Online classes are working for me, I’m starting to catch up on all the classes I missed earlier this semester and it’s getting easier for me. Spring has begun and the sun really energizes me! My plants also love it and my monstera is giving me a new leaf.

Please stay home if you can and be safe everyone!

How to live your *BEST* life during quarantine : achieve your goals from the comfort of your home!

So.. Schools are closed, everything is basically down and you’re up to at least 2 weeks of quarantine. You’ve bought your toilet paper, made your pasta stock (no penne lisce of course, who tf eats them anyway?!), completed 30 levels of CandyCrush and now you may be wondering… What the hell will I do during this whole time??

Well… I got you covered. I’ll just make a couple of articles on how to help YOU to make the best of this homestay! side note : this may be the first and the last time that you can save the world from your couch, so be happy about it : we’re living a historical moment!).

  • First things first : MAKE A LIST. If you don’t stop one moment and think of everything you need to do, you’ll end up doing basically nothing, and this is why SUMMARIZING what you need to do can help you have a clearer vision : What are your top priorities (school work, job/college applications, deadlines, thesis, etc.)? What are your other priorities (exercising, cleaning the house, doing your laundry, washing your hands, feeding the cat…)?
  • Now that you’ve listed your work/home obligations you have 2 choices : either you have so much workload that you’ll basically only do this (and this quarantine will rather look like an exam session => I’ll write a 2nd article on how to study efficiently at home) OR you have still plenty of free time !
  • Which leads to asking yourself what are the things you’ve always wanted to do/improve/try but never had the motivation/time to? The examples are infinite : finish a book, start a blog, declutter, meditate more, journaling, etc..
  • Once you’ve made your list, you can PLAN your days. It doesn’t need to be super serious like a study plan but just knowing what you’ll be up to each day will make you less anxious and the time will pass faster.
  • Last thing : don’t forget to CHILL ! As I said, it’s the first time you won’t feel guilty about staying at home! So keep some time apart to watch your favorite TV show, enjoy precious moments with your family, sleep, and take care of yourself.

So tell me.. What would you like to do during this quarantine? Do you have any goals?

I’ll come back very soon for more details !! In the meantime, please STAY SAFE, wash your hands and AVOID close contact!!


Research ideas for bored students

  • The evolution of national identity in the country of your interest (ancient or modern)
  • The influence of paganism on christianity in Ireland and Scotland.
  • The impact that fairy beleif had on the Scottish witch hunts.
  • How fashion was influenced by the second world war.
  • The differences between and evolution of first, second and third wave feminism.
  • The impact the post-modern globalism has had on human rights.
  • Depictions of homosexuality in the ancient world (are there similarities/differences between nations?)
  • The evolution of tavern and drinking cultue in England, Scotland and the Netherlands.
  • The portrayal of women in early-modern English ballads.
  • The use of certain tunes or melodies in E.M. English ballads.
  • Portrayals of the devil in E.M. English ballads.
  • The difference between collective memory and historical facts (war is a time when our memories are often romanticised).
  • Fashion in the Elizabethan era and how it changed after.
  • The evolution of pens and writing materials
  • Historical methods of making paint/paint thinners.
  • Men in the early-modern witch hunts.
  • Differences between old world and new world witch hunts.
  • The use of torture in witch trials and the laws regarding torture (differences between countries)?
  • The use of salt as currency.
  • Depictions of intoxiication in ancient art.
  • How ancient societies viewed drinking and how they drank.
  • The lives of great poets.
  • The decline of the latin language.
  • The English civil war during the 17 century.
  • The relationship between ancient Celts and the Romans.
  • Religious symbolism in early modern art.
  • The history and evolution of marriage.
  • “In Praise of Folly,” by Desiderius Erasmus
  • The Protestant Reformation and/or the resulting split of protestantism (calvinism, lutheranism, anabaptists, etc.)
  • The history of Christmas in the new world.
  • Add your own in the comments!

hogwarts houses as types of students

slytherin: all-nighters, procrastination, accidental a’s, black coffee and caffeine jitters, “can’t talk, sorry, have four essays, three projects, and a 30 minute presentation due tomorrow and i’m gonna finish them all tonight,” actually finishes them all in one night, secret perfectionists, overworking themselves, secret parties on the weekend

ravenclaw: color-coded pens and highlighters, pretty notes with flower doodles, hot tea and biscuits, study schedule, functions under stressed, starts studying for the two weeks before the exam, “why do anything if you aren’t going to give your all,” takes mental health days, has their shit together, always busy 

hufflepuff: doodles instead of annotations, reading notes by the fireplace, breakfast study sessions, test anxiety, tries their best, talks to professors after class, tells everyone to drink water but is dehydrated, scented candles on their desk “you wanna have a picnic in my backyard and share notes after class?”

gryffindor: last minute studying, wings it, reads notes before class, impulse decisions, skips class to hang with friends, “grades aren’t everything you know, i’ve got looks and personality,” teacher’s pet, sugary coffee with tons of cream, gets shushed in the library, watches videos while “studying,” writes essays an hour before class


Tag yourself as these Dark Academia subjects 

Inspired by @cordurose

English: ‘I Don’t Love You Anymore’ by The Honeysticks

falling crows of ink tumbling across your page, floods of heartbroken poetry written under amber candle light, the comforting warmth of being in an empty library graced with the presence of years of knowledge, midnight meetings to write the next revolution 

