would you defend an ex fascist gone teacher irl who abused his job position to bully the students he’s responsible for and outed a hiv positive man to the world causing him to be unemployed for the rest of his life because he was in unrequited love with a girl who died as a victim of his fascist friends? just wondering


(note: I’m not gonna talk about Trump mocking Serge Kovaleski primarily b/c Kovaleski does not ID as disabled and does not want to be used as a political talking point. Which is fair.  yes, it was awful. no, you don’t get brownie points for agreeing with me that it was awful. Disabled people have evolved to have thick skin, and a politician mocking us is not new or unsurprising. this list will deal with policy and specific issues facing the broader disability, autistic, d/Deaf//HoH, and neurodivergent communities.)

(other note: I generally use adjective-first language but I probably also used person-first language in here somewhere. I personally prefer to use the former for myself but I respect that other people in this community use different language.)

-the federal site for IDEA has been taken down

-all mentions of disability rights have been deleted from the website

-betsy devos had no idea what the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act was when asked and stated that standards for accommodations in education should be left up to the state (this is a TERRIBLE idea)

-if Obamacare is repealed, we have the most to lose. Most of us will not be able to afford medical expertise or treatment to maintain a basic quality of life. Some of us will die.

-he called one of his books Crippled America. Unironically. Ugh. 

-the january 2017 unemployment rate for nondisabled civilians was 4.9. For disabled civilians, it was 11.0. These numbers do not reflect the number of disabled individuals who work inadequate part time jobs, who are institutionalized, or have given up looking for work.

-the US still has not signed the UN documents about the rights of People with Disabilities. 

-Justices like Justice Kennedy have historically been swing votes on cases involving disabilities. Justices like Scalia have not. Potential Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch has a very ugly disability rights record, which includes defending a college that fired a professor undergoing chemo when she requested to give her lectures over skype (there was a flu going around on campus and being there would put the staff member in danger due to her suppressed immune system)

-By the time he was elected, Donald Trump had already dealt with at least eight lawsuits concerning lack of basic accessibility (ramps, braille) on his properties

-the Supreme Court case legalizing the sterilization of potentially disabled people without their consent (Buck v. Bell) has never been overturned and has been cited as a legal precedence in a lower court as recently as 2001.

-the Judge Rotenburg Center is still using painful electric shocks on disabled students as punishment, despite the FDA advising them to stop more than two years ago.

-similarly, many disabled people are not  paid federal minimum wage b/c section 14c of the “Fair Labor Standards Act” is still on the books and so hundreds of thousands of disabled peoples’ wages are “proportional” to their productivity (compared to an abled worker). Goodwill is one of the most famous companies that exploits this loophole.

-the already gutted SSDI program is even more at risk-Trump has spoken about emulating the British reforms for their disability program. Off the top of my head, I can think of nine or ten different people who died as a result of the recent “fit to work” assessments and bedroom requirements in the UK.

-disabled people depend on the Department of Justice’s civil rights division to enforce the ADA and protect us from blatant discrimination. Trump has already proven that he does not care about the funding or effectiveness of the department, and is willing to destabilize it to forward his political goals. 

-Donald Trump is anti-vax and is complacent to that movement’s violent and intolerable rhetoric surrounding autistic and other neurodivergent individuals

-Sessions called disabled children protected by federal laws (like IDEA) “the single most irritating problem for teachers throughout America today”. In this same statement, he stated that he did not “remember hearing of gun shootings prior to 1975 when Congress began telling ten percent of our students [they] are not responsible” (the IDEA was passed in 1975, improving the way disabled children were treated at public schools)

-the new administration’s refusal to address fatal police brutality is also an issue of disability rights, given that around half of victims shot by police officers are disabled or neurodivergent. (like eric garner, who had asthma) 

In case this list didn’t clue you in: the disabled community is scared. We don’t know what to expect from the next four years, we still haven’t come close to equality, and we are usually left to fight our battles alone. That’s why I’m asking whoever reads this to stand with the disability community against ableism and against policies that will kill us. People have done a great job in the past few weeks of expressing solidarity with muslims, immigrants, refugees, latinx people, LGBT people, and black people. And, honestly, that’s great. Thank you and please keep doing it. But also be aware that disabled people are one of the most vulnerable demographics right now, and be aware that we’re also one of the most ignored. We are made invisible by the media and by society too easily. Please, you have to see us and you have to stand with us. 

