GOP mega-donor funds group calling pro-Palestine US students 'Jew haters'
Sheldon Adelson-funded posters named students and professors at a college campus, saying they ‘have allied themselves with Palestinian terrorists’
By Sam Levin

The multimillion-dollar effort, which has launched at six campuses in California, is targeting the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement that has become increasingly popular among American university students protesting the Israeli government.

At the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), recent Adelson-funded posters named 16 students and professors, saying they “have allied themselves with Palestinian terrorists to perpetuate BDS and Jew Hatred on this campus”. It further claimed BDS was a “Hamas-inspired genocidal campaign to destroy Israel”.

Robert Gardner, a 25-year-old UCLA senior, saw his name on one of the posters outside a grocery market. “I was really shocked and felt really disturbed,” he said.

“They are trying to cast us as antisemitic, that we are somehow a discriminatory group,” said the political science student, who is a member of the college’s Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) organization. “That is a completely spurious accusation. One of our core principles is anti-oppression and anti-racism.”

Uh-oh! Somebody’s on to them, and the BDS-holes don’t like the light of truth being shined in their Jew-hating faces. SJP does not like being called out for their brownshirt tactics. They whine. They moan. They lie. They can dish it out but they can’t take it.

How I ruined student government: By Andrew Chapin.

Step 1: Run for office. Be charming which is really really easy. Photoshop head on communist leader and use this for campaign posters. 

Step 2: Win election. Receive award because people liked your campaign poster.

Step 3: Make wonderful speech that inspires people. They love you now.

Step 4: Have sex with girlfriend live on campus radio. Crown yourself King. Declare independence from the United States in front of large crowd. Do mushrooms in public. Host epic rap battles on the campus green. Use campus police as personal taxi service so senior girlfriend doesn’t have to walk to your dorm. Start handing out pamphlets educating the students about the benefits of responsible MDMA use. Tell a professor to “Fuck off”. Start a Fight Club in basement of dorm. Spend entire school government budget on magicians and getting Dennis Haskins to show up at your school because you always wanted to meet Mr. Belding from “Saved by the Bell”. Etc. 

Step 5: During impeachment trial, be very drunk. 

Step 6: Get impeached

Step 7: Love yourself. Immensely.  

Student Government Masterpost by sorryneedtostudy

I know a lot of you are in student government, as am I, so I thought I’d share some of the resources that help me.

  • Image Market has lots of customizable templates for class t-shirts and student council t-shirts. This is helpful if you usually have a hard time finding or making a shirt that everyone will wear.
  • Stump’s Party Supplies has everything you could ever need for a school event. They have custom banners, custom temporary tattoos, and more. The pricing is not half bad either.
  • Donation Town I know that lots of schools have coat drives and it is sometimes difficult to find time to get all of the donations to the charity. Donation Town picks up all of your donations for free, all you have to do is enter your zip code, choose a charity, and schedule a pick up!
  • Host a Blood Drive Hosting a blood drive at your school is a great way to help others and yourselves. If you work or donate a certain number of times at a drive, you will recieve a cord at your graduation, but helping others is also a great thing. You have to be 16 to donate.
  • Campaign Poster Ideas Here are some funny (and a little corny) posters to use for your campaign.
I know it’s short, but it helps. Trust me.

FSU Senior Paul Lewis woke up this morning to see his entire Instagram and Facebook flooded with logos of either the Vitality or Ignite Party. For a brief moment, Lewis considered doing some research on which party would best represent student interests and make the university a safer and more intellectually thriving place. However, he quickly remembered what a farce student government is, laughed to himself about how much of a waste of time that would be and went back to sleep.

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princesscheeese  asked:

hey sacha! can appointments committee get a shoutout? i'm putting all of this semester's applications online this week so that people can check out the available positions way ahead of time. you seem to be followed by a lot of freshlings who might be interested in getting involved on the committee level. senate secretary and j-board secretary are the first positions we'll be appointing for! thanks!

YES! Appointments Committee! I love them myself, since they appointed me to 4/5 of the things I applied for at Reed, and kept my committee full of awesome people.

App Com is a sub-committee of the Student Senate, in charge of reading applications for/appointing non-Senate students to other committees. Much as their name would suggest, I guess! That means everything from Honor Council, to SCAPP (Also a shoutout to SCAPP! Yeah!) (the Student Committee on Academic Policy and Planning), to Reed Unions, to the Admission and Financial Aid Committee, and planning committees for buildings and events.

Freshman can definitely get involved, and in my opinion secretarial positions are a good way to start to be involved in student government and also a great way to learn a lot about Reed as a new student.

Also, I believe it is in the Reed Community Constitution (the Holy Book of Reed College) that there must be a student on basically every committee on the campus (with the exception of the Committee on Advancement and Tenure, or CAT), so if there’s stuff going on that you’re interested in be sure keep an eye out for appointments to those committees. 

Announcements about which positions are open will go out in your Student Body Info emails each week! It’s exciting! You can access the online applications through SIN, which I am not going to explain now but an upperclasman in your dorms will be able to show you all about it.

UC Davis you’re fucking up! It is UNFAIR and UNJUST to deny Alyson Sagala her seat on the senate table despite having the 2nd highest number of votes in the recent student elections. This is discrimination, racism, and sexism on every damn level. 

“Join us tomorrow night (Thursday) to prove we still have a voice. Mee Room, 3rd floor of the MU at 6 o'clock. Anyone who comes is allowed to speak, so be prepared to let your voice be heard.

The fight is never over, and we’re about to prove there’s no way we will lose.

If one of us falls, we all fall. Isang Bagsak!”