Folks, my hospital is a big hospital

*ring ring*
Nurse BolusCoffeeStat: “SICU this (Nurse BCS’s real name).”
Family Member on the Phone: Hi, my mother is in the ICU and I was wondering how she was doing. (says nothing else, no name, no injury/illness, nothing).
Nurse BolusCoffeeStat:  and your mother is?

Family Member (now getting annoyed):
Nurse BolusCoffeeStat: Jane …? What’s her last name?
Family Member: Jane X. 

(Nurse BolusCoffeeStat rifles through the unit census, seeing nothing. Oh wait, that’s because the patient is in another, completely different ICU halfway across the hospital). 

PSA: everyone has a mother, father, brother, sister, etc. And you’re talking to a nurse at a 500+ bed hospital with 7 ICUs. pls be more specific and don’t get snotty at me for not knowing exactly who you’re talking about. UGH. 

Finally taking a shower after you have been in isolation rooms all day
When you are running charge nurse and nothing is going right
That instructor that is no nonsense and rigid to the book

Personally, these were my favorite and least favorite instructors for the same reasons.  Learn so much- and there is always at least one!