Looking back on history, it’s impossible not to notice that people with disabilities don’t fare well in authoritarian regimes. Please help us make this time different.
Yelp introduces feature to locate gender-neutral bathrooms
Users checking into a location will be able to note the presence of a gender-neutral bathroom, while business owners will be able to edit their own establishment’s page.
By Sarah Karlan

Yelp has added a new app feature that it hopes will make users of all genders feel more affirmed, despite the Trump administration’s recent anti-trans actions.

In its list of restaurant descriptors, where it tells you things like noise level, alcohol options and kid-friendliness, the app will now share whether a business has a gender-neutral bathroom (defined as a single-stall, locking bathroom that is not designated as male or female). 

The company is mapping bathroom locations with the help of both users and business owners. Users who check into a location will be able to “check” for gender-neutral bathrooms, while business owners will be able to edit their own establishment’s page.

In the next couple of weeks, users will also be able to search specifically for businesses that have gender-neutral restrooms.

Rachel Williams, Yelp’s Head of Diversity and Inclusion, told BuzzFeed News the new feature was added in direct response to the Trump administration recently rescinding protective guidelines for transgender students.

“In response to the recent public policy assault on LGBTQ community, and timed for our support of the Gavin Grimm Amicus Brief signed by more than 100 companies, we believe it’s important for the business community to speak up when our nation’s values are threatened,” she explained.

“Yelp thrives on inclusion and acceptance, and it’s always the right time to reaffirm this with our community,” she added.

I am here for this. 


“You really wanna head back out there, huh?”

epiphany | jungkook

Pairing: Jungkook + Reader 

Genre: Fluff + college au 

Word Count: 3.6k 

Part: | 1 | 2 |  

Summary: You hated his guts, especially after he ruined your chance at getting a good grade in one of your toughest classes. But why did your heart beat a little faster every time you saw him? And why did he feel the same way?

Reader’s POV

“I’m afraid I’m going to have to give you a failing grade, Y/N…” Mr.Ransford frowned,“ You should’ve saved your work somewhere separately you know?”

You gaped at him in complete shock, as everything came crashing down on you.

“B-but you don’t understand! It wasn’t my fault-” you stammered, your hands flailing around in a frenzy as you attempted to explain your dire situation to your psychology professor.

“Y/N, I’m sorry I’m afraid we can’t discuss this right now, I have a class in 2 minutes. We’ll talk later, hm?” he said as you sighed, your shoulders slumping in utter defeat.

He patted your shoulders in sympathy as you walked out of the door, tears welling up in your eyes as you thought of all your hard work that was now flushed down the drain. All because of one boy.

That damn Jeon Jungkook.


“YAH!” you yelled, raging, as you approached the boys, a deadly glare in your eyes as you grabbed Jungkook by the collar of his tshirt. Pulling him up from the bleachers where him and the rest of his friends were sitting, all of them gasped, mouths going agape as they witnessed their golden maknae get manhandled by you.

“Y/N~What a pleasure,” Jungkook said, giving you a lazy smirk.

Your blood boiled at the audacity the boy had, to address you in such a way, after he had destroyed your chance at a good grade- heck a good year of college. Without thinking first, you lifted your hand and slapped him across the face, the contact shooting vibrations of pain down your arm as the noise echoed in the air. Immediate silence followed, everyone looking at the two of you with rounded eyes as Jungkook himself, was in shock.

You stood there, your chest rising up and down, breathing heavy as you glowered at him. His hands flew to his cheek as he let out a stream of curse words, his gaze landing on yours, fire kindling in his eyes as he reddened in embarrassment.

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brutally honest ships: Rebelcaptain (i know what your gonna say but imma ask anyway)

AHAHAHAH. Bless you, anon. Bless you.

Well, to start, I did write this treatise on WHY I SHIP REBELCAPTAIN, but that’s more a technical breakdown than it is brutal honesty.

