→ Basics: 

Species: Wizard, half-blood (wizard/muggle)
Age: 17 (Seventh Year) 
House: Hufflepuff
Position(s): Beater for Hufflepuff
View on Rebellion: Pro-Control of Non-Wizards

→ Background: 

Bio: James and Katie Killick were reported missing in 1997. Their only daughter, Pricilla, was left in the care of her grandmother until she was eighteen, and until a few years later, her parents showed up on her doorstep. And so Pricilla was brought into her parent’s world of Beast-hunting. Pricilla took to hunting like a fish to water, and eventually married a fellow hunter, Jamison, and together they had two children, Cody and Alicia. Unlike her parents, who kept her in the dark about their other lifestyle until she was of age, she and Jamison have instructed Cody and Alicia in the art of hunting from young ages. 

Cody has always been the more serious of the two, but only partially the leader. His younger sister is a spitfire, and he can’t always keep her in one place for long. But for all their differences, they’ve always had each other’s backs. With this new decree about non-wizards being allowed inside the school, he’s worried this is going to turn very bad very quickly. He’s been taught from the time he was old enough to understand that non-wizards can’t be trusted, and has grown up watching his parents hunt other beings and beasts such as werewolves, vampires, banshees, and other creatures that he’ll now be sharing halls and meals and classes with.’. 

He can tell Alicia is starting to wonder about these new students, maybe even becoming interested in befriending them, and he knows he’s going to have to keep a close eye on her to make she she doesn’t fall in with the wrong crowd and get

Personality: Cody has two modes; Hunter Cody and Regular Cody. Regular Cody is smiley, easy-going, and outgoing. He’s an example that not all sterotypes are correct, and an example of the more intense traits of a Hufflepuff. He is kind and generous, hardworking and deadly loyal, but his Achilles heel is the part of his personality that comes out around Non-Wizards. His belief that Non-Wizards are a danger to his friends and family make him short, distrustful and wary of all Non-Wizards, for fear of what they could do to his friends and classmates. Loyal as a Hufflepuff, but with the deadly edge that occasionally accompanies that type of loyalty. 

Magic: Cody is a very physical person, and likes using his hands. He’s skilled in the physical magic arts but lacks perfect precision with his wandwork, preferring to use that precision with a crossbow while hunting with his parents.

→ Relations:

Alicia Killick: Cody and his sister were raised together, hunting and learning how to survive. While they are in different houses, he does his best to try to see her as often as he can.

Arya Grimm: Cody has been suspicious of Arya since they first got on the train at the beginning of the year. Although he’s never really noticed the girl before, he has noticed her slipping out of the castle quite often after curfew. He has a strong suspicion she’s a beast hunter but he can’t be sure and he has no way of asking her.

Louisa Smith: Cody admires the little third year. She’s kind to everyone she meets and has a certain aptitude for making people smile. When he took on tutoring her, he never imagined he’d become quite good friends with the little blonde.

→ Additional:

Dormitory: 7th year, Boys’, Hufflepuff Dormitory.
Classes: Charms, DaDA, Herbology, Tansfiguration, Arithmancy, History of Magic, Magical Theory
Wand: Alder and Dragon Heartstring, 12 inches, unyeilding
Face Claim: Drew Roy

Played By: [Open]
→ Basics:

Species: Human, Wizard, Pureblood
Age: 16 (Sixth Year) 
House: Slytherin
Position(s): Up to Player
View on Rebellion: Up To Player

→ Background:

Bio: Scorpius grew up with a house elf taking care of his every need. His privilege and wealth meant he usually got whatever he wanted, however he never took this for granted, he was always fearful of loosing his place in society and became fearful of failing at school. He read over all of his school books twice before he attended Hogwarts and much to his Father’s delight he was sorted into Slytherin, however the sorting hat had a hard time choosing between that and Hufflepuff. It could see Scorpius’ ambition but also his loyalty and hard work. 

Scorpius worked even harder at his studies as he moved up the years although he was disappointed at his poor wandwork. No matter how hard he tried he could never perform as well as he thought he would. His potions ability redeem him and he quickly became advanced, learning dark potions in his spare time that most wouldn’t even dream of. He loves the dark arts and has been learning them through library books despite his Father telling him never to get involved that ‘he knows the price it costs’. 

Scorpius is looking forward to the next school year and learning further however is apprehensive about Non-Wizards joining. He hates that he’s sharing a school with them, both fearful and angry that he might be sharing classes with them. 

Personality: Scorpius is very ambitious and determined to do well and because of this he works incredibly hard and doesn’t let anyone get in his way. Most teachers like him because of this and he’s glad to get on with them even if he’s occasionally called the teachers pet. Friendly and charming Scorpius makes friends in Slytherin easily however sometimes struggles talking to his peers.

Magic: Scorpius is a skilled potions maker, however his wandwork is a little weak. Despite this his works hard an is fascinated by dark magic of any kind.

→ Relations:

Albus Potter: Albus is like Scorpius’ little brother. The Sytherin house his like a family and Scorpius likes to look after the underdogs of the house

Claire Finnigan: Scorpius shares a lot of classes with Claire but finds her a little full-on at times. She can be pushy and loud

Fred Weasley: Scorpius shares a dorm with Fred Weasley and the two get on well.

→ Additional:

Dormitory: 6th year, Slytherin, Boys Dormitory
Classes:  Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions, Transfiguration, Magical Theory, Apparition, Language (French)
Wand: 9 1/2 inches, Hornbeam, Pheonix Feather, Unyeilding
Face Claim: Mitch Hewer

Played By: Lysh