as well as private school kids. The students who were the first in their family to complete high school. The students who have to work to survive or afford school while studying. The students that have to support their family in addition to themselves. The students who couldn’t figure out how to study until it was too late to fix their GPA. The students who discovered their mental illnesses while in college and it tanked their success or forced them to take longer to finish.

All of you are valid. Remember that. College is hard and can make you feel that numbers always matter. But once you enter the real world, no one is keeping score. Be proud of what you achieved based on your unique conditions.

Enjoy the life you’ve given yourself because you went to college. You did it.

“Teacher, why do people CARE about gay marriage? Like who cares?” One of my students, who is bi, asked me.

“That’s a great question. There’s so many things to be mad about in the world, like murder, homelessness, kids denied rights to attend school, war…people in love and not hurting anyone? I don’t know why anyone would choose to be angry about that.”

“Yeah, it’s stupid.”

Another student nodded.

They give me hope for the future.

I didn’t have the greatest day today but something I’m so proud of is that I didn’t let the bad things that happen ruin my day. I am as happy and in love with the world as when I woke up because I chose not to let the bad things phase me. You have so much power over how you take in stimuli and chose to react to it! Your car breaks down, so what! It happens to most people, don’t stress, pull over safely and do what you have to do! Someone yells at you. Know that their behaviour is on them! You don’t know what’s going on in their life and you don’t have to take on what they say! Chose what you let effect you and what goes over your head. Chose carefully and grow, be the better person, show more love, compassion. Be the one with the cool head and let life be easier. It doesn’t have to be so hard if you laugh it off and flow with it.

Please read

I know I don’t have that large of a platform on here, but please spread if you can.

My friends and I are starting the twitter hashtag #studentsforregulation starting friday. What it will be is basically if you’re a student in the united states, post a video of you talking about your fears and views on the lack of gun control. We’re posting them all friday so there can be a huge wave of scared voices yelling for change. We’re gonna make them hear us.

Just a short, personal video of your fears, views, and concerns under the hashtag #studentsforregulation on friday. We can have a voice if we’re all shouting. No more selling our lives for votes. It ends with us

How I am making the best of my education!

I see lots of people asking how to be successful in college. I thought I’d make a post to throw everyone my 2 cents–though no one asked for it. It’s free money though. Who doesn’t want it?

1) Figure out your learning style. If you google VARK learning profile, there’s a great quiz you can take with study techniques based on your results. We actually use this quiz at the tutoring center at my college. You’d be surprised how many students come specifically for help figuring out how to study.

2) Keep a planner. Or a bullet journal. Or use google calendar. I even know someone who carries around a full size 18 month calendar folded up in her backpack (and she’s a professor). Just find something and WRITE EVERY SINGLE ASSIGNMENT DOWN IN IT. EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU’LL REMEMBER IT, THERE’S A CHANCE YOU WON’T. DON’T TAKE THAT CHANCE.

3) Try to make a personal timetable and stick to it! This kind of goes along with the planner point, but it is different. It takes lots of discipline to block off and actually study during study times, but you’ll be thanking yourself later when you’ve finished your homework and can actually get to bed at a reasonable hour. In addition to studying, homework, and classes; also block off time for eating, possible times for napping (if you take them), and extracurriculars. If you can’t find adequate time for things, maybe you should consider dropping a class or an activity for the semester.

4) Make a to-do list every day. I personally use sticky notes and stick them to the page of my planner. This helps me remember things that are school related, but also other things, like appointments, social gatherings, research stuff, and family events (since I live at home and commute to school). Yeah, it’s important to remember school stuff, but the other stuff you’ve gotta get done, like laundry and social time, is JUST AS IMPORTANT.

5) Don’t neglect your health! I cannot stress this point enough!! If you aren’t eating enough, sleeping enough, or spending enough time relaxing, you will burn out very very quickly. You think it won’t happen to you, but it will. I thought I was immune to burnout, but after a month of intermittent and inadequate sleep and nutrition–I really figured out that I was SO wrong. I ended up missing an entire day of class towards the end of the semester (plus missed a lab the next day because my professor sent me home) because I just couldn’t make myself do any more stuff. It could have been much worse, but I was lucky. I used those days to rest up and returned to my classes ready to finish out the semester strong. College is hard enough to do with no mental health conditions. If you have one, and even if you don’t, be extra sure that you are taking care of yourself. YOU come before EVERYTHING ELSE. Nothing is more important than you. If you have to, ask people to check up on you. Ask a friend to check in with you, or your RA, or even your parents. They won’t mind. Your RA really does want to help you.

