Fellow CM writers and Readers

I am working on a sort of mini side project. Please fill out the following list thingy if you are free. The fics you mention can either be yours, favorite fics by other authors etc etc. 

  • Fic involving a reader who is a student
  • Fic involving a reader/character is sick or unwell  (cold,fever etc)
  • Fic where the reader/character has mental health issues (specify which one/ones) 
  • Fic involving death of a character
  • Saddest fic you have ever read
  • A fic that you read when you are sad to make you feel happy
  • The sexiest fic you have ever read
  • Fic surrounding masturbation 
  • Fic where the team/people accidentally find out that the character and reader are dating/together 
  • Love confession fic
  • Angstiest fic you have ever read 
  • A fic that turns you on
  • Domestic fic i:e surrounding married life, children etc
  • Wedding fics/Proposals
  • Sexual fantasy fic (a smut that you didn’t expect to be turned on by but were)
  • Fluffiest fic ever
  • Coming out fics (sexuality)
  • Fic involving LGTBQ+ characters
  • A fic series that you love
  • Most unique fic/series you have read
  • OTP fic 
  • Daughter!/Son! Reader fic
  • A fic that made you laugh out loud (or at least chuckle)
  • Most well written fic
  • Favorite Cm fic author (Only pick a max of 3)
  • A fic that defines your idea of romance

You don’t have to fill out every category but It would be nice if you did. Also I am looking for a wide variety of characters so don’t just send me a ton of Spencer requests, try and spice it up a bit.

Also if your a beginner/new writer don’t feel bad about self-promoting. I would be thrilled to read some new stuff!!

Also OC and ship fics are accepted!!

People who might be interested :

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Hey there! Do you guys have anything on colleges, like what do majors or minors do in their classes, assignment questions and on college life? I've been trying to find some college papers so that I could take a look at their questions but so far no luck. Anything on colleges and universities are excellent enough for me so thanks!

This is a great question! As a university student, I’d highly recommend picking your (or your character’s) major first before diving too deeply into the college day-in-the-life because each class—whether it is a student’s major class (and whether that is a science, humanities, or art major), a minor, or a core curriculum—will be extremely different. For example, a foreign language class will include quite a lot of short written assignments (write 100 words about your morning routine to practice reflexive verbs), and in class will be almost exclusively interactive group conversations. In an English class, however, you’ll probably be discussing a reading (whether it be a novel or a short story) and debating over the symbolism for the entire time-span; assignments will generally be essays and more readings. As far as overall college life goes, however, here is what a day in the life of college student looks like in different scenarios:

Sample Papers: 

What a Normal Day in College Looks Like:

I hope this helps, and please don’t hesitate to message again if you need more help!


→ Name: Marisol Juliet Santiago → Age: 17 → Grade: 12th → FC: Cassie Steele

→ Electives: Cheerleading, Choir, French

→ Clubs: Cheerleading


MJ was sexually abused by her uncle numerous times while she was growing up. She attempted to tell her parents, who ignored her, and it finally stopped a year ago when he died from a heart attack.


Marisol is more than a little misunderstood. When she was younger, she actually was a nice person. One of those kids who smiled all the time, shared her toys, always had something nice to say to everyone around her. Her parents’ friends loved her and she would frequently put on little numbers for them when they came over for dinner parties. She’d dance for them, sing for them, and show off her god given talents. Unfortunately, when she was eight, everything took a turn for the worse when her uncle was having some money issues and moved into her parents’ house. 

Marisol was sexually assaulted by her uncle for the first time just two weeks before her ninth birthday. She kept it a secret for quite a while, thinking that no one would believe her. Unfortunately, she was right. When she was eleven, she finally told her parents, unable to deal with it any longer, and they ignored her claims. They had never been the most attentive of parents in the first place, always working long hours and taking numerous business trips. This is when sweet little Marisol turned into MJ.

MJ started not trusting people around her, and started hiding away into herself. Marisol was just an old fairy tale for her. She started drinking at the age of twelve, and when her so called “friends” introduced her to drugs soon afterwards, she partook in those as well. Her life became all about partying and having fun, not caring what anyone else had to say about her. She started believing that sex was all she was good for, since her uncle had repeatedly told her that, and because of her promiscuous ways, she’s had three abortions since she was thirteen. Her uncle finally had a heart attack when MJ was sixteen, and passed away because of it, but the damage was done. MJ is cruel, mean, and doesn’t take shit from anyone. She hates people and people seem to hate her too.