The brutal honest answer? I haven’t loved a ship like this one in a very long time. I almost never ship characters from a stand alone movie because the tension begins and ends within the span of those two hours. But Jyn and Cassian? They’re a different animal. I went in jokingly wanting to ship them based on the first trailer and general Diego Luna lusting, but on the first viewing, I was like oh ok, I guess I am probably not gonna end up shipping them, and that’s fine, that’s cool, that’s … what the hell is going on in that elevator scene. OH MY GOD BITCH DON’T YOU DARE OH GOD.

But here are some new hot takes I don’t think I’ve put down into words before:

My brain can’t comprehend that there’s another person in the universe that would make sense for the other. Other OTPs, other characters, I could be game with the “they could love someone else–maybe it would be the great love, but it could be love.” With Jyn and Cassian, I feel like they just wouldn’t be interested in anyone else. I think they both would rather be alone than be with someone else just to be with someone else. Cassian’s married to the cause when we met him. Jyn’s just trying to survive. Romance and love aren’t on the agenda. That is, until they meet each other, and like, something snaps into place.

I also believe that if they had survived, they’d be relatively okay mentally and emotionally, relatively speaking. Relatively, because these two have already been massively traumatized by their lives when they meet, and they’re still functioning. I think they are natural survivors and survivors who have learned how to cope. They’ve both learned to compartmentalize  Maybe they have nightmares, they probably have additional layers of PTSD and survivor’s guilt, but I don’t see them in my mind as withdrawing from each other, either? But then I’ve read fics where they’ve done just that, and I love those?

But one thing I do love about this ship is that I find that their dynamic is quite … healing for the other. It’s a pairing of equals, and though on the surface they are somewhat opposites (he’s careful and cool; she’s reckless and hotheaded), they’re also very similar in other ways, which is why I think they get one another, and why I think they work so well. In a span of a week they can communicate almost wordlessly. They trust one another. It’s beautiful and tragic.

Speaking of which. One upside to them being dead is that they can’t be ruined or torn apart. They exist forever in this perfect little bubble of what if and if only. I don’t know if I’ll ever get over it (and I don’t want to).

My bud @cassiomia had some neat pens today and I was very glad to have the chance to scribble around with them. They are SO SMOOTH.
Of course, my first instinct when I have a pen in my hand is to doodle an Undyne…so…that’s what I did.

I’m very excited to draw her debut in chapter three, which I guess you guys won’t see for a while… But! I am excited! She is my baby girl and I love her very much.
Speaking of the graphic novel… the next finished page is coming today! So! Be on the lookout, guys! (Just gotta get a good photo of it…💦)

Americans were once again forced to grapple with gun violence in schools when three people were killed in a murder-suicide in San Bernardino on Monday, less than a week before the 10th anniversary of the nation’s worst school shooting.

On the morning of April 16, 2007, Seung-Hui Cho, a student at Virginia Tech, killed 32 students and teachers, and wounded 17 others. Until last year’s massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, it was the deadliest shooting rampage in modern U.S. history.

Jane Vance, an instructor at Virginia Tech, remembers the first day back in the classroom after the tragedy with Lucinda Roy. Roy was head of the university’s English department and had tutored the shooter, who was an English major.

10 Years Later, Virginia Tech Instructor Recalls Her Students’ Response To Tragedy

Photo: Erica Yoon/Courtesy of StoryCorps

darkrose-9 answered your question “Today I’d like to write a drabble set in AVAC, but I’m not really sure…”

The students are forced to do the parenting module - even more important because being a teen parent AND a superhero!? A big no-no. Pairs are randomly assigned ;)

A/N: Not sure if this is what you had in mind, but this is what popped into my head. 

“Peter Parker Stark Rogers, you get your ass down from there right now!”

Peter cringed at Tony’s tone.

It had barely been an hour of this stupid and sadistic assignment, yet somehow Tony had already mastered the pissed off parent voice.

“You could fly up there, you know,” Steve deadpanned.

“You are not helping, Steve. Also, what is wrong with you? He is our son for the next week, and you are just letting him run amok.”

“I’m not the one with jetted boots!”

