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1) your haiseneki butt awareness gives me life and 2) I was thinking about that post about aroma's grey points and while the gray morality of TG is what draws me to this series, I've been thinking lately about whether (when?) hide coming back will change something fundamentally about how his character is perceived because he's the one, at least to me, seemingly golden and still untarnished character and I don't know if I could handle that tbh

1.) Me too Haiseneki’s ass is grass and somebody’s gotta mow it

2.) Well I mean (hears the Hide-stans coming to kick my ass) he’s never really been a “golden character” in complete honesty. While he does adore his friend and cares a lot for him, there are many questionable or morally gray things that he has done, such as:

  • “Detective work” aka stalking strangers. He even recognizes that it is an illegal activity, hence why he was nervous telling Marude.
  • Losing an Anteiku regular in the alleyways where Mado and Amon executed him. The ghoul did want to eat Hide (self defense), but damn that’s a bit dark for a college student
  • Active role in killing Cain
  • Sending Kaneki to Arima while knowing that he had a high chance of dying

And personally, seeing Hide with some darker character traits would make me happy. Off the top of my head, one headcanon my mutuals and I have talked about him is that he could have a hero complex (not to be mistaken with a martyr complex):

The hero syndrome is a phenomenon affecting people who seek heroism or recognition, usually by creating a desperate situation which they can resolve. This can include unlawful acts, such as arson. Acts linked with the hero syndrome should not be confused with acts of malicious intent. However, acts of the hero syndrome have been linked to previously failed heroism. The hero syndrome may also be a more general yearning for self-worth. People with hero syndrome will usually cause an accident and pretend to help.

  • Seeking the lone bookworm as his friend out of an entire class of students who would better match his extroverted personality.
  • His intense interest in action/superhero manga and kung fu
  • “Detective work” and chasing down “shady people”
  • Being the seemingly “anonymous” caller, and then applying for a job at said organization you are trying to avoid 
  • His hat disguise and thinking that was a good idea (Haise followed the bad disguise trend rip)
  • All the weird one-liners he threw around while fighting Cain (and dashing off into the night when the investigators came)
  • Letting Kaneki eat part of him when instead he could’ve picked up a dead body part that was lying around (there had to have been at least one). It sounds very heroic if you imagine that you sacrificed yourself for your friend to eat you.

And of course there’s the symbolism with the play Kaneki and Hide starred in, where the witch’s servent (Hide) betrays the main character (Kaneki), but in the end it turned out “surprisingly well.”

Anyways, give me darker Hide tropes