Maths: ‘Cold Cold Cold’ by Cage The Elephant

crisp white shirts embellished with suspenders and checkered ties, fogged tortoise shell glasses like silent mornings on the mountain side, the rush of chalk on the board when someone is able to solve a problem, a brain that works in numbers and rationality mixed in with a mind falling into the imaginable

Latin: ‘There Is a Light That Never Goes Out’ by The Smiths 

cheek kisses on the statues that line the walls defensive and armed ready for war, red wine stains marking shirts like undefinable drops of blood, the sound of type writers echoing around biting cold corridors, uncountable hours sat in the library drowning in unreadable words

Art: ‘Freedom’ by Teddy Hyde 

the villainous warmth of alcohol on your insides, watercolored blends under watery sun beams, moulding minds like play doh with brush strokes, a mind flooded with colour and ideas like a broken kaleidoscope, unnameable stains marking hands and arms, the most unshatterable disguise 

Astronomy: ‘Night In’ by Retro Video Club

listening to the empty voices that echo around the observatory tower, pencil diagrams of scattered constellations, watching the sky shatter and blur, sharing your unspeakable secrets with the full moon at witching hour, sipping whiskey on rooftops 

History: ‘Ms’ by alt-J

turtlenecks hiding the passionate rose pricks from the night before, coffee tables built of stolen library books, embellishing outfits with a hint of subtle rebellion, lost hours sacrificed to the statues in the museum, symmetrical lecture halls stained with burnt caramel, crimson rose and eggshell

Philosophy: ‘Broken’ by Adam Barnes

drowning in the midnight velvet waves of your own mind, bitter black coffee cleansing your throat under the early risen sun, cracked halos and bittersweet devils, ancient pillars cracked and bruised, knowing that sometimes there is no ‘right’ and ‘wrong’

Psychology: ‘Mr Loverman’ by Ricky Montgomery

laced collars peeking out from under jumpers like bashful woodland creatures, loosely curled hair following the landscape of your body, proving those who under estimated you wrong in the most delightful scheme of revenge, staring contests with marbled statues 

Law: ‘Cherry Wine’ by Hozier

button up shirts embellishing busy days, following the straight lines of the path, bubbling power boiling under the surface, unwelcomed nights scanning notes and rules created by people you'll never meet, the blurred line between justice and anger

Politics: ‘Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High’ by Arctic Monkeys 

retaliating comments and blurred lines, easy lies told through sips of wine, anxiety embellishing your body with nibbled nails and bitten lips, undeniable sexual tension shared between forbidden hearts, pleasure building up to one day like a hourglass that cannot be cracked or broken

Medicine: ‘Dreams’ by The Cranberries

smashed glass and unfixable mistakes, charcoal black coffee in ceramic mugs under steel skies, swimming through library books in hunt for all the knowledge to be the fixer, nibbled pencils tucked behind ears, watercolour bleeding of moral question 

Studying from home, a new lifestyle during #Covid19 plague

Every library is closed, so are universities and you may be desperate because the library was the only place where you were able to focus.. I totally get you! But as someone who’ve spent most of its school years studying at home.. I can assure you that it’s totally fine! You just need a few techniques and organization skills and you’ll see that everything will be ok ! So here we go : 

  • Clean and declutter your study space. Store the books you don’t need anymore and only keep the essentials on your desk. I’ll share with you an old article I wrote on Tumblr about how to upgrade your workspace!
  • Block distractions : give your phone to your mom, use the Forest app, the Flipd app or just put it in airplane mode !
  • Cut the outside noise : a good playlist (my Lofi playlist for example :P), earplugs and the door shut can help you be in the « library » mood…
  • Make a study plan and try to stick to a routine.. It’s easy to lose track of time when you spend all of your days at home! This is why keeping a healthy routine and set hours for meals and breaks is really important!
  • Since it’s easier to get distracted at home, make sure to take more breaks than the usual (for example a 45min study session and a 10 min break).
  • If you have online lectures and a #studybuddy that you trust, why not split the work (for example you follow half of the lectures and your colleague the other half) and then sharing your notes? Also, why not creating a Google Drive with your colleagues so everyone shares their notes? The quarantine will be long so a little support from each other is more than welcomed!!
  • You can also have skype sessions with your colleagues to debate about a subject, or quiz each other so you don’t feel too alone and you keep track of your progress :)
  • You can also take the time to go deeper into the subjects you have to study and not only scratching the surface like you may be used to do ! This is also a great way to discover if you’re more interested in some subjects than others and who knows, maybe you’ll find a new passion !
  • If you feel like you can’t focus anymore then.. stop. It’s totally fine to not being able to study all day, especially when you have nothing else to do and when the deadlines are still far and unsure. So Take this time to enjoy your family, work on yourself, read a book, or start a new hobby.



Hey guys!

I’m so excited to share this language learning challenge that I created with you!

It’s called Brick-By-Brick Language Learning Challenge and it’s made for anyone who already knows the basics of their target language and wants to improve their knowledge :)

If you participate in this challenge, make sure to use the hashtag #brickbybricklearning and to tag me here on tumblr (@mylinguisticadventure) and on instagram (@mylinguisticadventure). 

That’s it for now. Happy language learning!