6) Study smart, not hard. Sometimes, studying just isn’t worth it. If it’s been half an hour and you just CANNOT FOCUS and feel like you’ve learned nothing: go outside, do some homework, do some laundry, or even just switch the topic you’re studying. If you’re trying to study the right way and you can’t make yourself do it, just find something else productive to do. Come back in another 15 minutes and try again. It happens to all of us. Also, if you’re studying for hours at a time with no breaks, it leads to burnout super quick. I have friends who do that and I don’t understand why. They’re so miserable about studying. It doesn’t have to be terrible! If you take the 25 minutes on, 5 minutes off approach, studying becomes less terrible, because you know there’s an end in sight. Plus, the 5 minutes off gives your brain a little time to process what you’re learning. That said, try to study what you learned in class that day a few hours after class. Material is so much easier to learn this way! Don’t save it for the night before your exam. Cramming rarely helps. Don’t let other people fool you–studying doesn’t have to be something out of your worst nightmare.

7) Find professors who inspire you. I always love a subject more when the professor makes it exciting. Luckily in college, it’s a lot easier to find those kinds of teachers–those who genuinely love what they do. I never would have gotten interested in math without my stats professor (who actually taught me how to integrate, bless her heart), and my proofs professor, who basically let me live in her office last semester (i.e. I like doing my homework with help 5 feet away because I always have so many questions). Find the professors who want to help you. They exist.  

8) Make connections with them! Show up to office hours. Ask them questions you had from lecture. If it’s not a rushed, busy time for them, ask how they got interested in their subject; ask them about what they study–they’ll totally explain it to you like you’re a 5 year old, so don’t worry. In my experience, I have found that professors really like to connect with students. Maybe I’ve just been really lucky. Making connections is easier to do at a smaller school, or within a smaller major–but you never know what will come out of a few questions! Maybe you’ll find a research advisor, or someone you could TA for. I am friendly (and even friends) with so many of my professors just because I’m a curious person. I ask them questions about their experiences in academia, and just general stuff (believe it or not, the decorations they have in their office often lead to some cool conversations). In turn, they’re usually curious about me too. They ask me about what I’m interested in, if I need a reference letter for anything, and even just about my life in general. I know I can ask them for advice on applying to grad school, any problems I’m having with lecture material, and sometimes even general advice. For me, it’s just comforting to know that I have some people on my side who have been through college (especially if you’re like me and 17 or 18, fresh out of high school). Also, they know what you should do if you accidentally miss a final exam (like I did my first semester).

9) This is for all my math, science, tech, and engineering people out there–and people taking those classes! It also applies to other majors to maybe not as great an extent. Don’t get frustrated if you come across a problem you can’t solve.  If you can’t figure it out and have spent a chunk of time on it, move on and go back to it at the end. If you still can’t quite get it, try to go to office hours for help! You are not stupid for not being able to arrive at an answer. When you can’t figure something out, you might just be missing the most crucial piece of the puzzle you need to solve it! Don’t think “Wow I’m such an idiot” (don’t be like me basically), think “what am I missing here?” Think about it. See if you arrive at any conclusions. If not, go find someone to help you. If you find that you’re struggling with a majority of the questions, consider getting a tutor. Tutoring should be offered by your school for either very little or no charge at all. Take advantage! Tutors don’t know everything, but they sure can get your thought process on the right track! I’m a tutor and believe me–it really does help.

10) Find study buddies! My study buddies have become my best friends. We all share a love of biology, and it really brings us together. We love hiking together, and commiserating when it feels necessary. Plus, we make studying fun! If you have trouble making friends (I know I really struggle), start a study group. It’s really a great way to make connections with other people in your major, or even people outside your major.

I hope this helps! Good luck in the fall to any of you kids who are just starting college–and happy studying!

Back to witches and wizards, and magical beasts! To goblins and ghosts, and to magical feasts!  It’s all that I love, and it’s all that I need. At Hogwarts, Hogwarts!

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