SOAR: An Animated Short


Congratulations!! Three MFA Computer Art graduates have made it to the Final Round of the 41st Annual Student Academy Awards!!

OSCILLATE - Daniel Sierra (MFA 2013 Computer Art) (Alternative)

STAIRCASES - Steinar Nedrebo (MFA 2013 Computer Art) (Alternative)

LIGHT MIND - Jie Yi (MFA 2013 Computer Art) (Alternative)

And congratulations to the other students who have advanced to the final round in Animation:

MARCEL - Eric Cunha & Seung Sung (BFA 2013 Computer Art) (Animation)

SCATTERED - Lindsay Lindenbaum (MFA 2013 Social Documentary) (Documentary)

SVA made a huge presence with 7 out of 11 films representing the Animation, Alternative, and Documentary categories in the Region Three Semifinals. SVA is awesome!