Peter groaned as Steve and Tony bickered. He wished he could blame this whole mess on Loki, but it had been his own damn fault. He was the one who had cracked a joke during Fury’s lecture on parenting and the responsibilities the students at Avengers Academy would have to face if they ever chose to have children. He hadn’t expected Fury to take to heart his suggestion that he give everyone a sack of flour to raise for a week and see how it goes. He also hadn’t planned on Brock Rumlow pointing out that as superheroes most of their babies would have super powers so a sack of flour wouldn’t really do the trick.

All of that had led to Fury pairing off students together as parents and then assigning a third student as their child for the week.

It could have been worse, Peter thought to himself. At least he wasn’t Loki who had to play child to Thor and Amora.

“You know what, Steve? Forget it. You just go to the gym and work on your biceps with all of the other macho men on campus. I’ll be a good parent and save our son from falling to his death.”

“I literally throw myself off buildings everyday,” Peter hollered down from the roof of Avengers Hall to Tony and Steve. “I’m in no danger.”

Peter huffed and aimed his webshooter at the landing platform of Stark Tower.

Suddenly Tony was hovering in front of Peter. His arms were crossed over his chest and he shook his head. “Oh no. No child of mine is throwing himself through the air without at least a jetpack.”

“Tony, be reasonable!” Peter pleaded. He knew Tony loved role playing (pretty much everyone from the first class of students loved to dress up and act like whatever they were referencing with their costume), but Peter really wasn’t in the mood to play child. Tony had to see that. He had to be willing to give Peter some slack here and not force him into this weird game/assignment.

Tony bit the inside of his cheek. After a few seconds of mulling it over, Tony unfolded his arms and smiled at Peter. “All right. I won’t force you to wear a jetpack, but you have to let me take a look at your webbing and upgrade it. I also want to look at your suit and see what I can do about reinforcing it a bit.”

“That is not okay.” Steve grunted as he hoisted himself onto Avengers Hall’s roof. “We agreed that we wouldn’t let him jump from roof to roof. Peter may be capable, but we have to treat him like a young child, and we both agreed we wouldn’t let a child do that.”

“Says the man known for jumping from planes without parachutes.” Tony rolled his eyes.

“I have a parachute.” Steve’s cheeks pinked. “I parachute into the academy all the time.”

“Huh.” Tony cocked his head to the side and made a point of scanning Peter. His next words were aimed at Steve. “And you wonder where our son gets his reckless behavior from.”

“Don’t you pin this all on me.”

“You know what,” Peter interrupted. “I’m just going to go.” He gestured between Steve and Tony. “I’d say call me when you sort this out, but I rather you not.” Peter aimed his webshooter at the dorms and unleashed the webbing. “Later, Dads.” Peter jumped off the building.

“Just like your father!” Tony shouted as Peter flew through the air.

“That is not me!” Steve defended himself.

“Oh my god, I’m going to replay every video I have of you doing reckless stuff like that just to prove that you are exactly like that. Once we get our son back and ground him.”


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Hi! Your writing is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for running this blog! Can I please request RFA+V helping MC prepare for an important exam? Mine are coming up soon and I am Stressed ;_;


  • he recalls his high school days
  • when he, like, actually studied for days before and was just a responsible student who was considered to be a role model
  • sure, he hasn’t quite retained his old habits, but he remembers a thing or two
  • he encourages MC all day while they study
  • he’ll quiz MC on the subject (while looking at their notes- he’ll be damned if his already busy brain has to learn even more outside of his classes) and see if they’ve memorised what they need
  • it’s amazing all the tips and techniques he has for effective studying?? if he applied those to his normal studying, MC’s sure he’d be the top of his class even now


  • an actual hero bless her
  • she’s reminded of her days studying day in and day out for university, and can’t help but feel even more fired up to help MC
  • she’s so enthusiastic? MC is almost confused at why she’s so happy to help them study, but there’s no complaining about that
  • she’s more than glad to supply caffeine while MC studies, but she’s gently reminding them to maybe not drink too much of it if they don’t want to have a hell-day tomorrow
  • stays by MC’s side for the most part, seeing in what she can help them or where they might be able to ask her for assistance


