Those of us old enough to remember Bush are having flashbacks tbh. One of my mother’s friends said Bush looked like a deer in headlights when he spoke on TV. He was in many ways a bumbling fool who regularly made gaffs and who didn’t have the competence to be president. Many people claimed his VP, Dick Cheney, the evil ghoul in the background, was not in word but in deed, our president–and in actuality, Vice Presidential powers expanded to incredible levels under the Bush Administration.

I saw a post jokingly wondering what Biden even did during Obama’s presidency. But when the president is competent like Obama or Bill Clinton were, the VP doesn’t have much power. Biden and Gore didn’t exert high levels of influence because they didn’t need to.

The fact Trump has said Pence will “take care of” foreign and domestic policy says a lot–it really speaks to his incompetence. It would be like a college professor saying their student aide is going to write up lesson plans and teach major portions of the semester. It basically means he isn’t doing his job.

That in and of itself may be the worst thing about this presidency–Trump, like Bush, is a red herring. It’s the VP lurking in the shadows with an ultra-conservative agenda that we have to worry about.


Let me hand you an important piece of advice.
When the Financial Aid office wants you to sign something, even if they explain it…READ IT. READ EVERY SINGLE WORD. READ IT SLOWLY. MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT THE FUCK YOU’RE SIGNING AND DON’T LET THEM BULLY OR RUSH YOU!!

I did not do this. I let the Financial Aid woman rush me and tell me I didn’t need to understand the small print and I signed the gods knows how many papers. As a result I’m now burdened with 50k worth of student loans. ‘


Read this shit and ask questions and know what you’re signing. Do not graduate college burdened by debt like this. Remember….high school was a right but college is a privilege and they are running a business. They do not care about your best interest, that’s your job. They want to get as many people signed up as possible because the numbers get them more money. So read that shit and cover your ass.

Thank you.

anonymous asked:

I am so stressed about applying for student loans,scholarships, and finding ways to pay for college right now 😭 I don't know where to start!

Dude. I, like, literally wrote a guide about this a year ago.

Also, you might want to look in on what to do if you can’t afford to go to your #1 choice college.

The easiest way to relieve stress is to NOT PROCRASTINATE. Start searching for scholarships now and make a timeline of due dates. Promise yourself to turn everything in at least a week before they are due. Make a list of people you can ask for recommendation letters for scholarships. Create a CV or resume to help you when filling out your scholarship applications. Break all the steps down to make it manageable, and then tackle the shit outta those steps. And then hopefully come out better than you went in.

-The Sudden Adult

Ten Ways To Pay For College Right Now

Sometimes, the hardest part is simply knowing where to begin. Here are some tips:

1) Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form, even if you don’t think you’ll qualify.

2) Apply for national grants. Options include Pell Grants, Academic Competitiveness Grants and National SMART Grants.

3) Apply for local scholarships. Civic organizations and religious institutions often have meaningful amounts of aid to dole out.

4) Getting into more than one school translates to a higher likelihood of receiving a big financial aid package.

5) Bargain! Even schools that only provide need-based aid sometimes come up with drastically different offers.

6)  AmeriCorps, Peace Corp, National Health Services Corps and ROTC programs offer college money in exchange for a service commitment.

7) Look abroad. At Scotland’s St. Andrews, U.S. students pay only $21,650.

8) Stay home. Starting out at a low-cost community college and transferring to a four-year college for the final two years will wipe away a hefty chunk of room and board costs, as well as some tuition.

9)  The American Opportunity Tax Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit are two excellent options.

10)  Don’t forget to consult your local expert – guidance counselors are often aware of options you may not have considered; best of all, their help is free.

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What’s in my Nurse bag?

Inspired by @nursegif, I put together a little bag full of goodies! I plan on bringing this bag everywhere I go, not just those long shifts. It’s portable and chock full of on-the-go travel size necessities. The little bag itself was only $10 and while spacious, is very practical.

Make sure your bag is convenient for you. You never know when you’ll need some of these items! For example, I have panic disorder. I randomly get diarrhea, I get sweaty, and as you can imagine, it’s unpleasant.  Imodium and feminine wipes to the rescue!


·         Cortizone-10 cream

·         Neosporin ointment

·         Pepto-Bismol caps

·         Aleve tablets

·         Tylenol tablets

·         Imodium tablets


·         Floss

·         Hand sanitizer

·         Wet wipes

·         Feminine wipes

·         Pads & tampons 


·         Matte shine control powder

·         Moisturizing lotion 

·         Bobby pins

·         Dry shampoo

·         Mints

·         Deodorant

·         Hairspray

·         Eye drops

·         Make-up removing wipes

·         Nail clippers & tweezers

·         Moisturizing lip balm 


·         Tissues

·         Bandaids

·         Tide stain remover wipes

·         Pair of latex-free gloves

Other things you could include: money, pen & note pad, zip-lock baggies, a snack bar, extra phone charger, gum, q-tips, hair ties, sanitizing hand wipes, and kids & adult allergy medication
Students Walkout To Demand Sanctuary Campuses For Undocumented Immigrants
Organizers hope their protests will send a message to Donald Trump that they will push back on his deportation efforts.
By Adolfo Flores, Mary Ann Georgantopoulos

Several so-called “sanctuary cities” that have previously refused to work with federal immigration officials on deportations have in recent days doubled down on their positions, vowing to remain safe havens for undocumented people.

The student protesters want their colleges to refuse to share as much information as they legally can with federal authorities, not allow immigration officers on the school grounds, and give undocumented students access to financial aid, among other demands.

At least 80 schools were participating in the walkouts; Most were universities, but a number of them were also high schools.


So I got accepted into this Christian university (I’m agnostic but whatever it’s a good school imo.) Since I work full time and have to support myself I’m doing online courses for my degree which is secondary education with an emphasis in english. Honestly, I hope FAFSA gives me my fucking grants or else I’m going to be hella pissed because I’m a poor white child living in suburbia.