  • he’s there cheering MC on
  • he knows MC is going to do amazingly and reminds them of so multiple times
  • probably buys some takeout so MC can snack. also he buys some goldfish bread for MC and him
  • when it comes to studying he’s not… sure enough he can help
  • sure, it’s not that he’s dumb, he just understands that this test is highly important and seeing his school experience he feels like he just might not be the very best study buddy
  • still a hella good support and brings good snacks


  • he’s actually a bit sad he can’t be more of help
  • as much as he wishes he could sit down and help MC study for the test all day, he knows he can’t, and it makes him feel like he’s not helping as much as he could
  • but he knows that not only his schedule wouldn’t allow it, but also that he might distract MC
  • still, he hires an interior decorator and rearranges the room in order to fit the scientifically proven ways in which a room can improve the studying experience
  • hopefully that will make up a bit for his not being there that much?
  • he worries when he sees MC sleeping late due to exams, but instead of egging on them to sleep he tries to clear their schedule as much as possible for the next morning


  • he’s there, laying down next to MC, in his laptop per usual
  • he likes to keep MC company, especially seeing since they become stressed by all the studying and he can try to calm them down a bit with hugs and kisses
  • still, he doesn’t go overboard (it’s hard but he manages) so MC can concentrate
  • once in awhile he’ll ask MC to take a small break to look at a vine or something on his screen to make sure they won’t get too tense
  • he brings out a whole box of chips and Dr. Pepper for the studying. If MC doesn’t hurry, though, he’ll probably end up eating it all without noticing??


  • he’s almost a living studyblr
  • by that I mean he just, cleans the whole room and when he helps MC he uses lots of highlighter colors and codes it
  • so pretty??
  • the only problem is that MC really can’t read what he’s writing at all???
  • when he realizes that his writing looks like chicken scratch even to MC, he starts trying even harder than before
  • MC finds out that even if he’s not familiar with the subject, he can make some really good summaries using the textbooks
  • it’s really helpful, once they’re used to reading his somewhat convoluted handwriting
Warm Me Up ch. 23

I don’t remember the songs I listened to oops. 

Click Here for Ch. 1

Click here for ch. 22

Eyes seemed to follow him everywhere. It made Will feel on edge and frustrated. He walked, trying to ignore it as he got his work done. Forget months of hard work. One little bad day seemed to have branded him untrustworthy.

Part of him wanted to quit and intern elsewhere, but he was worried they wouldn’t take him if the doctors told about what had happened. What did they expect anyway? He was still just a teenager. And he was usually good about separating personal and work life. It wasn’t his fault the two had suddenly decided to merge into one giant headache.

“Keep your chin up, pal,” Malcolm said, walking beside him. “Just don’t look so angry when doing it. You’re supposed to look approachable.”

Will rolled his eyes and sighed. He gave a forced smile and shook his head. “Yeah, I know. It’s just creeping me out. Like everyone’s waiting for me to burst again. They know I’m not like that. It was… a bad day. After a few bad weeks.” He shook his head and rolled his head to try and shake off the stress. “I have to go check on one of my kids. I’ll see you later.”

Malcolm smiled at the term and nodded, disappearing into another wing of the hospital.

Meanwhile, Will hurried to the room for a little girl who had stayed a few days after a severe asthma attack. He opened the door and smiled brightly as the little girl sat up. “How are you feeling today, little sunflower?” he asked. Her name was Flor, and she was so bubbly and happy, that it was easy to provide a nickname for her.

“I’m okay,” she answered, licking pudding off her fingers. “Are you going to do the routine again?” He smiled and nodded. Her older brother chuckled softly as she scooted forward and sat up.

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Following in the Path of my Hero

(or, When I Grow Up, I Want to be Just Like Amythest!)

I want to start by explaining who my hero is in this context for those that don’t know. Amythest Schaber, known as @neurowonderful on Tumblr, is a self-advocate and activist who was pivotal in two important aspects of my life.

Like many of my own followers, Amythest’s YouTube series, Ask an Autistic, was a significant force in my self-acceptance. The second aspect, and perhaps more salient to this post, is that Amythest provides a blueprint for autism and neurodiversity activism; a blueprint that I would come come to define myself by.

The way I choose to define myself, my identity as it is today, was seeded by my aspirations to be the activist I saw and continue to see in Amythest. Put another way, when I grow up I want to be an activist and help people the way Amythest helped me.

This aspiration led me to create this blog, to attend university nearly twenty years after I had given up on the idea, and it led me to my first published piece as a professional writer - a life-long dream that until recently had been little more than idle fantasy.

Yesterday was a big day for me. I stepped firmly out of the world of self-advocacy and into the world of activism. So what changed?

Well, yesterday I had a meeting with Dr. Hudson, the director of the Student Center for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at my university. We talked about autism. We talked about autism awareness. We talked about autism acceptance. Most importantly, we talked about how to position this school as a leader of neurodiversity acceptance, inclusion, and most of all, accessibility.

Not accommodation - accessibility.

As it is right now, there are two events at our school that deal with autism. One focuses on autism awareness the way most people mean it, and one focuses on autism awareness the way we as a community mean it. Dr. Hudson wants to bridge the gap between the two, and he has asked me to be the student that does that.

Dr. Hudson has been seeking ways to expand on the April autism awareness campaigns into a year-round program of neurodiversity acceptance. This program is not meant to be token events, but rather the basis for what will become University mandated policy in neurodiversity accessibility training for professors, administrators, and student facing employees.

I have been asked not only to create a program of events spread throughout the year, but I have been asked to do it in a way that can transition into standardized policy.

How does this work?

Let’s take the issue of closed captioning. There is no requirement for professors to provide closed captioning on anything unless the Office of Disability Services informs the professor of formal accommodations. But why? Closed captioning doesn’t hurt anything, and it could easily be the difference between a B and an A for a student that needs it - perhaps not enough for them to request accommodation, but why shouldn’t they be able to fully understand the video?

I address this issue, perhaps, by presenting a lecture to students and faculty on the benefits of closed captioning for disabled and neurodiverse students. I make the argument that close captioning should be standard; that professors should only be using videos that include closed captioning and it should be turned on be default. Maybe I cite studies, maybe I include interviews of autistics or HoH/Deaf students ruminating on the differences between classes that provide it be default and those that don’t. Maybe some professors take this to heart, but most won’t.

After introducing these things, Dr. Hudson takes them to the administration. He shows them how the professors that listened were able to make the necessary changes, and makes the argument that it should be policy.

To be clear, Dr. Hudson has a lot of power within the school to address these specific issues. His job is explicitly about making this school accessible to underserved demographics in this city - from working class people to undocumented immigrants (we are a sanctuary school!), to physically disabled students, to neurodiverse students.

Let me repeat that - Dr. Hudson’s job is to make this school accessible. And believe me, he understands just what the significance is by saying accessible instead of accommodating. Best of all, when it comes to burden of proof required for him to change accessibility policy, I get the impression the bar is low. As long as he shows that it will probably help people, he has the power to make it happen.

And now?

I am the student responsible for bringing a broader neurodiversity awareness, acceptance, and accessibility to this school. I talk a lot about autism because that is what this blog is, but my role at school is about all neurodiversity. Depression, anxiety, psychosis, developmental disabilities, communication disabilities, learning disabilities, everything.

This is the work I wanted to do professionally after earning my masters degree or PhD. Instead, I start next week - as freshman in my second semester of undergraduate studies.

My wife, @paxardens and my partners @cassandrasimplex and @vulcanfeminist, my friends @alexithymia42, @elliottiguess and @stumble-tumble-bumble… they all played a huge role in helping me come to understand myself, love myself, and strive for more.

My activism? The way I want to approach bringing acceptance of neurodiversity and more importantly bring accessibility to neurodiverse people? That is powered by the support of my family, the women from my regular tea party that are my chosen family, and my friends; but it is built with the blueprint from my personal hero, Amythest.

I can’t wait to see what the next four years bring, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you. Whatever journey is ahead, it starts today; today, I follow in the path of my hero, and I couldn’t be happier.

The Domino Effect of (Un)Kindness

A nursing student, excited and thrilled to be in a nursing program, encounters unkindness from the staff nurses on the day of her very first clinical rotation. She’s not too surprised, since she was warned that nurses in this particular unit “hate students.” She carries on, disappointed, she carries on despite the passive aggressive commentary - she pastes a smile on her face, but she’s wondering what she’s getting herself into.

A graduate nurse, excited and thrilled to finally be out in the real world, encounters a preceptor who makes it clear she doesn’t want this role. She’s anywhere but at the side of her orientee. The graduate carries on, pushes aside her disappointment as she tries to figure out the flow of her new role, pushes aside her uncertainty as she approaches her preceptor with questions, only to be told “you have to learn this on your own,” pushes her fears way down as she trembles through her first code, alone. In the midst of chaos, she sees her preceptor sitting five feet away, watching and whispering to another co worker. She isn’t too surprised, she encountered unkindness in her clinical rotations as a nursing student, but she thought it would be different once she was a real nurse.

An experienced nurse, having experienced her share of unkindness as a nursing student, and as a staff nurse, shifts to a new role in leadership. She encounters a whole different level of unkindness from her program director, and from the nurse managers she’s responsible for. She pastes a smile on her face each day, and to the outside world she is a strong, capable leader, supporting the nurses despite the pushback pressures from up above, mediating with administration relentlessly, working for better working conditions, working to bridge the gaps. She’s tired, this is supposed to be the most trusted profession in America, yet at the very core, nurses were still unkind to their own. She’s tired, but no one sees it, for the mask she wore each day belied the clinical depression and devastation of not belonging, the great difficulty she had each day of facing all of these people who were unkind, and no one knew it. The smile she had for her colleagues, the kindness she extended to the nurses she was responsible for and the turmoil she experienced when she was alone. The mask that led to her taking her own life, only discovered when she, a very punctual person, was late for work - citing in her letter bullying from her director, bullying and pressure from the nurse managers. The level of support she needed and tried to reach for, but didn’t have at any facet, the mask she wore daily, and the world kept going.


A nursing student, excited and thrilled to be in a nursing program, nervously begins her clinicals. She’s a bit worried though, as she’s heard this unit isn’t fond of students.”Hello, welcome to our unit,” says the charge nurse. “It’s a busy day, we are short staffed and we may look as though we are busy and unapproachable, but please ask us questions. We will help you.”
It takes one person to be kind.

A graduate nurse, beyond thrilled to finally graduate, meets her preceptor, and she’s a bit worried. Her preceptor looks busy and irritated already, and it’s only 7:15am. Nervously, she introduces herself, as her preceptor pauses what she’s doing to look up, and says to her orientee, “Hi, I’m glad you’re here. They’ve given us a really shitty assignment. I know it’s your first day, maybe a bad impression of this unit, but we will make the best of it.” The graduate is nervous, and her preceptor isn’t smiling, but she can tell from her tone that she’s a preceptor that won’t let her drown. She isn’t wrong. She works through her orientation, learning her new role in this frightening world of responsibility for human life. She’s uncertain, but she approaches her preceptor with questions. She trembles through her first code, but she isn’t alone. She lacks speed and confidence, but she isn’t alone. Her preceptor challenges her to work faster, to think critically on her own, come to her own clinical decisions, and she doesn’t take any of it personally, because she knows that while her preceptor isn’t warm and fuzzy, her kindness is in her presence and her patience. She is supportive, and she remembers what it’s like to be new and feel like you’re fucking up every day.
It takes one person to be understanding.

An experienced nurse, a nurse who’s encountered significant unkindness in her practice, shifting to a new role. A role that puts her in the forefront of clinical practice, however a role that puts her back in a beginner’s role of leadership. She’s worried, as there are many leaders who’ve been in this role a very long time. She’s worried, as this role has a reputation for significant responsibility, demands and pressures, a role that had not ended well for her predecessor. She’s worried, for although this is America’s most trusted profession, she’s tired of the politics and hypocrisy, and she fears one day she will become one of them - if everyone considers themselves to be kind, then why was there still so much unkindness? She’s worried she will quit a profession she’s worked long and hard for. She’s worried about failing, she’s worried about not meeting expectations, she wonders what will happen when she comes across significant unkindness again, and she’s worried about putting on a mask again. “Welcome,” says her program director. “We are so happy to have you here.”
It takes one person to change the shape of unkindness.

We can be that change.